Saturday, September 14, 2019

My NC Representative Deb Butler -- on MSNBC Live, Again, Today -- Pledged to "Crisscross North Carolina Now until Election Day 2020, Letting ALL KNOW the DESPICABLE Nature of Republicans" -- Deb Asked for Political Contributions from the National Audience -- and I SUPPORT HER!!!

Deb Butler from one of her 2018 "Walking Around" pontificating selfie-movies she used to send to supporters.

>>> TODAY:

I did print and snail-mail both my Letter and Note published on this blog the last few days to Deb Butler's 4th Street home address, where she was NOT this morning when I drove downtown for the Farmer's Market and walking the scene, checking on homeless guys (almost NO homeless women anymore), and admiring some the the local and tourist HOT MEN!!!

All the people I frequently run into were FINE -- and not a single person asked me for money, which I can't spare anyway, especially after having $164.00 in TWO "emergency" expenses during the last ten days, which brought my TOTAL of in bank and cash to $11 and change -- the LOWEST it has been in AGES. And then my sister Jane called to ask what she should do with some homemade pesto a neighbor had given her (she planned to put it on cooked macaroni, and I said far better to use spaghetti or spiral pasta)

And I told her of my expenses, which I'd also told Mom about yesterday, and JUST LIKE MOM, Jane said it always seems bad things happen all at once, and THEN recommended that I get the Costco three-pack of 500 cotton swabs -- rather than a smaller package -- PROVING she is CALLOUS to what it is like to be this broke. 

REMEMBER, When I confronted Jane with calling Stone Mountain, GA Police in early 2010 and claiming (although she and I had had NO CONTACT for over a week), that I was RIGHT THEN CRAZY and needed immediate Commitment -- the FIRST of five FAILED attempts by my own family with Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA (one of my parents' partners in the Drug Mafia they set up in Atlanta), and the Georgia Republican Party in ONE MONTH to commit me.

1. Patrick Stansbury had just FIRED ME -- when he found out I KNEW he distributes from Maine to Florida (especially to Atlanta and Wilmington, NC Politicians of both Parties and Christian Clergy), all the Hard Drugs flown into Maxwell AFB.

2. Patrick called Christal Presley (434-250-5488, now -- and I just left her a message that I'm getting CLOSER to putting her into prison -- close friend to Sean and Jill Hannity), who called my part-time roommate Allen Rosen -- who had not been at my house in at least ten days, nor spoken with me, and Allen called my sister Jane and got Jane to LIE TO POLICE!!!

So, Jane ADMITTED doing this, said she had NO REASON to apologize for these lies and attempt to commit me, and I have published Jane's email saying exactly that on this blog as well as all the other stories and their PROOFS!!!

I just called Allen:, 205-799-0400, and left him a SCATHING MESSAGE that I expect to imprison HIM TOO!!! 


But one SUPER-HANDSOME/HOT guy about 28 years of age was selling CBD Products, and is married to a 40-year-old woman, so not available, but he LOVED FLIRTING, and his website is VERY INSTRUCTIVE and it sounds like his products are GREAT!!!

And ALL OF THIS -- and what Rep. Deb Butler has written about her wife Anni Parra (who died this past December), has had me thinking of MY "Love of My Life" -- who the CIA in Puerto Vallarta separated from me after Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, Army Col. Dorothy Newman -- who TOLD ME my immediate family with the Republican Party of GA and the CIA planned to MURDER ME -- since they could not commit me in GA -- got me to Political Exile in Mexico.

But it was Jonathan Deputy (Republican as latticed Apple Pie), who committed me later in North Carolina on LIES -- just EASY AS PIE!!!

So, I've been thinking about my LoveLuis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, who looked so much like this:



I FOUND closet-case Gay -- and Hard-Drug Trafficking Mayor Vassilios "Bill" Saffo's new GIRLFRIEND CINDI!!!

3. Tennessee Williams's ONLY known God-Child (Episcopal), is "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara's eldest son Dudley Sharp III. Dudley Sharp I (best friends with Howard Hughes -- their fathers co-owned the Sharp-Hughes Tool Co, supplying Oil-Well-Drilling machinery), and Dwight Eisenhower's Secretary of the Air Force who wrote the USA's FIRST LAWS governing Nuclear Warfare in Outer Space!!!

