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Jennifer McCracken SPECIAL PRIVILEGES at Carolina Apartments / UPDATE on Colin Stuart Hamilton's Murder in Puerto Vallarta!!!

This is Jennifer McCracken's sitting area on the balcony of Carolina Apartments -- a photo I took this afternoon.

Notice that she has a white plastic chair leaned against the building and a camp stool, but NO OTHER apartment dweller is allowed to use the balconies AT ALL!!!

Now, it does NOT show, but this is the top level of an actual FIRE ESCAPE, with the bottom ladder appearing to be in place so it is a WORKING FIRE ESCAPE.

In every other state I ever lived in, this would be a SUPER VIOLATION of Fire Safety Laws, and the perpetrator would be FINED HEAVILY. If NOT a working Fire Escape, why does Jenny get this SPECIAL PRIVILEGE???

Apartments Owner, George Cutter occupies (when in town), the apartment directly ONE FLOOR BELOW Jenny, so clearly KNOWS about this and APPROVES!!!

I was unable to photograph the repair to Jenny's front door from when Police broke in to rescue Jenny and her female co-fighter from the outdoor balcony, recently -- because I would have had to open her louvered wooden outer door to see it -- a violation of the temporary order.

Occasional Thespian, Colin Hamilton holding detonator, with the rest of the Gringo cast of a play.

Re: Colin Hamilton's Murderer Released 
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Well thanks for this -- I had no idea his body had to be dug up -- or how he was discovered to be missing -- or WHAT led them to this "Victor" "CHRISTIAN" of unknown nationality!!!

For all the hits my postings got over Colin Stuart Hamilton -- 95% were from the USA rather than from Mexico -- SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! (only topped by my recent postings of legal actions against ME in Wilmington), NOBODY posted a nice thing in comments at ALLl!!! 

The lawsuits against me here, I've already beaten before going to trial, so they will be FOOLS to show up for the scheduled court cases. This happened to me TWICE when I was here in 2011 - 12, that is the PLAINTIFF (Cheryl Padezanin:

 Cheryl, the wife of the leader of the Padezanin Drug Gang who owns "Hand Painted Homes", as well as Cindy Beatty

Cindy Beatty and Cheryl Padezanin grew up together in Pennsylvania!!!

Cindy, with Chris Wright Rogers, freeloaded in my house until I finally was able to kick them out), didn't show -- because they knew they would lose and I would counter-sue BIG TIME, which I will do with these two attempts to bully me -- details on blog. I have no problem with people who come to their senses -- BEFORE TRIAL ONLY.

And if someone CONFESSES to murder, how can they not manage to charge him within SIX HOURS -- did he confess at Midnight and no official would work until 8:00 AM??? Now THAT is a great way to get away with MURDER!!!

It doesn't matter what I thought of Colin, there is NO EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE against him. And what was Colin's relationship with Vector Investment Funds, and WHY would they want to KILL him???

Any idea who will now lead the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group??? Stanley Winborne would be perfect, but he's not Christian enough for the others. Ginger Tindall has the SENSE for it, but unless she's reading her own or other writing, goes off on EVERY IMAGINABLE TANGENT, so it is maddening, hoping she will eventually get to her point. I suspect Charles Quiggley of the National Rifle Association will lead. HE would never allow some punk to murder him!!!


Charles "The Jaw" Quiggley CANNOT conjugate common English verbs!!!

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From: Christine Hitchens 
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Subject: Colin Hamilton's Murderer Released 

"Vector investment funds may have paid off the police.

Christian, who was in the employ of Vector, admitted murdering Colin Hamilton. He told the police where the body was buried. Whilst the police were locating the body, Christian (SOMEONE needs to decide if he was a Christian named Victor -- or his name was Christian!!! -- WHOOPS, MY error!!! -- due to NOT smoking marijuana for my PTSD for a week, now -- Stanley Winborne would DEFINITELY understand this -- LOL!!!) was released. Apparently it is a new law in Mexico that you can not hold a suspect for more than 6 hours without charging them. Must be very new, as Mexico is notorious for arresting people on the slightest suspicion and holding them for months even years before trial. So this latest bit of bald-faced lying is an insult to any person with the ability to reason."

