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D.A. Jon David -- Twin Brother of Wilmington, NC D.A. Ben David, They BOTH Protecting THEIR Hard-Drug Traffickers -- Is at the HEART of the Voting Scandal in Bladen County!!! / NEW Info on Jamie Lee Sutherland -- Who with D.A. Ben David -- STOLE RIGHTS to My Tennessee Williams Memoir (which Ben David admitted to me)!!!

Jamie Lee Sutherland (flanked by his nephew and niece), finally UPDATED his photo on Ameriprise Financial's website. The following photo shows Jamie when I met him in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2010:

Holy Crapolicco!!! This video CLEARLY SHOWS that Republican District Attorney Jon David of Bladen County asked for help investigating this ballot fraud from the Wake County D.A. 

John David is the D.A. also in Brunswick County -- across the river from me in New Hanover County -- where Jon's identical twin brother, Benjamin Randall David is and has been for years, the D.A. here. In 2011, I visited the Head of the DEA in Wilmington in their office in the Nixon Federal Building, giving them what evidence I had on BOTH D.A.s Ben and Jon David and their protecting Hard-Drug Trafficking -- but they decided I was "Mentally Ill" and IGNORED ME!!! 

Within a few months, D.A. Benjamin David -- using Dr. Carrie Menke of D.A. Jon David's office -- tried to COMMIT ME to the notorious Cherry Hospital, where few are said to escape alive. Menke's report was CLEARLY full of LIES, and Democrat Judge Richard Russell Davis LAUGHED IT OUT OF COURT!!!

See my old Blog Posting in comments below for more details about that!!

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A North Carolina woman testified Monday that she illegally picked up and falsified absentee ballots in a 2018 congressional election under the direction of a political operative who was working on behalf of the race's Republican candidate.

Dr. Carrie Menke

Carrie Menke is now in private practice in Wilmington, but THIS documents Carrie's position on Brunswick County Drug Courts, back then. I just now left a voicemail on Dr. Carrie Menke's listed office in Wilmington's voicemail -- 2:44 long -- WARNING Menke I work with NC Prosecutors and the FEDS to IMPRISON Ben and Jon David -- as well as HER -- HA!!!

(910) 798-6463

This posting INCLUDES all three pages of Dr. Menke's signed Report to the Court:

It was HEAD PUBLIC DEFENDER JENNIFER HARJO (a Republican, then anyway), who SAVED MY LIFE from D.A. Ben David in New Hanover County Courts in 2011 and 12!!!

ALL Republican Judges here have VIOLATED MY CIVIL RIGHTS -- most of them in 2011 and 12, but some since I returned in 2015: Chad Hogston, Sandra Ray/Criner, and Lindsey McKee/Luther.

And so did THESE Democrat Judges: James H. Faison III and Jeffrey E. Noecker.


Patrick Mincey

1. Mr. Mincey's Office Manager (a true gentleman), gave me the number to contact the North Carolina Bar Association, that he claimed would be CERTAIN to help me -- but I have not called them yet.

2. I have not called them, because I NOW REALIZE that Jamie Lee Sutherland was as much a VICTIM of what happened as I was, and my INTENTION today was to write to Jamie as well as call him -- to propose we SETTLE THINGS without Lawyers or Law Suits -- which might EMBARRASS HIS EMPLOYER, Ameriprise Financial, and CAUSE JAMIE TO LOOSE HIS JOB.

And the NEWS ITEM above, and the one I am about to paste in below, DISTRACTED ME, so I will do that later tonight -- or tomorrow!!!

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EXCELLENT NEWS!!! This means since Wilmington Democrat NC Representative Deb Butler (who lost her wife Anni Parra to an apparent Drug Overdose recently), who TOLD ME TO MY FACE last summer she is in Hard-Drug Trafficking with local Republican Jonathan Deputy, CANNOT block if I post that on Deb's Facebook or other page!!!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Fun with a Self-Described New-Agey, CAFETERIA-Catholic / A Long, Full-of-LAUGHING, Conversation with My DEVOUT Catholic Mother!!!

 . . . or at least be CIVIL in their own defense or promulgation of ideas!!!