Dudley Sharp I, whose son, number 2, was Kate's first of THREE husbands, was Eisenhower's BIGGEST SUPPORT in WARNING about the dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex -- but when Eisenhower left office, Dudley's FAMILY was THREATENED BY REPUBLICANS, and he was FORCED TO RECANT!!!

Texas Kate flanked by Tennessee Williams and his sister Rose at the 1979 Kennedy Center Honors, where Tenn got HIS Award. Kate grew up in Atlanta, GA -- BEST FRIENDS with Frank Hawkins Kenan (before he moved his brood to Durham, NC), and James Graham Kenan -- THERE learning how to act like the WEALTHIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD.

THEREFORE, she became Tennessee Williams's MODEL for Babe Foxworth in Tenn's last play (and I am the model for the observing, black, gay character, Mac):

Dudley Sharp III, seen here on the right, rose very HIGH in the Texas Republican Party, and became the CHIEF NATIONAL ADVOCATE for making Texas's DEATH PENALTY LAW nationwide LAW!!! He was ALL OVER the national media advocating for that -- UNTIL I blogged that he was the GODSON of the HOMOSEXUAL TENNESSEE WILLIAMS -- and he QUICKLY disappeared from the scene:

Here is an old blog post from 2010 of the actual EMAIL I sent Dudley Sharp III, and Readers will see that SOME THINGS in it are I
NCORRECT, but most of it is TRUE, and in great detail of certain Facts and Crimes:

Two of my Memoir's chapters that are much about Texas Kate:


A GORGEOUS SONG celebrating LOVE by the Pet Shop Boys -- whether your love is male of female -- but HOPEFULLY not a CRACK-LOVING BITCH like Port City Daily Editor Ben Schachtman's wife Kathy (seen here), QUACKS like:



Friday, September 13, 2019

Continuing My Thoughts -- and Additional Material for My Letter to NC Representative Deb Butler:

Stan Winborne IV with his daughter on Stanley Winborne III and his wife Alice's balcony, when they visited Stan's parents in Guanajuato, Mexico in 2010. I STILL have heard no reply from either Stan or Stanley (or their attorneys), since sending Stan this:

I've had a lot of trouble with Spectrum Cable going out five times -- twice last night, and three times today so far. Three of those times for over 30 minutes -- and the weather has been calm and clear. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico had FAR MORE reliable TV Cable and Internet service -- for 1/3 the price!!!

I forgot to post yesterday's Search Keywords:

Everyone looking for Deb Butler, Trump's alleged Adderall Habit, and Jerry Garcia's ties (either to wear, or to others -- it's not specified), found

Those seeking the dirt on Mayor Vassilios "Bill" Saffo of Wilmington, NC, Tennessee Williams, Nancy Reagan (the Blowjob Queen of Hollywood -- who caught a future President, she was so good -- but LOOK who she loved more than Ronnie):

Sandra Alice (Ray) Criner is a longtime Republican District Court Judge here in New Hanover County, who committed me to the Nut-House in 2011 on the word of CRACK ADDICT (who later served several years in South Carolina prison), Gerald Austin-Wynn and my then roommate Brenda McKnight -- AFTER DISMISSING THE CASE since they were NOT in Court when it was called, then later, sent a Deputy to fetch me BACK after I had left Courthouse property, and tried me ILLEGALLY, and approved their Restraining Order. I had to get Danny Sinatra to get my things out of there.

Then, GETTING MY REVENGE, I found photos of Judge Criner's husband Sherman Lee Criner (he posted them on Facebook -- LOL!!!), in Christian Snake Worship -- published them on this blog, emailed them to top Politicians, Press, and others in Wilmington and Sandra Ray DIVORCED Sherman Lee's SLIMY PECKER!!!

And last night Beto O'Rourke CONSCIOUSLY handed the Republicans a CLUB to bash the eventual Democratic Nominee with -- and Joe Biden gave an answer about SLAVERY that made Donald Trump look SMART!!!

WHAT unites ALL OF THEM???

Christianity, of course!!!