Taken from an English language newspaper in Lake Chapala.

God Bless.



Re: Colin Hamilton's Murderer Released 
Scott Kenan to hitchentiempo + 4 moreshow details

Dear Christine,

Is it ENTIRELY inconceivable to you that I am NOT Christian and never will be (again)??? I was once, and learned the HARDEST WAY (not as hard as Colin Hamilton, though), that people who worship Jesus HATE God more than people of any other religion on Earth. Others hate God too, but not as much (in general). People who follow Jesus-the-Lifelong-Jew's TEACHING on LIVING do FINE, but most Christians deserve endings like Colin's -- I HOPE God does not serve them what they deserve.

Lions don't eat EVERYBODY!!! They have to be HUNGRY or feel THREATENED. You fucking ignorant asshole!!! Get out of your fucking pussy-brain -- just as un-evolved men must get out of their dick-brains.

Please do no write to me again. Write to like-minded Christians and stew in your superstitions and hatred of anyone not LIKE you!!! I love ALL God's Creation, but I choose not to communicate with some of "evil intentions".

That said, I appreciate that you have given us the little info on Colin's fate -- more than all the FUCKING HYPOCRITES in Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, including even Ginger Tindall -- but NOT Stanley Winborne, originally from the city I now live in. HE KNOWS that since his son is or was in charge of shipping the heroin from Afghanistan to profit the USA Christians (both Parties), his son would order the torture or murder of his beloved wife Alice if he publicly communicated with me -- like my mother has ordered MY MURDER in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, its Popes whom she gets orders from, and its SWASTIKAS.

And with the help of my siblings: Mike, Jane, and Julie -- and Mike's kids: Connor, Maxwell, and Taylor.

With Tough Love,

And I'm NOT getting REVENGE -- which is a GOD-HATING RELIGIOUS THING. I'm giving them a COMEUPPANCE!!!

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From: Christine Hitchens 
To: Scott Kenan 
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Subject: Re: Colin Hamilton's Murderer Released

I'm sorry you are having problems. I hope you get revenge. I Know they say Vengeance is the lord's but sometimes you just have to get justice however you can. I hope you get it. Do whatever it takes. You have my blessing. I don't know that group of people you mention. How he got out of custody is probably only known to the police. He confessed, he told the police where the body was and he was out the next day. He was a friend of Colin. He had delivered documents to Colin in regards to his condo purchases. Colin trusted him and then this Christian fellow robbed every unit in the building over a period of time. Colin must have finally confronted him on it and it came to blows. The fact that a courier working for Vector investment firm was accused of murdering one of his/ their clients would look bad I guess. I don't think people would want to do business with that sort of person/ company. Better to have the whole thing disappear. Colin's name had not been in print because the authorities in p.v. didn't want it in print. I can only guess.When you go to court do you wear a crucifix? It might be a good idea to let the judge know you are christian and doing God's work. God likes it too, you can tell christians obviously get better treatment. 

Except by lions, they'll eat anybody. 


He pressed, telling them no, he believed in nothing, not Allah or God or the divinity of Christ. He wielded his defiance like a sword, reveling in the discomfort it generated. If he alienated teammates with his willingness to be different, all the better. His verbal ferocity was all rawness and sharp edges, and it allowed people to project upon him their worst fears.

"I get the devil-worship thing a lot. They'll ask me, 'You worship the devil?'" he says. "'No, bro, I don't believe there's a God, why would I believe there's a devil?' 

There's a lot of ignorance about non-belief. I don't mean a negative connotation of ignorance. I just mean a lack of understanding, a lack of knowledge, lack of exposure to people like me."

"There's a lack of exposure to people like me."
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