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Thises and Thatses, and WHAT ON EARTH Will George Cutter Do -- Come Court on Wednesday???

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Many see a deep contrast between these two campaigns.
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1. I have no idea who are the four people George Cutter claimed he will have in Court this Wednesday, to support his claim I have caused terrible disturbances, and to secure my forced eviction from a building I have loved since I dated Curtis "Robby" Anderson here in 1985, while Blue Velvet was being filmed. Although Robbie told me he used to go to all the social functions with Thomas S. Kenan III, and EVERYBODY asked Tom for a piano or an organ for their church (a practice of Henry Flagler, continued by the Kenan Family -- ALSO music lovers), it was only in 2011, that I learned that William Rand Kenan, Jr., built the building, and of course he eventually came to HATE Wilmington for the ABJECT RACISM and small-mindedness of Wilmingtonians of his day (and it was his father with First Presbyterian, who had caused this:

But I ASSUME he is counting on Jennifer McCracken (who's attempt to get a restraining order against me was Continued -- pending the US Post Office's discovery in the crime of the HATE NOTE illegally placed in my mailbox, as will THIS action also be Continued -- if he shows in Court.

And interesting to me is that the second most popular posting of the last week is the PROOF that Mr. Cutter lets Jenny get away with a sitting room on her balcony or fire escape -- which despite my blogging about it IS STILL THERE!!!

I also assume he will have Anthony Carmichael, who can't THINK properly -- let alone lie well. I'd rather not link to it, but you can google that info up, easily.

>>> ADDED LATER: I just passed Anthony Carmichael at 10:30 PM, outside the front entrance to the building, grooving to some obviously "Gangsta-Rap" on his smart-phone, without earphones. As I approached, I had to swerve, as he was bopping to the music completely OBLIVIOUS to even ME -- whom he claims not to like AT ALL!!! He looked up at my GIANT SELF as I said "Hey, Anthony!!!" -- just a nod, but no recognition who I was. THIS is symptomatic of a person TOO HIGH to know what is going on!!!

Anthony Humphrey, across the hall, has had several female friends over to visit, often in pairs, and they sound like cool people when they talk while waiting for him to answer his door -- so HIS life is more normal now than BEFORE the big "blowup" with Jenny (whom I have NOT seen or heard a sign of since she filed the papers, so even if she did not get it, there would be no problem).

I DID see apartments manager Tomi Matheson in the hallway, yesterday, when I heard a vacuum running, and assumed Don had finally gotten back from out of town. He always does the vacuuming on the sixth floor -- and even contributed the plants, vases with GOOD artificial flowers, and working clock -- all appropriate to the architecture, and SAFE now that the video surveillance was installed!!!

But what was ODD, is that Tomi vacuumed ONLY the path between the elevator and the fire stairs across the hall, which I had just passed that morning and not noticed any dirt at all. It being Sunday, I asked Tomi if she did not get at least ONE day off a week, and she said "No, never," so I told her if I were in charge she sure as hell WOULD get at least one if not two off.

Now this was all very friendly, so I don't see how Tomi could testify against me EITHER, and I should ALSO clarify that when I earlier claimed I would sue George Cutter for ownership of this building, I didn't mean I actually want to own this or any OTHER apartment building.

I did NOT ask Tomi for clarification on THIS situation -- nor did she offer it:

And now that I have seen how CLOSE Jenny McCracken is to David Nash and Costello's bar, I might need to subpoena him to testify to clarify THAT situation, no??? 

2. After my email address was SHUT DOWN, apparently by Han Hills,, my NEW email address,, in ten days, has NOT gotten a SINGLE email (except one I sent from my AOL address as a test), and EVERY email sent out of blog posting to "500", has comeback BLOCKED BY ALL -- and in fact I have NOT recieved any at my own AOL address!!!

STILL, within 30 minutes, I get a HUGE number of hits to the sent-out posting on, but NOT AT ALL on my older blog -- although that one gets MORE, gradually and eventually. So it MUST be getting to some people, no???