NC Rep. Deb Butler
711 Princess Street, 2nd Floor
Wilmington, NC 28401

September 13, 2019

Dear Deb,

Overnight, I decided that it would be BEST to compose a second Letter, more the length of a Note – but then we all know how I can go on and ON!!!

And I also realized I will print BOTH of them, and MAIL THEM to you – I suppose at your home – since you must be physically and emotionally EXHAUSTED after your most admirably spontaneous actions, Wednesday, and then sudden NEW MEDIA CELEBRITY – and perhaps more than that, from watching your message spreading like WILDFIRE on the internet. I have kept running into people from across the country posting KUDOS FOR YOU – as they are so DISGUSTED with the Democrats who are doing NOTHING REAL about the Threat to our Nation Donald Trump is, and many or MOST seem DELIBERATE.

Clearly you were wrong in your assessment that there was anything actually illegal about the Republicans’ dastardly deed – or one of you Lawyers would have SUED THEM by now. But you were RIGHT, so KEEP GOING!!!

Also, I forgot to say that you came off really well on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show – your speech patterns and words were spontaneous and clearly TRUE, but I think you look BEST in your cool glasses – your face has no prominent feature (like Renee Saffo’s or Pablo Picasso’s models' NOSES).

Most important is that I have described all kinds of crimes and trickery by ALL SIDES, so if you ARE actually involved in the Hard-Drug Trafficking business or protecting it, as New Hanover County Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Madison “Maddy” (Holland) Rose and her ALSO Hard Drug Trafficking husband Steven Rose have stated (about Gov. Cooper while Maddy was his top paid campaign worker in Wilmington in 2016), “At least he’s (you’re), not an ABJECT RACIST like every Republican!!!”

Clearly, none of the Dems are TOTAL CHRISTIANS like the Republicans, so like me, could not fathom that the people you work with every day could be so deceitful. Well, you learned a LESSON, and the Democrats should hire ME to do a lot of RESEARCH and ADVISING (you don’t have to take my advice, but I know so much about the SECRET BACKSTORY of my Kenan Family and the USA, it would be WORTHWHILE). I’m NOT that expensive, since I already have full Social Security!!!

The WHOLE blog-post CONTENT is important to this, so go to to get it.

All best,

Scott D. Kenan

(910) 200-XXXX

But SOME "Psychics" also CLAIM to be Christians -- Jeane Dixon claimed Roman Catholicism, that labels ALL psychic activity, Astrology, Tarot Card readings, etc. a MORTAL SIN!!!


Thursday, September 12, 2019

North Carolina Rep. Deb Butler Cracks Scott Kenan's NUT -- and Other Stories of a TRUE NATURE!!!

Alabamans -- as well as Donald Trump -- KNEW Hurricane Dorian was coming their way -- and it finally MADE IT!!!

>>> FIRST: MAJOR KUDOS TO SHERIFF ED MCMAHON AND HIS STAFF -- but let's ALSO REMEMBER we have to provide HELP FOR THE ADDICTED, or we just drive them to DESPERATION as we dry up the sources of ADDICTIVE DRUGS!!!:

It is FAR WORSE than the above headline -- Junior dissed lots of faculty and staff as well!!!


NC Rep. Deb Butler
711 Princess Street
2nd Floor
Wilmington, NC 28401

September 12, 2019

Dear Deb,

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your catching the HEART of Democrats who are SICK – not just of Trump Republicans – but of the sniveling, drug-trafficking, often White-Supremacist Democrats that Bill and Hillary Clinton represented in the past – and Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, and Mayor Vassilios “Bill” Saffo represent today.

I first saw it reported by the News Observer online, then the NC Justice Center sent me an EMERGENCY EMAIL about it about 11:30 AM – and I saw reports on you on MSNBC, Gov. Cooper and later you, live, on MSNBC, and Josh Stein today (on the Oxycontin thing – my younger sister Julie is your age, 58, and works in Pennsylvania for Teva Pharmaceuticals, which our county is SUING for pushing Opioids). I had been looking for some way to try to get “straight” with you – since our politics (other than your seeming support of hard-drug trafficking), are nearly identical.

