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Yesterday, Donald Trump Went to Podunk Kenansville, North Carolina to Kiss the ARSE of Thomas S. Kenan III and His NAZI-Episcopalian, White Supremacist Bitch Step-Mother, Betty (Price) Kenan -- SUCCESSFULLY!!!

Catch Trump's entire speech in Kenansville, NC here

"The event began a little after 5 p.m. at the Duplin County Events Center in Kenansville, a town with a population of roughly 850 about 30 miles south of Goldsboro. He spoke for about 40 minutes."

Trump showed up an hour LATE for his next appearance in High Point, so presumably met with Thomas S. Kenan III -- and maybe Betty (Price) Kenan -- at Liberty Hall -- the ANCESTRAL HOME OF THE KENAN FAMILY:


Episcopalian sycophant on left, then Betty (Price) Kenan and Thomas S. Kenan III

1. I just called Liberty Hall and asked if Donald Trump had visited Liberty Hall yesterday, and the older-middle-aged-sounding white woman replied, "No, but we SURE would have been happy to HAVE HIM!!!"

2. And then I asked if Tom and/or Betty Kenan had come to Kenansville to meet with Trump -- and she CHANGED THE SUBJECT -- LOL!!!

3. And THEN she said, "Is this SCOTT KENAN???" And I replied, "Yes, I'm part of the Press and just want to get the FACTS RIGHT." She said "EVERYBODY knows who YOU are!!!"

I said, "No doubt -- and for years. I hope to put as MANY of you -- including Tom and Betty Kenan into PRISON as I can -- I work with Gen. Colin Powell's people, Gen. Russel Honore', and three ex-Presidents of Mexico."

She said, "That's alright -- we'll be sitting in prison with YOU!!!"

HA!!!, I laughed, then said, "Why don't you stick a Jesus statue where you usually have yeast infections, and work it around a bit -- CUNT!!!"

She was laughing as she hung up on me, then.


1. Shortly after completing his degree at UNC Chapel Hill, Thomas S. Kenan was put in charge of RENOVATING Liberty Hall, which had fallen into TOTAL disrepair, and he did a PERFECT job of it -- as is the "Kenan Way".

2. The property was then deeded to the Duplin County Board of Education (mostly Republicans), and the Kenan Charities have given the money to KEEP IT RUNNING RIGHT, because the take from $5.00 admission is SMALL.

I've seen as few as three or four visitors in a WEEK listed on the log book -- and more than that, although I never SAW more than that.

Jeff Smith as Assistant Curator looks like he MOSTLY smokes marijuana on the job, no???

Tom Kenan's good personal friend Jeff Smith gave me a personal tour, last time I was there -- about a year ago, and he was VERY friendly to me (I guess they still figured they could murder, jail, or nut-house-commit me before now).

3. THROUGHOUT Liberty Hall's existence -- going back to the earliest days -- the KENAN SIGNATURE on the property was an arch over the gate to the yard that proudly proclaimed: 

"He who enters this Garden Gate -- never comes too early, never stays too late!" 

I remember this arch still in place in 1990, but it was REMOVED when "Negroes" began to believe that it applied to them TOO. Jeff Smith confirmed that the Kenans had it removed, but not when or for which reason.

That arch was still there when Henry Flagler married Mary Lilly Kenan at Liberty Hall on August 24, 1901:

4. In early 2011 -- soon after my first stay in Puerto Vallarta with Colin Powell's people's help I went to visit Liberty Hall, and they quickly made an EXCUSE to close it early, not allowing me in. The time just a couple of years before, a woman had ALLOWED me to browse through the Kenan Library there -- handling books 200 - 300 years old, and THAT was when I found their Presbyterian Thought volumes to be nearly IDENTICAL to the Science of Mind!!!

But the Kenans turned "English Catholic"/Episcopalian -- ACCEPTING AS FACT Transubstantiation, and the Episcopal Mace as God's symbol of Christian Power on Earth --
ten or twenty years after the Kenans and First Presbyterian CAUSED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898

5. I returned about a week later, and although cars were there and lights were on, and no sign on the door for WHY they were closed -- they WERE, and as I stood in front of the Frank Hawkins Kenan Visitors Hall, the Sheriff of Duplin County pulled into the lot and in a VERY friendly way, came over, shook my hand, and genuinely (it still seems to me), smiled and said, "Mr. Kenan (he knew who I was and the highway patrol must have warned them I was about to arrive), some hysterical female is afraid of you for unknown reasons -- you know how women can be!!! -- and she'll get over it shortly. Just come back in a week or two."

He was too nice not to cooperate with -- and you KNOW she was just a "God-Hating Christian White Bitch", but I did NOT return until summer of 2015, when Jeff Smith gave me the DELUXE tour.

