Sunday, January 14, 2018

CNN Is Back to Bull Shit for the Christian CIA -- Anderson Cooper SHOWING He Was FIRST a CIA Agent and NEVER Took a Course in Journalism, and FLUNKS in Knowledge Compared to Tapper or Berman (and Many of the WOMEN)!!! / Tomorrow: A Day for KINGS!!!

Right off the bat, I have to say that the MOST frustrating thing about CNN is that with the exception of a FEW of their hosts, they keep allowing liars to lie without challenge, and when Jeff Flake said this -- this morning:

And my REAL BEEF with CNN is that they keep adding people who claim Trump did NOT say "SHIT-HOLE COUNTRIES" -- but THAT is not even the REAL POINT -- he said people from African and "dark" countries (regardless the label), should NOT be allowed to come here -- in favor of those from tighty-whitey Scandinavia!!!

And the story of how I was PERMANENTLY (for life), BANNED FROM GRAND CENTRAL STATION (owned by Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt's family), and thrown out onto Vanderbilt Avenue, Christmas 2012, has one of my FAVORITE blog-post titles:

I made a very EXPLICIT sexual solicitation of this guard AFTER he told me his boss decided that I was BANNED FOR LIFE!!!

I have ALSO been Banned for Life from:

1. Wilmington's only indoor mall, Independence Mall (after their staff took this photo of me after signing their "Anti-Bullying Pledge", they BULLIED ME RIGHT OUT)!!!

Taken by the friendly Independence Mall Staff -- summer of 2015 -- after I signed the ANTI-BULLYING PLEDGE PROMINENTLY, top center,which cannot be read here, unfortunately -- unless you blow the high-res image up MORE!!!

I took this photo of their Security following me all the way to Oleander Drive, but they were PATIENT when while I was walking to my car, a Muslim woman in head-gear driving a new Cadillac SUV with four kids rolled down her window to express sympathy to me and we spoke for a couple of minutes -- HA!!!

2. Port City Java -- because I blogged that one of their managers admitted to me they bring in drugs with South American beans, and I BLOGGED IT.

3. Italian Gourmet Market & Cafe -- by Frank Delia, the devout Catholic owner, who when two of Justin LaNasa's friends claimed in front of Frank and all his customers that I had molested their son, I told them to PROSECUTE ME if that were true, and they said that NO, they planned to have MORE FUN WITH ME THAN THAT.

Frank then said he knew that I DO molest young boys, and threw me out for LIFE -- but since returning in 2015, I go there frequently, it being my favorite store. The staff all LOVE ME and claim Frank doesn't have a single employee that doesn't HATE HIM, and they know he's a TURD (and rarely ever there).

I had hoped to have a relaxing evening to prepare for my sister Jane's arrival tomorrow morning -- no blogging, except a fun piece on APPRECIATION -- but nothing can be that simple.

Stepping out front to smoke a cig, I heard all this WAILING like from a she-banshee in a STRAIGHT PORN TAPE of "nasty girls".

It sounded like the middle-aged woman at the DRUG MAFIA HOUSE next door, who often hangs out the door holding a towel to cover some of her breasts, and holler out like a "fish-wife", as my father called nasty, trashy bitches -- but YOUNGER.

The woman next door looks a lot like this -- but dark hair and no noticeable tattoos on her tits.

But I discovered that the SAME blond-floozy woman that Rob and Aaron kept overnight New Years Eve was back. Even before they saw me coming around the corner, Rob grabbed her forcefully and said, "YOU need a TIME-OUT!!!", and she replied that she is FUN when she's drunk.

So I hollered that she SOUNDS like a cheap CRACK WHORE: -- and I thought she was NEXT DOOR with the DRUG DEALERS.

But she giggled and said she is "just fun", so I asked her politely to keep her DAMNED PUSSY away from MY apartment -- it's meant for CIVILIZED ADULTS.

I still can't believe how COMMON DECENCY AMONG ADULTS has FLOWN OUT OF AMERICA since Donald Trump was elected President.

From my birth-town of Cincinnati, Ohio

Anyway, Rob strong-armed/muscled the blond bimbo back inside and closed the door, while Aaron stayed outside to smoke a cig and talk. I told him that Tyler said he knew of nothing to help with ADDERALL withdrawal -- although I knew that Rob's former roommate had not stolen ALL of Aaron's ADDERALL -- and since Tyler is on Probation and gets drug-tested, can't smoke pot. Aaron said smoking it really DOES HELP, but he's too broke to buy any more, and planned to buy a $6.00 12-pack of beer and get high THAT WAY, instead.

Unfortunately, although they never went to work a single time since moving in, and a few days ago they told me they had lost all THREE jobs (washing dishes, etc. -- nothing fancy), they had between them, and Aaron not needing but half his prescribed ADDERALL dosage, had planned to SELL THE EXTRA to get by.

But that won't work now, so if their families don't support them, I have no idea what they intend to do. Neither of them looked for a job this past week.