This morning, one of my “Friends of Tennessee Williams”, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, a bit of a Gay Media Maven, who lived in Atlanta and spun disks as a DJ there most of the same years I lived there, 1983 – 2010, and now lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood and owns a large collage of Tenn’s (many don’t realize what a great and prolific painter and visual artist Tennessee Williams was). Anyway, I’ve been banned for a week from Facebook (last Sunday night through the coming one), so had NOT let him know a thing since then – and his posting was PRAISING DEB BUTLER OF WILMINGTON, NC – for acting like we ALL wish Democrats would ACT – so yes, BULLY FOR YOU!!!

I will publish this Letter online tonight, adding graphics of that and other things here:


“Rep. Debbie Butler is all of us right now. Do not yield. Do not back down. Do not retreat. The GOP is the most corrupt organization in America.”

Yes, I’ve been highly critical of you because you associated with Jonathan Deputy, who very recently replaced his Facebook page, stripping out family photos, etc., and replacing his photo there with a cat, but is still showing he is friends with his wife Lisa: If he simply blocked me from his regular page and this is his secondary page, since he did this in the last month or so (to me, not all), that PROVES I am REALLY scaring the SERIOUS criminals now.

Jon does not live in your District, but the two of you sure were friendly. Same was true of him with my Landlady, Gold Walker, but they’ve broken off (or so Gold claims, anyway). Jon was well connected to the owners of DDT OUTLET on Rt. 17 in Hampstead, and they were TOTAL Republican, DEVOUT “Christian”, Hard-Drug Traffickers, and my last attempted roommate at 205 South 4th Street was addicted to Adderall and worked for them. 

He was trying to get his deep-sea pilot’s license BACK so he could ferry hard drugs from Mother Ships in International waters to the small docks of the myriad waterways near Wilmington – EXACTLY explained to me by Rusty Hooks, Jr. of Arbor Advantage, a tree service I worked for for about six weeks in spring 2011. I REFUSED to remove my report of his Adderall addiction from my blog – which kept him from being able to renew his license.

Also, Jonathan claimed that I am a child molester, had never even KNOWN Tennessee Williams, and if I wrote any MORE books – like Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, now free for all to read here:, he would work with Ben David and steal the copyright to IT TOO!!! And Jonathan committed me to what used to be called “The Oaks”, in January 2018 on LIES – because I blogged about his drug trafficking.

And then YOU, at the rally at City Hall summer of 2018, SAID you do hard-drug trafficking with Jonathan Deputy, and despite my efforts to get clarification from you on that, you have NOT clarified it -- nor have you DENIED IT, including when I caught you on your front porch and you said you didn’t want to talk about it.

As I have told Sheriff Ed McMahon at the 2015 Democratic Party Unity Dinner, I’m into HEALINGS not PUNISHMENTS – although some will require punishment (probably including Ed, but I also know that a local Sheriff can’t stop the CIA from thoroughly DRUG-CORRUPTING his force, and he also gets credit for his force being FAR MORE PROFESSIONAL than the Wilmington Police!!!).

And as a reminder, I have repeatedly risked my life and even my sanity beginning in late 2009, to EXPOSE the crimes of my parents – who set up the Wilmington and Atlanta Christian Drug Mafias – and my distant wealthy Kenan relatives associated with UNC Chapel Hill. They put Trump into power to destroy Democracy, actually RUN Hard Drug Trafficking in partnership with the CIA, and US State Department, and are DEVOUT Episcopalians, although I DO like Episcopalian Pete Buttigieg – not because he’s Gay, but because he CALMLY speaks Truth to Power and DOES NOT MINCE WORDS, yet does not freak people out.

I’m sorry I have been so rough with you over Anni Parra’s death – but absent a cause of death or preceding illness of any kind, sudden, unexpected deaths of healthy people are ALWAYS assumed to be from bad drugs or overdoses, if unexplained. It seemed to me that Anni was of Latina origins, and I have had LOTS of Latino Lovers – some Patriots, some Criminals – but the FIRST, I met in a Gay disco in Atlanta in 1983, and he took me to his luxury penthouse hotel suite for a couple of nights and planted his seed of “Love of Mexico” within me. A couple of years ago, I tracked him down. He was the Mexican Consul to Atlanta back in 1983, and retired as the most highly decorated Mexican Diplomat to the USA:

Then when Colin Powell’s retired Chief Protocol Officer, Army Col. Dorothy Newman – my best friend in Atlanta in 2010 – had to (because my parents, sisters, employer of 1990 – 2010, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing of Snellville, GA, my parents’ partner as the distributor of Hard Drugs flown into Maxwell AFB, and one of Wilmington’s BIGGEST suppliers), get me to Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta – where I soon met Luis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, and we spent the most GLORIOUS 24 hours together (including one night of no possibility of sleep).  

