Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MORE Trouble Moving into Spofford Mills Clubhouse -- Thanks to Jonathan Deputy (Is Landlady Gold Walker AWARE OF THIS)???

Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico, where I lived December 2012. A small area of my terrace and my kitchen there:

My kitchen and dining area were outside, the roof covering only the kitchen, so I got the landlady's husband and sons to cut the saplings that form the uprights, I bought the metal poles to support the blue tarp for the dining area roof, and to hang shower curtains for the privacy walls at night and to block the direct sun during the day.

I had hoped to do similar curtains to my deck here at Swofford Mills Clubhouse -- my huge deck facing west -- but John Deputy's and Gold Walker's ABSURD actions against me make me not want to even unpack the rest of my belongings -- Jon SWEARING that if they can't evict me or scare me into leaving ASAP, that there is NO CHANCE that my lease would EVER be renewed when it runs out in 11 months.

Gold had always claimed I was her BEST TENANT, but has done everything she can to FUCK ME, since.

That said, today, there was an exception.


1. To the individual who was the TOP Legal Assistant in a major North Carolina Law Firm -- until Judge Lindsey McKee Luther DESTROYED HER CAREER, and is now HELL-BENT to keep Lindsey from ever being re-elected -- BECAUSE Lindsey is an AVOWED WHITE SUPREMACIST (and this person is WHITE), NOT ONLY has your message on Facebook Messenger DISAPPEARED tonight (after I could easily access it last night and earlier today -- but NOT respond since I'm BANNED from posting to Facebook until Friday night), I will contact you THEN so we can plan a LEGAL ASSAULT!!!

Lindsey, like D.A. Benjamin R. David, the cutesy Judge Robin Robinson, and the dour Judge Jeffrey Noecker, are all Elders or Deacons at First Prez, the Kenan Cathedral to Race Hatred and Narco-Trafficking.

Lindsey Luther taking her first Oath of Office as a Judge -- with her husband Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther, who posts images like THIS on his Facebook -- my complaining about that getting his Facebook SHUT DOWN, but Sheriff Ed McMahon REFUSES to investigate one of his TOP WHITE SUPREMACIST EMPLOYEES!!!

2. After a few days of hits being down in a normal seasonal trend, REGISTERED hits have returned to the typical 650 or so per day in the last 24 hours -- due to THIS posting:

ODDEST is that Russian and Ukrainian hits have ZOOMED to nearly as high as from the USA -- in this, a TOTALLY Wilmington posting!!! See, FOREIGNERS KNOW that Wilmington and the Lower Caper Fear is home base of my Kenan Family that put Donald Trump into power -- and HOME (Wrightsville Beach), to Eric and Lara Trump is GROUND ZERO of Christian EVIL in the USA!!!

I have received NO RESPONSE from Thomas S. Kenan III, Steve Armstrong, Becky Perlacky, or Dennis Nash -- although I got CONFIRMATION that all of them GOT my messages!!!

And the MAINSTREAM MEDIA still REFUSES to report this ongoing story!!!

3. I just called Tyler Andre Breton -- because earlier today, looking to see WHICH JUDGE was scheduled for his three trials scheduled for today and tomorrow, and discovered that BEFORE the trials he managed to get continuances on all of them for a month, I CONGRATULATED HIM on that, found that Gold Walker was WRONG and he has NOT pawned or sold the computer I gave him (worth $550.00, now reconditioned -- and he said it has been VERY valuable to him -- my goal).

Tyler Breton and me at our Thanksgiving Dinner last month

He also said he NO LONGER works at DRUG-DISTRIBUTING (his claim), Bourbon Street restaurant on Front Street, but IS working at DDT Outlet in Hampstead (the owners are GOOD FRIENDS of Jon Deputy):

Tyler also said he has gotten his Pilot's Licence renewed -- that allows him to take boats up to about 40 feet in length into International waters, and he has Homeland Security Clearance to do that as well (to pick up drugs from mother ships off the coast???).

He again asked me to REMOVE his name from this blog as every boat-associated job he applies for finds this blog by googling his name -- and then REFUSES to hire him because of what I've posted. I DO tend to believe him -- but ALSO true is that I have FULL ACCESS to see every word, name, or phrase that people use in ANY search engine to find my blog, and NONE of his three names has appeared.

It is NO SECRET that this graphic shows the HEART of the NAZI aspect of the USA Government, and I have LONG believed they don't show me but a SMALL PORTION of all the hits my blog gets.

So given that Tyler wants, Wants, WANTS from me -- and NEVER fulfilled most of his promises TO me, nor does he feel any debt to me -- and his mother Andie in Florida PRAISED ME TO HIGH HEAVEN for bitching out BOTH Tyler's doctor and his Probation Officer for allowing him to be prescribed ADDERALL -- Tyler FIRST diagnosed BIPOLAR, then ADHD, so it was the ADDERALL (pharmaceutical grade METH), that kicked him into MANIA with HALLUCINATIONS for two days, he should NOT be piloting BOATS!!!

