Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Property Manager and I Reached an AGREEMENT This Morning -- after About a Twenty-Minute Animated Discussion that PROVED We Agree on Nearly NOTHING (unlike before today), and He Is Sending Me a SNAIL-MAILED Letter Detailing Our Discussion -- in Tomorrow's Mail:

And although he said if I report anything about our discussion today on this blog, it will be LEGAL REASON TO EVICT ME (something I don't accept as true -- but will essentially refrain from that if the parties he was representing keep THEIR PART of the agreement). And THAT said, there are a FEW things I CAN report!!!

All agreements are a result of COMPROMISE, and he was ADAMANT that I give up the idea of reporting disturbances of any report-able kind FIRST to the tenants in the one apartment leased by two women upstairs -- as a WARNING, and if no correction, then to approach the Dean of Students at UNCW to try to solve anything without involving the Law or possible Charges, he TWICE confirmed that I am just to call the Police -- with NO WARNING to anyone in that apartment. 

He did NOT include the single male tenant, Gray, in any of this (and Gray was not part of ANY of it, so there was no reason to).

Most of my life, my friends and I believed there really was such a thing as "Citizen's Arrest" -- but about 15 years ago, I learned there was NOT such a thing. Today, I learned that in North Carolina (or at least in Wilmington), there is such a thing as "Citizen's Restraining Orders", because he insists that if I ever blog about or mention the names of the landlord, himself, the landlord's "employees" (they are all independent contractors, so not LEGALLY employees), or tenants on 4th Street, or the ones in the one apartment leased to two women here, THAT is LEGAL GROUNDS for EVICTION, and he will IMMEDIATELY move to evict me.

In clarification, he claimed my blog has NO PRESS protections, and that it is ILLEGAL to blog or otherwise publish ANYTHING about what he called "private individuals", but that I CAN blog -- and even LIE ABOUT "public people" (elected Politicians and undisclosed others), in fact he used the example that I could claim a President who is clearly straight (like Bill Clinton), is a big HOMO.

I disagree with that, and said that I have to publish the TRUTH to the best of my ability or even as PRESS I can be sued for Libel, Slander, or similar.

Anyway, although I am often approached by people here in Wilmington who KNOW my blog and thank me for continuing to expose corruption -- and the great majority of those who DON'T know it, say that is GREAT that someone has the COURAGE to do what others wish they could but feel too THREATENED by Wilmington Police and Courts to do so.

The manager, today, claimed that EVERYONE in Wilmington knows that I am CRAZY, and only because it is IMPOSSIBLE to commit anyone to Cherry Mental Hospital for MORE than three days, is the ONLY reason I have not been permanently committed.

D.A. Ben David TRIED to commit me to Cherry Hospital in 2011, but Judge R. Russell Davis LAUGHED Carrie Menke's claims RIGHT OUT OF COURT!!!

Dr. Carrie Menke, is BIG on SMILING, no???

He did NOT recognize The Oaks Mental Ward at the local Medical Hospital as such an establishment -- where I was committed twice in 2011, but the Head Psychiatrist -- Martin -- promptly got me out -- even when Judge Sandra Ray, then also Criner (until I blogged about Sherman Lee Criner having molested a girl in Thalian Hall and Wilmington Police intimidated the girl's father into NOT pressing charges, and I also published a photo of Sherman's "Christian Snake Handling" which was embarrassing enough for Judge Sandra to DIVORCE Sherman Lee Criner) to COMMIT ME on testimony of my then roommate Brenda McKnight's CRACK DEALERGerald Austin-Wynn -- I having had no idea that Brenda was addicted -- or even smoked.

Gerald Austin-Wynn was SOON ARRESTED in South Carolina, convicted of Drug Trafficking, and after serving a multi-year sentence, now lives near Washington, DC

And for the HECK OF IT, I googled and found this as GENERAL PRINCIPLES of evictions -- there being NO MENTIONING of violating a "Citizen's Restraining Order" (or perhaps more accurately, a "Citizen's GAG ORDER"), as just legal cause for eviction:

5 Legitimate Reasons to Evict a Tenant
  • Nonpayment of Rent. The most common reason for a lease termination and eviction is nonpayment of rent. ...
  • Lease Violation. The second most common reason for eviction is when a tenant violates a lease clause. ...
  • Property Damage. ...
  • Illegal or Drug Related Activity. ...
  • Expiration of Lease.

4. Illegal or Drug Related Activity

When a resident is committing a crime, the police and the local government want to know about it. There is very little grace granted to drug-dealers.

In most states, including Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Ohio, a landlord can terminate a lease with 24 hour (or sometimes less) notice for drug or crime-related activity.

In Texas, a landlord can even immediately terminate the lease of a tenant who is convicted of public indecency (Sec. 91.003)! Yikes!

Perhaps the two BIGGEST SURPRISES to me, were that the manager claimed:


Oliver Carter III,, my former next-door neighbor and "eviction attorney" for the landlord, had TOLD HIM PERSONALLY that I could be easily evicted for what I have published in this blog.

2. That he had SPOKEN PERSONALLY with the SAME TWO Spectrum Cable Techs who came out to connect my service here, and BOTH DENIED that the company is getting rid of techs who mess with connections of those who oppose the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington.

I asked him TWICE, and he insisted he had, twice.

Well, any ATTENTIVE Reader knows that THREE techs had had to come out before the job was done, and I asked him HOW he ever knew precisely WHICH techs came out (the cable company does NOT disclose such info due to privacy concerns without a Court Order or similar), but he said he has his own network of infoso I guess one can make of that what one will.


He DID later spend about as much time upstairs with the two female tenants, so I presume he made clear we are NOT to speak with each other, and any Disturbances of the Peace will bring in the POLICE WITHOUT WARNING.

As long as none of them (landlord through managers, "employees", and designated tenants), mess with my rights, harass me through threats (spoken, written, or implied), I will have NO REASON to report or name them in this blog!!!

Sadly, I must ONCE AGAIN find a new "oregano-substitute merchant", as my new one (since moving), and I are NOT allowed to speak. But THOSE are a "dime-a-dozen" in Wilmington -- and the LAW doesn't care about small amounts.

>>> SEE: about 1/4 the was down, above, beginning:

"4. Illegal or Drug Related Activity

When a resident is committing a crime, the police and the local government want to know about it. There is very little grace granted to drug-dealers.

I will REMOVE the manager from my list of email recipients of this blog. He knows how to find it anyway -- and it seems to upset him emotionally (the mode he spoke in today with GREAT VEHEMENCE, although I remained calm and using Fact and Reason -- and understanding of the Law and Constitution).

Oliver Carter, a Lawyer in this "eviction field", will REMAIN on the list (until he asks to be removed, himself). Oliver KNOWS the Law, and can make his own judgment of this whole thing.

And here is an EXAMPLE of what Sandra Beckham gets away with on FACEBOOK (where I can't get away with HALF this much):

“The spirit is liquid and easily flows and surges, sinking and boiling with the currents of circumstances. Bringing every thought into the obedience of Christ is no easy-chair Blow Job.”

― Elisabeth Elliot, Shadow of the Almighty: The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot

Sandra Beckham Alright,so it's already been established I'm goin ta Hell in a Handbasket wit Puppies & Kittens Candy & Daisies, Ripple & Crank & Pink WTF!!!!

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