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Responding to Tomi Matheson, Manager of Both the Carolina and Confederate Apartments, Presumably Owned by George Cutter!!!

John Tarleton and Tomi Matheson, maintenance head and manager of the Carolina Apartments.

According to Tomi's Facebook Page, they have gotten engaged TWICE over the past few years, but no wedding has been announced.

Stranger still, is that Tomi identifies herself on Facebook as "Landlord and Manager" of the Carolina Apartments -- although she told ME (and everyone else seems to agree with this), that Mr. Cutter actually owns the building.

And on Facebook, Tomi claims Episcopalian as her religion, which could explain an AWFUL lot of this, given that Chris Wright Rogers told me in 2012 that he worked with only ONE Episcopal priest at St. James -- so I assume the rest of the Episcopal Church clergy there DON'T know about their church's narco-trafficking, but this details TONS of things I learned about drug mafia in Wilmington in 2011 -- ESPECIALLY that of George Padezanin of "Hand Painted Homes" and his "Padezanin Gang", that five (whites, only), neighbors BRAGGED to me they belonged to!!!

Although this is an undated article, the film "The Conjuring" filmed in the Carolina Apartments was released in 2013, so the THEN manager, George Cutter, must have managed them THEN -- or like Tomi Matheson, the Wilmington Star News cannot differentiate between a landlord and a manager, either!!!


1. They agree that I could probably successfully bring charges against Anthony -- for his aggression against me last night, but as I ALWAYS say, I'm into HEALING not PUNISHMENTS, so I'm trying to chill things out, and must admit that one of Anthony's texts to me last night (I read NONE of Tomi or Anthony's many texts to me yesterday until this morning), included his saying he had a "gift" for me, and knowing Anthony never has pot, I assume he meant of sex, since he DOES know I think he's hot (everyone with eyes does), but I assume he's straight, so he could explain that under oath if it comes to that!!!

2. The Police said I should DEFINITELY save all texts and other communications from them, as it would be VALUABLE evidence in Court, if it comes to that. So although I promised Anthony last night I would DISGUISE his name in my blog -- since I didn't and still do not think he is the actual problem-person in this -- for clarity in Court (should it come to that), I cannot do that, so I apologize to him.

3. The Police said that if I get more than ONE communication regarding these things from either of them, that they would be HAPPY to come sort it all out with all of us present -- still aiming for them to just chill and respect my rights as a tenant and a human being.

4. Mr. HOT, has not sent more than one anything -- and he only texted me, "I told you not to contact me", which I don't remember him saying -- and since he has a GIFT for me of an unknown nature, it makes no sense.

I think Little Anthony's* gift of his cum would be PERFECT, no??? Think of THIS:

Nevertheless, I have not replied.

5. Tomi has sent AT LEAST two communications, ALL revolving around some cockamamie idea she has that I am interested in moving out!!! I must assume she DESIRES for me to move out, and perhaps she can explain THAT under oath -- should things come to that!!!


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Blogger John Tarlton said...
Let me start by saying I'm sorry my grammar isn't up to par for you. AS I told you in my text my intention was to get the attention of the younger tenants in the building to actually read the note..never to take any money from their rent. Not surprising I was still getting texts last night up until 10pm because most of my notes get thrown in the trash. I would like to talk to you about leaving peacefully with security deposit back seeing as I have gotten several complaints from tenants about you. It is quite inappropriate to glamorize the kkk to the black tenants in the building and walk around with your shirt off in the common areas. Knocking on tenants doors asking where they can find weed is borderline disruptive behavior. I try to keep drama out of the building as much as I can..keep things simple and you will have serenity.

~Tomi Matheson
August 1, 2015 at 5:50 AM

Blogger Scott Kenan said...
I don't know why Tomi Matheson used her boyfriend (maintenance man at Carolina Apartments), John Tarleton's account to post this, but that is not important.

Your grammar is actually quite good, except in that one sentence, so chill on that, please.

You need to explain your note to your employer, and he needs to decide if it fits the communications standards for his apartments manager. As I said this morning to your face in the lobby, I consider that note to indicate much about your CHARACTER, but is up to Mr. Cutter to decide if it's appropriate for you to communicate like that -- since YOU are his representative.