6. Then, about two weeks later, things came to a head with my South 8th Street apartment -- I had already been warned by two residents of The Good Shepherd Center, where I'd been KICKED OUT OF, not for living but for First Baptist Church paid-for and served free lunches and without cause -- and Wilmington Police were called although I left without disturbance, the Police OFFICIALLY DETAINING ME for half an hour because they CLAIMED there was a FELONY WARRANT for my arrest in Dekalb County Georgia, but when they finally reached the Sheriff THERE, they claimed he said he did NOT want me extradited!!!

This SAME CLAIM was made in my "Scott's Monkey Trial": in Republican Judge Chad Hogston's Court by Lindsey Roberson, Assistant Prosecutor on behalf Ben David. At THAT time, Lindsey was nearly emaciated and sniffed a lot, so Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (a GOOD Republican -- and Catholic, to boot!!!), always called -- with me -- Lindsey "Miss Coca Leaf" -- LOL!!!

Lindsey Roberson REPEATEDLY claimed in Court that there was a FELONY WARRANT out for me for STALKING in Georgia, but after I soon tapped into Court Records in Dekalb County, Georgia, then called them to confirm -- NO SUCH WARRANT OR CHARGE EXISTED!!!

Lindsey Roberson is now a lawyer in private practice in Wilmington -- instead of behind bars (so far)!!!

Wilmington lawyer, owner then of Costello's (gay) Piano Bar (on PRINCESS Street, of COURSE -- LOL!!!), and prominent member of First Presbyterian, David A. Nash:

Dekalb County Court records can be found on me here:

HERE is today's search results (and I got NOTHING when also checking the "Odyssey Database of Hearings"):

Dekalb CHANGED its database after I found THIS on July 22, 2014 (click to enlarge or copy and paste it to READ better):

Notice that the ONLY thing showing from 1990, then, was my having to file WRIT OF HABEUS CORPUS to force Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter to TRIAL -- she was holding me for only simple TRESPASS without my even being CHARGED!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: I have MANY of Judge Hunter's intermediary 1990 rulings -- as well as final verdict and SENTENCE. I have some paper copies of Dekalb Court rulings from 2010. 

I have the original Judge Hunter signed paper copies (from 1990) -- right here in the FORMER (thank you, Republicans), "Hollywood East" -- now relocated to Georgia.

Should I have stayed??? (Or returned, differently???)

And the record of her other actions are all ERASED. Also American Express, shows that I was found GUILTY IN ABSENTIA (I was in Mexico during the trial which I did not know even happened until later), in PREVIOUS database postings, but here it was BACK-CHANGED to "Closed", which meant "Dismissed".

You actually had to click each Case ID to get the specifics in this old format, no longer available, but HERE it showed that American Express Bank was awarded $25,000.00 in absentia in August of 2010 -- AMEX having SCREWED ME by ILLEGALLY robo-calling me after 10:00 PM on a Sunday night to DROP my Credit Limit by $24,000.00, leaving me only $243.00 available the night I called several Atlanta Journal/Constitution Editors (particularly Jay Bookman), to tell them that Christal Presley's (Sean Hannity's, my mother's, and sister Jane Ann Kenan's GOOD FRIEND), FRONT PAGE Sunday AJC article on her "PTSD FATHER", Delmer Presley -- whom I also knew well), LOVED telling his WAR STORIES, was WEALTHY, not living in a trailer at ALL, and the whole thing was a FAKE so Christal could make money off a FAKE Veterans' Charity.

Christal Presley from that AJC article

My letters to American Express and Delta Airlines about these matters -- ONLY Delta replied -- LOL!!!:


So let's get back to Kenansville, NC, yesterday:

The Kenan Family was SO interested in PACKING the event in Kenan-built Duplin County Events Center (originally built to show the "Pageant Play", THE LIBERTY CART about the history of the Kenan Family and S.E. North Carolina settlement, but it was BORING and soon FAILED!!!), they had SCHOOLS CLOSED -- even though it didn't begin until after 5:00 PM, and only the Community College was nearby -- LOL!!!

Donald Trump's visit to Duplin County is bringing about the early closing of schools in the entire county.
Due to anticipated heavy traffic, all Duplin County schools will close at noon on Tuesday. Also, James Sprunt Community College will shut down at the same time. The college says it is closing due to "safety concerns" for the event, which is right across the street.
Trump is scheduled to speak sometime after 5:00 p.m. at the Duplin County Events Center. Doors open at 2:00 p.m.

Well, at least Pam Sander, Executive Editor of the Wilmington Star News -- and ALL the Wilmington TV stations -- did NOT bother to cover it. ONLY the Raleigh paper and TV channels DID cover it -- THEY being more than TWICE AS FAR AWAY as is Wilmington.

Pam Sander -- just another Post-Menopausal, Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacist, Christian BITCH -- HA!!!

Once AGAIN, we have the PROOF of it!!!

Scott Kenan and James Lucius shared Occupy Democrats's photo.
Occupy Democrats
This HAS to be said!


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