So, until he is OFF ADDERALL, I will not consider helping him out that way. He does not claim I published A SINGLE FALSEHOOD.


Alex Guevara, who lives in his mother's house at 611 Red Cross Street (, 910-297-7095), and contacts me via email or phone call 
about once every six months.

Alex is a BRILLIANT CHEMIST and used to make the BEST METH for sale on the street. The young man that Jon Deputy showed the front apartment to today looks JUST LIKE THIS (young, thin, and strung-out with stringy long hair), but Alex lives RENT FREE, so it is not likely HIM.

Earlier today, Gold Walker's TRUSTY handyman Thomas came by, gave me a proper clamp for the dryer hose, checked out the electric breakers, and said he would have an electrician come out -- likely first of next week.

He also saw that my apartment is an ORGANIZATIONAL DISASTER -- unlike what he knows it to normally be.

When Jon showed the apartment, PROVING that he had NEVER rented it first for 12/1 occupancy, delayed until 12/15, and then Gold Walker said Jon told HER they DEFINITELY are moving in 1/1/2018 (so CLEARLY Jon is SCAMMING GOLD AS WELL)!!!

Mr. Strung-Out parked in the parking area -- but in the middle of the driving access TO the parking area, where my car was parked showing where we park. I saw him go to the front apartment -- figuring he had come to get some of Allie's marijuana pastries, and NOT KNOWING she had moved upstairs a month ago.

When he did NOT return soon, I decided to check my mail, and found that Jon had parked ON THE STREET -- which I've never before seen him do (but it was out of my sight from my front porch), and he saw me as I passed the front window, as he spent a lot of time showing the guy the apartment.


I also discovered that the four electric burners on my range, on 7 to 10, glow bright RED on one side, while remaining black on the other -- and when I boiled down a chicken carcass to make broth, while on ANY OTHER STOVE, it would achieve low-boil on 1.5 - 2, on THIS STOVE I had to turn it up to SIX to get a low boil, and FIVE does not even cause any bubbles to rise -- after first bringing it to a FAST BOIL on TEN.

So ALL the cal-rods need to be replaced as well. WHAT kind of Apartment Manager is Jonathan Deputy???

It is now late, but after all the CRAP I have taken from both Gold Walker and Jon Deputy -- Jon SWEARING that if he can't EVICT of SCARE ME OUT sooner, they will NEVER renew my lease in another 11 months, I CANNOT take on a roommate who is AT ALL PROFESSIONAL -- and with the NOISE from Allie and Kelsey's apartment, no one would rent the front bedroom anyway -- although that has improved since THIS happened:

I have discussed this with an attorney -- and my mother, today -- and I expect to SUE JON DEPUTY for his TERRORISM of me -- and maybe Gold Walker, too, since Jon said he was ACTING ON GOLD'S REQUEST!!!

You see, BOTH Jon's RANTING LIES and THREATS at me -- and Allie's boyfriend, "Pete" doing the same -- have NEVER been matched by ANY of my adversaries in the USA -- EVER -- but EQUAL the crap I had to take from El Chapo Guzman's sons Alberto and Martin Guzman -- when they held me CAPTIVE five weeks in "Toro's" house in Puerto Vallarta in 2010 for FIVE WEEKS, Toro beat me SLIGHTLY, and Alberto held a SWITCHBLADE to my feet while his CRACK-ADDICT buddies FUCKED MY ASS repeatedly!!!

I'm LUCKY I got no diseases!!!

Martin Guzman is HIDING in Central Mexico (Murder charges), under the alias Josue Ancelmo, last I communicated with him about 2013.

Mexican Federal Prison near Ixtapa for Alberto Guzman -- CONVICTED of that same murder. I actually DROVE Martin here to visit his brother -- before authorities realized that Martin ALSO participated -- and they began seeking HIM!!!

My FAVE restaurant in San Sebastian del Oeste (where the Spanish mined MOST of the gold and silver, then shipped it out of Chacala -- as seen above -- in Colonial Days).

Here is a "Travelogue" I wrote up that has been VERY POPULAR of visiting San Sebastian -- with Alberto's Prison being along the WAY!!!

And LATER, I got "Toro" to clean my Puerto Vallarta bathroom NAKEDLY -- LOL!!!:

My point being that at least Jon Deputy -- and maybe Gold Walker -- are on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL about par with THESE Narco-Traffickers -- and I am pursuing LEGAL PENALTIES against them BOTH (or just Jon, depending) -- my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, today, giving me her FULL APPROVAL TO DO SO!!!

And SHE is a KENAN (if a Meyer, originally) -- HA!!!

But I will DISCUSS all I know with the FBI Task Force to see what THEY THINK -- before proceeding with that.




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