I have a lease good for another 11 months. We can speak about my leaving then. As I have told many residents, I have not been more comfortable in my entire life than living in Wilmington -- and especially in the Carolina Apartments, for the building and tenants (when not crazed and acting like chickens with their heads cut off -- spreading lies and rumors), rather than the fact that my relative William Rand Kenan, Jr. built them (although that adds "extra dimension" for me).

Your comments here: "It is quite inappropriate to glamorize the kkk to the black tenants in the building and walk around with your shirt off in the common areas. Knocking on tenants doors asking where they can find weed is borderline disruptive behavior." are PURE LEGAL SLANDER, and exactly what the Police said I could prosecute you for, if you cared to post that sort of thing in a legal Public Place, which this blog legally qualifies as.

You should probably, now, hire an attorney.

August 1, 2015 at 11:13 AM

And since Tomi hand-wrote this summary of things and put it on my door yesterday so that ALL residents with balls could easily read it, I will reproduce it VERBATIM, below:

>>> IMPORTANT!!! I suspect Tomi has never read this posting of what I sent the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation, copying Gov. McCrory (no response yet from them). The Wilmington Police just LOVED that I had sent this!!!

Tomi's Note:


I am sorry that you were offended by the letter I wrote for all tenants. My intentions were to get everyone's attention since nobody seems to read the notes I put out. I would not take any money off a tenant's rent for not respecting my requests, I would just like some consideration for my time.

I have put blood, sweat, and tears into this building. Mr. Cutter, John, and I consistently try to make this place a nicer place to live for everyone.

If you are unhappy here, I will gladly give your security deposit back so you can start fresh. My long-term tenants completely understand why I put that note out and support me. (That is nice, but being the FIRST note in a month of living here to ME it made NO SENSE except as it STRICTLY means in standard English word usage.)

Given the situation, feel free to call or text me with your thoughts on your future here.


* * *

The only thing to discuss about my future here is that Tomi and I have a verbal agreement that I will move into apartment 62 -- after the current tenant VACATES (possibly this has already happened), and then she and John do work that she estimates will take a month or so to complete).

I still plan to honor that, although this might be a State that does NOT fully honor verbal agreements, like one I once lived it. In that case -- and Tomi gets "balky" about our agreement -- I will remain where I am.

ENOUGH for now -- ALREADY!!!


>>> THIS JUST IN @ 7:57 PM, EDT:

"RP: Responding to Tomi Matheson, Manager of Both the Carolina and Confederate Apartments, Presumably Owned by George Cutter!!!"

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Blogger anthony carmichael said...
Scott, you told me that your people were nazis or ran with them or something. You also mentioned something about knowing the grand dragon 🐉 of the KKK. Finally, you said something about menthols being invented to kill blacks. That's not slander. That's fact - under oath fact
August 1, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Blogger Scott Kenan said...
Hey Anthony, good to hear from you!!! I presume from your picture that you are the semi-tall black guy from floor 5.

Because few ever even notice the comments section, I'll put your comment on this blog and respond to you there, so everyone can see.


August 1, 2015 at 4:56 PM

anthony carmichael said...

I like that you are honest. I find that very refreshing

So, Anthony -- NOT Anthony Humphrey, who is a HOTTENTOT -- yes, I told you that top Jewish Leaders in Atlanta in 1990, first told me my parents (rabid Republicans), are/were America's top literal NAZIS.

There seems some confusion about the KKK Grand Dragon, though. I likely told you that Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill was identified to me by his support of the Confederate Mace (the Symbol of Episcopal Confederate Power), as America's TOP support of the KKK

The rich Kenans gave Sewanee and Episcopal Church about $90,000,000.00 over the last 100 years -- which can be verified mostly in the book, The Kenan Family (Mercer University Press, 1999), and by searching some of their obituaries.

I haven't told anyone in Wilmington this, since I was last here in 2011 - 12, BUT Grand Dragon James K. Venable had TWO stills on my property (back during Prohibition), in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and in the LAST YEARS that I lived there, I learned that the crooked tree in my front yard had been used to lynch black folk on, making me HAPPY to finally get away from there!!!:

I really don't understand the point you mean to make here"Finally, you said something about menthols being invented to kill blacks. That's not slander. That's fact - under oath fact"

But THANKS for writing!!!


*Little Anthony was a singer, the Anthony in apartment 69 is Anthony Humphrey.

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