Sunday, August 2, 2015

After Meeting THREE Top Sages While Enroute to Deb Baratta (Kure) Beach, I Find a HATE NOTE in my mailbox -- and my Email Address Has been PERMANENTLY STOLEN -- LOL!!!

Han and Wyndi Hills at their wedding:

Han Hills's business address from his website "Call 24 hours/ day!!!"

104 Hedingham Court, 

Wilmington, NC (My NAZI mother lives in the Hedingham development in Raleigh -- HA!!!)


1. The FIRST thing I thought of when Google/Gmail informed me I have permanently lost my OWN DOMAIN'S email address (and knowing that Google knows better than to shut it -- since that violates not only my Freedom of Speech but Freedom of Press Rights -- since I use it mostly to email out copies of blog postings), I wondered and then remembered WHICH CRIMINAL had the inside codes to actually do this -- and it was my dear old friend from "Leap of Humanity" -- an avowed atheist -- HAN HILLS!!!

I say this with CONFIDENCE, because in very early 2011, right after I got back from my first EXILE IN MEXICO, I hired Han Hills to HOST, as well as my website for my Tennessee Williams memoir,, -- and if you HIT those sites today, you will find the first is FROZEN IN TIME due to Han locking me out of it (but NOT taking it down), and my book's site (which I'd earlier purchased for about $5.00 from GoDaddy in 2009), Han DESTROYED and then made it impossible for me to renew!!!

And all the HITS Amazon and this blog have sent to it, now have that site for sale for $2,400.00!!!

When I SUE Han Hills, I'm sure I can get MUCH DAMAGES -- besides the money needed to BUY IT BACK.

Additionally, I later got PROOF that Han's "WilmingtonWeb" had been who BLOCKED my emails to anyone at Wilmington City's server for a couple of years.

See -- in comments, here, I describe my arrest on my EIGHTH and LAST False Charge by Benjamin R. David, District Attorney -- "done been occurred" the night before I wrote this posting, so FRESH, no???:

And FOR THE RECORD, before beginning to write THIS posting, I called Han Hills's 24/7 phone number, having to leave a message, but telling him I planned to post EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE NOW POSTED.

No return call from Han Hills for an explanation of WHY, yet --  LOL!!!

(I expect to create a new address to mail this out.)


In my US POST mailbox -- and the Law was changed some years ago, making it a FEDERAL CRIME investigated by the FBI to put non-postage-paid items of ANY KIND in a US mailbox -- WHY those privately delivered newspapers and ad circulars MUST be in separate box or wedged outside ANY mailbox.

But SOME Federal Criminal had placed a folded-over three inch square, pale yellow Post-It Note in my box, that in simple, carefully crafted block letters, says:




And ODDLY, only the FIRST exclamation point has a circle instead of a dot at its bottom (like a tiny ASSHOLE!!!).

I will contact the US Postal Inspector's office tomorrow!!!


Christine -- you God-Fucking, Christian CUNT-BITCH!!!

Neither God nor I GIVES A SHIT about anyone's INTENTIONS (the Road to Hell is PAVED with THAT shit), only what one says or DOES, matters to "God". Colin Hamilton FUCKED ME ROYAL, but NOT with his penis, although he CERTAINLY liked making sure I knew his PENIS SIZE -- if ya know what I mean.

Have a very pleasant evening.


-----Original Message-----

From: Christine Hitchens
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Sun, Aug 2, 2015 3:15 pm
Subject: Re: Maybe those awful people shut your account again?

That is terrific Scott. At a makeshift memorial I spoke with that lady I mentioned earlier and she said. Stuart, Colin I guess, had no malice towards you. That it was all a misunderstanding. I'm sure you know these things can happen- like happened to us-. So if we can put that in the past. Remember you do have some nice friends here.Say something nice and let everybody know that Colin was well loved and well remembered. There will be a memorial on wednesday at 6pm. The details are on F.B.

(Any SPECIFIC place on Facebook -- or should we all search their BILLION or so Profiles???)

With love, Blessings and Gratitude.
Christine Hitchens.



After all the rest I had not expected to have to write, today (everything above), I'll get right to the point.

Each greeted me with these words: "And WHAT have you learned THIS WEEK???" (It had been a week since I last saw any of them.)

I replied, "That there are MANY religions on this Earth, and Christianity is the MOST EVIL of all of them -- and that the MOST EVIL OF CHRISTIANS now live in Wilmington, North Carolina."

It actually SURPRISED me as it came from my mouth.

And EACH replied with ONLY one word:




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