Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Night Funnies!!! I Send Messages or Leave Voice Mails for MANY Criminals -- to Send a MESSAGE to David Nash and His Friend from Costello's Gay Piano Bar, HYPER-MOR(M)ON Jennifer McCracken!!!

Please recall, that Jenny McCracken -- the night she tried to wake me at 4:20 AM (aka "Marijuana Time"!!!), later apologized, saying that Costello's had remained OPEN until 3:00 AM (in VIOLATION of their Liquor License -- if TRUE, I believe), that night.

The ONLY time I have seen David Nash since returning to Wilmington was at Costello's (which he and John Stike, DDS -- who had borderline raped me in the 1980s -- still owned in 2011 and 12), and at that time, I tried to be friendly and shake his hand, David being a TOTAL SNOT, refusing, and saying to me: 

He somewhat snottily REFUSED to shake my hand, and said, “Go to hell,” and when I said I hoped we could respect each other and possibly he could give me a little legal advice, he half-snarled that he was going to do to me whatever it takes to ‘take care of me'". I knew he could do NOTHING – especially with the US Government now investigating all that happened to me at the hands of Narco-Trafficking FAKE Christians here in Wilmington in 2011 – 2012.

See for more


>>> ADDED @ 10:01 AM, EDT, AUGUST 10: 

Jamie "Rooster" Lee Sutherland

Because I forgot to leave Jamie Sutherland a message last night, I just called his office and his recept saying he was not then in, kindly sent me to his voice mail.

There I learned this -- his own-voice recording says his position is ACTUALLY "Managing Director of Wells Fargo" (I can't wait to tell my friends at Kenan-Sinatra owned Bank of America!!!), and I left a message that we can STILL SETTLE OUT OF COURT -- but ONLY if he acts QUICKLY (must contact me to say deal is in works to present me within a week, but I must hear this from him before end of business on this Tuesday, August 11).

>>> ADDED NOTE, August 9, 2015I just realized that I should explain to readers, NOW, that this is one of the postings where I had CHANGED the names to protect Jamie Lee Sutherland to "Jed Clampon" -- and Saper Lawyer Andrew Emerson Cook to Emerson Oertel -- because Jamie had promised me if I took the info off blog of his telling me he did something like $24,000,000.00/month narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta, he'd DROP the suit. He didn't.

Just today, I called Rishi Nair's law office and left message that I will soon be in Chicago to have this crap thrown out, since I was never legally servedthen tried for LIBEL in absentia, both illegal to do and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I will attempt to imprison every one of you -- and sue for every penny you have!!! Y'all caused me GREAT DIFFICULTIES, and turnabout is FAIR PLAY (except for violence)!!!

I just tried to send the following message to Mr. Cook at his new work, but it would NOT transmit from:

"Reason for Contact: Andrew, regarding Saper Law bogus filing of LIBEL suit against me, we will have to call you to Court soon. I now work with Gen. Russel Honore as well as Colin Powell to BUST narco-traffickers like Jamie Sutherland, and will counter-sue ALL IN CHICAGO (including you, if we cannot settle out of Court with Saper and Jamie. As you should know, Jeff Duncan was D.A Ben David's intern when he filed all the bogus suits and committed me twice to the nut house here in Wilmington, NC, THEN worked for Saper while Daliah/Jamie conspired all these crimes. This will be in FEDERAL COURT, since it looks like Racketeering across state lines -- as well as Civil Suits to bankrupt everyone. See:, as well as my recent blog postings!!!

Good Luck!!!

Also, I was unable to get Jeff Duncan's details from LINKED IN, which is NOT now allowing me to access my own info there, either -- LOL!!! But I found THIS much, but Chicago information has NO PHONE LISTING for his number!!!

And finally, I called D.A. Ben David's Office hoping to warn him of this and that District Court Judges came out to THANK ME for returning to Wilmington, NC to PRESS THESE CASES (including to Prosecute Ben David), and the phone number listed for his office, (910) 341-1427, WOULD NOT GO THROUGH to even RING -- on my AT&T Matix Go Phone -- LOL!!!

I tried THREE TIMES!!!

* * *

So, after writing all this up, I tried to call David Nash at Hogue Hill -- to leave a message, but their phone rang "to infinity".

And realizing I needed a STATEMENT from Thom Goolsby on whether or not he had actually gone to Chapel Hill to meet with Gov. McCrory on EMERGENCY (as was announced in Court Wednesday -- AFTER it was announced he would soon appear to rep someone there) -- or if he had just chickened out after seeing my name on the docket.


Ryan Burris with James Elks

I reminded him that Ryan Burris's ex boyfriend, James Elks (an admitted narco-trafficker, now FLED town, according to Ryan Burris), told me that Thom Goolsby OFTEN partied at their "Gay House" on Fifth Street near the bridge -- and John Mann who lived there too, in 2011, and PERJURED himself for David Nash in that bogus trial, confirmed that. NO sexual acts were ever referred to, so I don't think that was part of it.

And I also mentioned how when I met his parents, wife, and children in 2011, his father (now deceased), had STRESSED how closely politically connected he is to Thomas S. Kenan III (and disgraced, resigned NC Senator Goolsby was JUST appointed to the BOARD of UNC, last week!!!), and at THAT time both parents and Thom's WIFE, EAGERLY invited me to knock on their home door at "any time" -- they assuming I shared Tom Kenan's Politics -- LOL!!!


Right Wing recruit- a Ben Carson style self-loathing loser. For shame.

One of the Black Lives Matter activists who shut down the Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle is a self-identified “radical Christian” and former Sarah Palin supporter.
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