Was this WHY Jonathan Deputy was so HOT to evict or scare me into moving out IMMEDIATELY??? He is packing the place with DEAD-BEATS???

Well, Allie and Kelsey upstairs, and their respective lovers, "Pete" and unnamed woman, are NOT dead-beats, and TOGETHER they are all nice to me and JOKE WITH ME. But when ALONE with me, Allie was very snotty today (and I haven't seen Pete without Kelsey and her girlfriend there too, when ALL of them then behave like adults).

Reminds me of Maria Ruiz, the Christian woman now married to Dr. Timothy Leary's former male lover Theodore Druch -- and Gold Walker's current tenant at 205 S. 4th Street, Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., bragged of supplying Leary and Druch with the BEST LSD!!!

Maria Ruiz in Puerto Vallarta

On Amazon, Doug Danielson -- who wrote the FIRST review, was a DRUG TRAFFICKER whom I knew fairly well!!!

And Maria and Ted OFTEN ate at Chac Mool Cafe in Chacala, when I lived there, with Arturo Pedilla and his breasts-free English wife, Emilia -- and it was Arturo who was HUGE in Nayarit State Drug Trafficking with the Governor of Nayarit who had a BIG HOUSE in Chacalita, the GATED COMMUNITY right behind my apartment.

Arturo, Emily, and a cook:

And it was Arturo -- in Cafe Canella in Puerto Vallarta -- both of us having lunch together by chance in early 2015 -- who told me he HAD TO KILL ME, and soon enough sent my former MOST EXCELLENT "fuck-bud", Martin Jacobo to DO IT:

Martin in yellow with "Sonny" (Jimmy Humberto MontaƱo Prieto), Jimmy, a Colombian, had helped set up the Sun Kings Drug Mafia first in Brooklyn, but spread it all the way through Atlanta, Wilmington, and down to Miami -- today I believe they are just called the "Kings".

Sonny was famous as a butcher who dismembered bodies for easier disposal and was caught at something, sentenced to 25 years in MAX SECURITY US PRISON, but after 11 years, was released to Mexico by the CIA to kill to protect CIA Drug Operations in Puerto Vallarta. He was caught, tried, and jailed under a FALSE NAME, but told me he had murders in the USA associated with his fingerprints, so FEARS deportation form Mexico to the US.

And of course here is Ted Druch -- now CURED of his homosexuality!!!:

I wonder if Sa'ant Celia made the LSD that went into this book cover while living in Gold Walker's apartment!!!

Don't TELL ME that Wilmington, North Carolina does NOT have the VERY BEST INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CONNECTIONS!!!

REMEMBER, Jeane Dixon -- in a Freedom of Information Act release about 16 years ago, was PROVEN to never have been a PSYCHIC, but was on J. Edgar Hoover's payroll as a PUBLICITY AGENT, paid by the FBI to TERRORIZE the Kennedy and King Families BEFORE they were assassinated!!!


SOS, Received This Morning: "My ADDERALL Was STOLEN by my Roommate's Previous Roommate -- WHERE Can I GET SOME???"

I just emailed President Obama via the secure form on White House website and it was confirmed as delivered. I explained about my Mom being Cheney's and Fox News's boss, the swastikas and daily beatings -- and also that my friend saw Obama in Man's Country gay bathhouse in Chicago when O was a Senator. 

I asked him to call OFF the CIA and NSA KILLERS. Will be interesting to see if I get a response!!! 

(I DID: The US Government Killers tried to kill me HARDER -- but not SUCCESSFULLY.)

Photo is of my back garden, here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Sadly, I NEVER SAVED that Letter to President Obama (or the CIA or similar has ERASED IT). 

>>> FROM NOVEMBER 16, 2017: Although the Fourth Street Brothel (downstairs from me), Is NOT Functioning Fully -- It IS OPEN (for freebies for SOME -- cash or Opioid Pills work for others to pay)!!!

“There is something splendid about innocence; but what is bad about it, in turn, is that it cannot protect itself very well and is easily seduced.”

― Immanuel Kant


Well, the ONLY other person I know today who is prescribed ADDERALL, Andre Tyler Breton, would NEVER sell it to anyone else, and Tyler's ADDERALL was STOLEN in a COMBINED EFFORT by Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies -- right at the time I took Tyler in as a roommate.

Presumably, they SOLD IT back on the street.

And at the time, I was present and witnessed Tyler's calls to Police and the County Jail, both claiming the other had the ADDERALL -- which they FIRST ADMITTED HAVING POSSESSION OF -- but then eventually said, "SORRY, human error!!!"

Tyler had his CONFISCATED by Police when he was in a minor Traffic Accident -- they CLAIMING they had to TAKE IT because even though the bottle said it was his, he was NOT carrying his doctor's prescription!!!

This is ALL well documented in this blog, and is the SECOND TIME I have kept PROOF that the Wilmington Police SELL BACK ON THE STREET the most valuable evidence they are meant to keep in evidence for trials.

