Saturday, August 8, 2015

A House Not Meant to Stand: "House of Cutter" -- NOT Carolina Apartments!!! (Apartment 62, promised to me in text messages by Tomi Matheson, was MOVED INTO by other current residents, today!!!)

My involvement in the Premier Production of Tennessee Williams's last COMPLETELY completed play, can be found in THESE chapters of my memoir:

>>> Note to the Police Officer I spoke with last night in the Village Market and the two on horseback on Market Street:

The crowd in front of Ziggy's Music venue on Market Street successfully PUNKED ME last night, and had MADE UP that story of the guy running around swinging a machete -- when they saw me walking toward the venue. They confessed this to me when I walked home, and I told them we would GET THEIR LICENSE for cooperating with Drug Mafia to punk me -- but today, I couldn't care less!!!


* * *

Tomi Matheson is on right.

Google within this blog to see much of the history of my complicated relationship with Tomi, manager of George-Cutter-owned Carolina Apartments!!!

>>> OY VEY!!! I CAN NOW SUE GEORGE CUTTER FOR OWNERSHIP OF CAROLINA APARTMENTS (and enough money to run them at least adequately -- until I make them PROFITABLE)!!!

Kenan Family ownership -- ONCE AGAIN!!!

So I will have a place to host Danny Sinatra, his wife and child -- and Dollar in-laws (ESPECIALLY, "Confederate")!!!

Danny Sinatra, his wife, Phoebe Dollar, and their "Little Dividend"

The FACTS are, that after Tomi offered me apartment 62, she told me after the previous tenants moved out in mid-August, I could not move in until at least mid-September -- because they had so much maintenance/up-grading to do to it, first.

When she showed it to me about two weeks ago (before anyone moved out -- witnessed by the boyfriend of the female leaseholder, whose contact info I have), we agreed on the rent, and she said they would install an air conditioner in the living room, if I decided I wanted to buy one.

She said the main thing that had to be done, was to replace the sealed door to the balcony (which NO ONE is allowed out onto -- except Jennifer McCracken) -- see:, with a same-sized, paned window.

And while it is TRUE that I do not have text messages showing the VERBAL AND FINAL AGREEMENT to all of this, I DO have many tangential texts -- as well as Tomi's HUMOROUS response to my promise NOT to drive nails or mount screws in my current apartment, so there would be virtually NO work for them to re-ready MY apartment for a new tenant.

MORE THAN ENOUGH to prove a legally-binding agreement in COURT!!!

But this morning, I witnessed three people carrying boxes into that apartment -- they moving up from a lower floor!!!

Since it is NOT the fault of those moving in, I BIT MY TONGUE and said nothing to them at all. Then from the street, I could see that the door had NOT been replaced with a window!!!

JUBILANT over how much money I could sue them for, I then returned to my apartment to blog about it, and getting out of the elevator -- and I ONLY blog this since they already know, from watching like hawks the tapes from surveillance cameras -- Anthony Humphrey was waiting to get on, so we spoke for a minute or two -- he in no way angry with me.

And I am PLEASED to report that Anthony STILL is sexually STRAIGHT -- and STILL does not sell any DRUGS!!!

I guess they thought they would either SCARE or LEGALLY FORCE me out of the building by now -- and had MADE UP THE DELAY FOR WINDOW-INSTALLATION, just to cover their bases.

This will be "EASY AS PIE" to prove in COURT!!!

I DOUBT I would even need to hire a LAWYER.

SEE: My meeting Tyler Perry's drama teacher who produced his first play -- and details on Allen Rosen of, my part-time roommate in Stone Mountain, Georgia for 12 years -- until I PROVED he spied on both Tyler Perry and me for the CIA!!!:

>>> SPECIAL NOTE: I tried to download ALL text messages I have sent or received from my AT&T "Go Phone" -- but that system is CURRENTLY DOWN. However, I've seen NO sign of tampering with my messages, so probably do NOT need to do this to PRESERVE SO MUCH LEGAL EVIDENCE -- BOTH of Jennifer McCracken's, and Tomi Matheson's/George Cutter's CRIMES AGAINST ME.

And after emailing out THIS blog posting -- I will text George Cutter to be CERTAIN to CHECK THIS BLOG!!!

>>> ADDED @ 2:04 PM, EDT:

Tomi Matheson just texted me that NO ONE has moved out of apartment 62 -- and it was probably them just bringing in boxes to pack.

I replied to her: "LOL -- Then the JOKE'S ON ME!!!"

But they spent most of an HOUR running the elevator on SHORT TRIPS -- and the boxes I saw them carrying into the apartment were LOADED.

Either my eyes lie -- or someone did NOT inform Tomi of what is going on!!!



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