Luis Alberto looked much like this.

I have NEVER before or since been so sure I’d met my husband – like you speak of Anni – but he was with three friends, one of whom was a secret CIA MINDER, who made certain we were soon permanently separated – and later when I tried to find him in Mexico City, I was warned that the CIA would murder him if I did not stop searching, which I believed at that time and gave up.

Luis Alberto had been the Chief Protocol Officer of the US Embassy in Mexico City – our LARGEST functioning Embassy, and his position is the HIGHEST foreign nationals can hold in the US State Department. He knew Presidents Clinton and GW Bush very well – having been in charge of setting up the security when they both traveled to Mexico a couple of times, preferred Clinton, but said both were Drug Traffickers with the CIA and US State Department – the FIRST I heard that either Clinton were huge traffickers, but HARDLY the last.

Well, all foreign employees of US Embassies and Consulates after 15 years of service get Green Cards to live permanently in the USA – something Luis Alberto could TASTE when only one week before his 15th anniversary he was FIRED for insisting on not violating US LAW in a command they gave him.

This is SO SIMILAR to this thing with James Comey that was reported today, that I am a bit FREAKED-OUT!!!

Ok, not really, this happened nine years ago – but I AM EXCITED FOR YOU, because Lawrence O’Donnell started his program for the SECOND NIGHT IN A ROW with you yelling at the NC Republican House Speaker Moore – and again JUST NOW, and I think he said he’s having the guy who got the video of you tonight – but to report on what you had NEW TO DEMAND OF THE REPUBLICANS, TODAY!!!

You just KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, girl, and I’ll add that here as soon as I can.

I’ll LIKELY amend this some – add some, etc. -- before printing it and delivering it to either your Law Office or home, tomorrow.

As D.A. Ben David offered the first time we were face-to-face after I returned from Mexico the SECOND time -- in Cousins Italian Deli downtown, summer of 2015 – let’s BURY THE HATCHET (but not in each other), please.

Ben then – and again later – offered to get BACK for me the copyright that he with a Fox News Chicago Talking Head/Lawyer, and an Exec of Wells Fargo, also in Chicago, that he via his one-time Intern Jeffrey Duncan, who worked in Daliah Saper’s Law Office while she brought the FALSE CHARGE of LIBEL, never legally served me, then I was tried in ABSENTIA in Cook County Courts and awarded TEN TIMES what plaintiff Jamie Lee Sutherland asked for, plus copyright to my memoir that Scott Rudin and the producers of the Harry Potter films were considering buying movie rights, so at least a million or two dollars for me.

I have been assured that NO Republican and NO Democrat lawyer will represent me this side of Charlotte or more likely Asheville in trying to get JUSTICE, so I will not now ask you to help me – and you are too busy fighting the Republican/Christian Party now, anyway.

I just saw Rep. Autry on MSNBC – and your addressing a crowd in Raleigh. Sounds like there is little hope of the Democrats being able to prevent the Republicans from tricking the Senate into overriding Cooper’s veto. In MY opinion, it is because you have a GOD-DAMNED PRAYER in our Legislature, daily – WHAT THE F*UCK??? WHAT happened to separation of Church and State??? How many Imams have given prayers – or Hindu clergy, etc.??? F the God-DAMNED CHRISTIANS!!!

Sorry, I need to take a hit or two of pot – what my doctors recommend to me for TENSION.

Christians and their ability to excuse any behavior regardless how HATEFUL – because Jesus forgives ANYTHING if they suck his dick (pray), DISGUSTS all who worship the ONE GOD.

Well, that’s it tonight, but I’ll likely revise this some before printing and delivering it to you.