This is the cache of Dustin Goldsmith's STOLEN GOODS that he stashed on the side of the house at 205 4th Street that I called cops to come get -- and they came and cataloged it -- but two days later when I called to make CERTAIN it all got to IMPOUND, I was told that NO BIKES were included, and ONE of these had a value of over $5,000.00.

And then, of course, lawyer and Democratic Party operative Oliver Carter III from next-door, thought that it was because of "SHAKE" (Haston Laverne Caulder III), which it was NOT -- Haston having alerted me to it being there and that it was stolen goods (in association with OTHER CRIMINALS from Dustin Goldsmith's Christian Church -- Haston's and Dustin's Christian Churches COMPETING in how much they could make off fencing STOLEN PROPERTY and Haston's Church (The ANCHOR, SEVERAL TIMES sent MALE PROSTITUTES to my house right after their Sunday Services in the Jewish Temple of Israel basement at 4th and Market Streets.

This was the whore sent by The Anchor Church the morning AFTER I had had an all-night date with George Bush's cousin, Bill Toups, in the Lazy Pirate's hotel on Carolina Beach, mid-October 2016!!!

And then there was the time I wrote the Letter to Sheriff Ed McMahon (whom I had FOOLISHLY thought was my friend and worked FOR Law Enforcement), and after delivering it in person to the Jail, three hours later, three Sheriff's Detectives came out simply to MOLLIFY ME -- and ended by trying to ENTRAP ME by offering me marijuana!!!

Democratic Sheriff Ed McMahon -- I would LIKE to break off MORE than just his FUCKING FINGER for his CHRISTIAN SLAVERY of people on hard drugs that he PROTECTS THE SALE OF!!!

Too bad I'm a RADICAL-NONVIOLENT PERSON (like Jesus Christ).

This posting highlights MANY of the CRIMES committed by Wilmington's Christian Drug Mafia, which includes the Police and Sheriff's Deputies -- including the story of my friend Deb Baratta, who walking innocently across Snow's Cut Bridge to get to her parked car on the other side (at night), was accosted by Sheriff's Deputies and CIA Agents in unmarked cars, RAPED REPEATEDLY, drugged, arrested, then thrown into The Oaks mental ward -- they thought she had SEEN the Mini-sub unloading powder drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge -- but she had NOT.

I was already in The Oaks -- by help of Chief Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, because the DRUG TRASH that hung out in FAILED Republican Mayor Candidate Justin LaNasa's Hardwire Tattoo, had been CAT-CALLING me a CHILD MOLESTER all over the busy downtown Wilmington streets, and I had NO WAY to defend myself from these BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS!!!

>>> ADDED: Ms. Harjo arranged for me to HIDE in the Oaks and it was MY IDEA to get a proper psychiatric evaluation, so I self-committed (and Dr. Martin got me out quickly enough). 

Jennifer Harjo is a Republican and a Roman Catholic (not a SHIT-HOLE Conservative Christian).

Deb Baratta had a job as a TOP CHEMIST in a firm in the Research Triangle, making about $200,000.00 per year (her husband is an amateur "Kenan Family Researcher", so KNEW how HATEFUL my Kenan Family is)

She was FORCED onto psychoactive drugs and when I caught back up to her about two years later, she remembered me fondly, FORGOT she had given me $2,000.00 while I was homeless, and remembered NOTHING of what had happened to her.

She can NEVER, EVER work again, due to being put on CHRISTIAN DRUGS.

So getting back to my call to Andre Tyler Breton -- and he's a MESS in many ways, but has INTEGRITY (at least in some things), I did NOT insult him by asking if he would sell any of his ADDERALL, but because when he moved in with me he was in WITHDRAWAL from a higher dose of it (and the cops REFUSED to give back his drugs and he could NOT get any prescribed for ten days, it is VERY restricted in legitimate use), but ALSO was guzzling his fave beverage WHOLE MILK, but was too broke to buy lactose-free milk, he being VIOLENTLY allergic to lactose (so I bought it for him once he disclosed that), and he was ALSO on other psychoactive drugs, being diagnosed first as BIPOLAR and then as ADHD.

I didn't know which of his symptoms (dry heaves, instability on his feet, inability to keep food down, exhaustion but no ability to sleep), were from WHAT -- but he DID immediately become like a NORMAL PERSON when he finally got more ADDERALL. I thought Tyler might know of a home remedy or something to relieve my other friend's symptoms -- but he did NOT.

FUNNY that while I worked for Tennessee Williams, I often had to deal with his little hustlers stealing his VALIUM that Tenn was addicted to, and driving Tenn to various doctors who KNEW the situation and would NOT help Tennessee (but he kept allowing the thefts, and got through somehow).

My account of taking Tennessee Williams to see "Dr. Feelgood" in NYC on our first trip there

And just to be CLEAR: although I was planning WHAT to say at my mother's wake, Mom is doing GREAT, now in her 96th YEAR!!!

Mom and I on Memorial Day, 2016