Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What I Know of FACT (from my direct experience), about George Cutter, Tomi Matheson, and Jennifer McCracken

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1. When I first met Tomi Matheson, I immediately liked her and she liked me. We had a lot of fun kidding around many times, and she OFFERED to let me swap apartments to a larger one, then agreed to allow it. I have text messages from her supporting this.

2. Tomi also LOVED that I am so in love with this building (and the residents -- when they are not running around like chickens with their heads cut off -- spreading lies and slander, not just about ME, but each other!!!), that she offered to show me the old horse stables in the basement -- as soon as she gets a large number of vacated apartments ready to rent.

I ALSO have texts from Tomi proving this!!!

3. Tomi told me a couple of weeks ago that she was supposed to go on vacation for a week, but that Mr. Cutter had NOT shown up as planned and that this ALWAYS happens to her. He did show up last week -- but I don't know if Tomi took a vacation. She didn't seem to.

4. I COMPLETELY GET that Tomi has worked her BUTT OFF to make both the Carolina and the Confederate Apartments BETTER!!! And all the many residents I have spoken with AGREE -- but claim that Mr. Cutter ABUSES Tomi by his disrespect of her vacations and making her work like CRAZY, 24/7, it seems to me, sometimes.

That said, Tomi allows it.

5. Jenny McCracken has told me and others MANY conflicting things about herself, and no one more than Anthony Humphrey, who BROADCASTS about this to all -- but he still acts like he is beholden to her!!!

Anthony claims that Jenny's girlfriend was whom Jenny took to court recently -- and Jenny claimed it was one of ANTHONY'S girlfriends. In any case, Jenny has TWICE shown me the BITE mark on her arm, and told me they were actually FIGHTING ON THE UNSAFE BALCONY, accessed through her window, and she got the cops to come by hollaring to a resident of the house next door.

STILL her "attacker", kept it up, and cops had to break down Jenny's door to get in -- the evidence of that is STILL quite visible, although it has been repaired.

WHY hasn't the management kicked this lying, drinking, and drug-selling bitch OUT???

My postings mentioning Jenny:





 Well, I had not reported this before, but while I was smoking pot and Jenny supplied me with ALL of it, she also offered that she could get ANY drug, and very quickly. She BRAGGED about supplying a woman with back pain after an injury, with OPIATES FOR SIX WEEKS -- and claimed the woman treated her as a DOCTOR, and SAVED HER a lot of money.


This is NO secret.

6. Jenny claimed many times to me that Anthony's girlfriend has been in jail for months -- for not paying child support -- and that she will stay in for another four years. OTHER residents claim that Anthony's girlfriend should get out of jail about now. Anthony, however, tells me that is all NON-SENSE, and that he actually has LOTS of girlfriends, and the last time I spoke with him, he claimed, "You're FUCKING with my PUSSY!!!", which translated, meant that his girlfriends were reading this blog and shunning him -- although I never wrote anything bad about Anthony, that I'm aware of.

Additionally, Jenny has told me several times that Anthony will have sex with ANYONE -- including me -- but this makes no sense since he seems ENTIRELY STRAIGHT.

7. And then Anthony also told me that Jenny and Tomi play mind games, claiming that he is trying to have sex with both Tomi (to get her boyfriend, John Tarleton, angry with Anthony) -- but he also said they accused him of trying to have sex with Mr. Tarleton!!!

I have NEVER had a problem with John Tarleton.


8. I have tried to suggest to Tomi that she send out notices to all tenants via setting up a "group" with all our email addresses. And she could ignore non-sense emails easily -- and NOT have her personal phone going off with calls or texts at all hours of the day!!! Tomi told me in a SAVED TEXT message that George Cutter MAKES her use her personal cell for apartments business.

And THINK all the UNNECESSARY work Tomi had to do to put out that message: compose it on her computer, then print off enough copies for all residents. THEN she had to hand-place it on all the doors of apartments in two multi-floored buildings -- it must have taken HOURS!!!

All residents I've spoken with think this would be a GREAT system, but instead of listening to me, Tomi spoke OVER me like a bully, dismissing any new ideas.

9. I really think that Tomi is BURNED OUT and desperately needs a vacation. George Cutter needs ot show her more respect.

And the REAL troublemaker is the DRUG DEALER, Jennifer McCracken!!!

Jennifer McCracken, self-described "Jack Mormon" -- same thing as a "Cafeteria Catholic", because she said she is Lesbian and drinks alcohol, also claiming to me she is in and out of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I really think that if JENNY is booted from the apartments, that all this DRAMA would quiet down!!!

Also, the very well meaning Tomi Matheson needs a VACATION!!!



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