Randy Jones on far left, Glenn Hughes showing hairy chest

I ran into my friend Randy Jones of the Village People's GOOD FRIENDS from Carolina Beach, so sent him this:

Scott Kenan Hey Randy -- I met some of your friends from Carolina Beach in Costco today -- TOTALLY cool people, and I'm hoping to put together a comedy act about local politics to also do at that fundraiser you participate in yearly, there -- so will see you in person for the first time since y'all stole my best bartender (OK, Glenn Hughes stole him), at Tux restaurant, bar, deli in Key West 1981 -- about half a year before I began working for Tennessee Williams. I'm looking forward to it!!! Unfortunately, our mutual friend Ryan Burris has not been doing so well, lately. He seems caught in the narcotics underworld.
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4. I joined the closed-to-the-public Facebook group, "Hairy Cowboys", today -- and actually met a man in a Harris Teeter supermarket, who has invited me to a nearby town to "oralize me", describing in DETAIL many things of his technique -- in a few days. Yesterday, I met a family of parents, two adult sons with wives, and about five children, and we talked SEX the whole time, including my possibly oralizing the MOTHER, although I mostly teased THIS son, who is "quite the hottie" -- PROVING how much fun Mexicans are and can talk about ANYTHING in a fun way -- UNLIKE "Wilmington Christians":

That's the Dad on left, and they all legally emigrated when this 33-year-old was six months old, and now own a large construction company. He said his girlfriends have been munching his Happy Trail down to almost nothing -- which cracked up his WIFE!!!

5. And I saw in the news that my fave supermarket, PUBLIX, is coming to Wilmington (late 2016)!!! They are entirely employee-owned, so as thrifty as a Food Lion, but as big and service oriented as Harris Teeter!!!

6. I called "Testosteroni" (who has NOT left New York City since he got his rent-controlled apartment about 1964). When I complained I had gone cheap, today, buying a special Hillshire Farms "deli pack" of sliced roast beef -- which tastes of CHEMICALS with long-lingering after-taste of chemicals -- instead of having them slice Boar's Head, Testo said I should simply go to my local deli and have on-premises roasted beef sliced for me.

HOW SHOCKING that he thinks EVERYWHERE is like his upscale Manhattan neighborhood!!!

He is TOTALLY out of touch with REALITY, and I pointed out how he has ALWAYS tried to get me into HARM'S WAY, and since giving up his three-pack of cigarettes habit ($30.00/day!!!), he's now FAR CHEAPER with me than when I lived in Mexico!!!

Since I am getting to the CLIMAX of my political causes quickly now, I will need to get a statement from him (email or verbal), explaining what HE is accomplishing in his "recluse life" -- other than better masturbation due to his Testosterone shots and daily Cialis!!!

I mean he is a like a DEMON, allied with my Adversaries, and I have the proof to put him in PRISON if he can't explain his words AND actions to harm me -- he has known since DAY ONE that both our phones and our computers are TOTALLY TAPPED,  and that the "Good Guys" have preserved all this evidence for Court -- but he IGNORES ALL FACTS (like Donald Trump apologists)!!!

Testo ALWAYS reads this blog, so I expect an ANSWER from him within two days -- by email or phone call.

7. And finally, I called Mom, to fill her in (without mentioning we ALL know she is in charge of all the EVIL-MAKING in the USA -- under direction of FOUR Catholic Popes), and Mom is DELIGHTED with all that has happened/is happening toward my VICTORY in local Courts, etc. -- Mom, like my father, HATING the wealthy Kenans (and not even knowing they are on the SAME SIDE)!!! 

This was posted by a friend on Facebook, and meant to show Cher as THE WINNER, but in MY opinion, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Delrey look like women who have AGED NICELY (if differently) -- unlike Cher, who has been EMBALMED, now for YEARS!!!



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