FUNNY!!! Mitch Bossanna, a self-described "Italo-Jew" from Hampstead, NC who was raised Roman Catholic, was the "RON (NOT Rand) Paul Republican", who when I was homeless in Wilmington, NC, 2011 - 12, sent me the ENTIRE EMAIL LISTS of everyone who had contributed money to Democrat Mayor Bill Saffo's and his Republican challenger, "Tattoo-Parlorist" Justin LaNasa's campaigns, a total of about 1,500, and together they became my FIRST EMAIL LIST of 1,500 that I sent all blog postings to way back then.

Mitch ALSO sent me the research on Closet-Case GAY then Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby (who now works with Thomas S. Kenan III and other Kenans to KEEP SILENT SAM on the UNC Chapel Hill campus), and the DEEP DIRT on Daliah Saper (who with D.A. Ben David, and Jamie Lee Sutherland then of Wells Fargo Advisors, stole rights to my Tennessee Williams memoir), about how Daliah was POOR -- and WHORED HER WAY to pay for Catholic Law School.

Also, the dirt on Daliah's FIRST LAWYER to deal with me, Andrew Emerson Cook, who had to be taken OFF my case, after Andrew and I got into discussing "the glories of being a homosexual bottom".

Mitch Bossanna was last heard from five years ago -- when he was HIDING in Central Mexico!!!

And local Humor Writer Celia Rivenbark is the ONLY one of Mitch's Facebook Friends who LATER un-friended Mitch -- HA!!!

Scott and Mitch are celebrating 7 years of friendship on Facebook!
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  • Scott Kenan Jeffrey Duncan was Wilmington D.A. Ben David's legal intern, who then got his FIRST JOB as Daliah Saper's THIRD subordinate lawyer -- RIGHT BEFORE they filed the bogus LIBEL charge against me, late 2012, settled in June 2013:

I stayed up late (3:45 AM) because I got into TWO HOURS of fun IN AGREEMENT with Judi Vandeveer of Illinois (a personal friend of Barack Obama), but she doesn't CARE that GW Bush and the Cheneys, Clintons, and Kenans BLACKMAILED him over his homosexuality to protect their HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKING -- that Bless-ed Michelle went along with, since Jesse Jackson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright ARRANGED their marriage -- what it TOOK to elect a Gay Mulatto and our BEST PRESIDENT since Kennedy and Eisenhower!!!

Today, we really got into it as ADVERSARIES and I even called her cell, had to leave a message, then we continued in TEXT, ending with this:

"Said I was an Angel of Light -- doesn't mean I don't have a few "cracks" -- but then THAT'S how the Light gets in!!! LoLoL. OK, corney I know!"

The ignorant Catholic woman doesn't KNOW that "Angels of Light" EMIT light -- they don't have cracks to let it IN!!!


Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, ten years ago when she was only 86.

When Mom answered the phone, I said: "Well, HAPPY ALMOST PRESIDENTS' DAY -- let's hope ALL AMERICANS take this opportunity to REFLECT on the Natures of two of our BEST PRESIDENTS, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!!!"

Mom HEARTILY agreed with that, and I told her I really appreciate the financial help that she and my siblings have been sending -- and I don't CARE if Mike no longer helps. That is HIS BUSINESS, and NOT MY PROBLEM.

In fact, I consider everyone in our IMMEDIATE FAMILY to have little to no effect on Politics -- we are all just INDIVIDUAL VOTERS -- but it is the WEALTHY KENANS I still have GRAVE CONCERNS ABOUT, they being:

And ANYWAY, I am transitioning this blog to focus on APPRECIATION, and the last few days have contacted RELIGIOUS CLERGY who have benefited me the MOST in what they have taught me:

And Mom just LOVES to hear what Miss Piggy (the chicken), has been up to, so I told her how I caught her on her night perch, and all the GUANO that is accumulating that will be GREAT for my FLOWER POTS, come spring:

Tequila is even better!!!

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Slainte! New scientific research shows that drinking whiskey will make you live a longer, healthier life, and be more creative.

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DANG!!! I love Joni Mitchell and David Hockney -- and met Hockney at the same party where I first met Meryl Streep while working for Tennessee Williams!!!:
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This has to be the cutest picture of the year! Joni Mitchell and David Hockney holding hands. Photograph by Jacob Sous