Saturday, April 29, 2017

Power COMES, and Power GOES . . .

Mexico's Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu was the WEALTHIEST MAN ON EARTH -- while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State!!!

He made his FORTUNE narco-trafficking with the Bushes and Cheney -- not just both Clintons -- and President Salinas sold him Mexico's Communications Systems for next to NOTHING, causing Salinas to now be called "The Richard Nixon of Mexico" (meaning their MOST HATED PRESIDENT).

Rey de Coliman RULES over Colima, Colima, Mexico, where the "Dancing Gay Dogs" dance FREELY:

A statue of "The Seed ('Semilla') of Colima" refers to the residents' FIRM BELIEF that Colima is so FINE, it sprang up from the cum-splat of GOD!!!

And they are 85% Roman Catholic -- go FIGURE!!!

This PROVES that Americans (Gringos-- a LOWER percent even "Christian" than 85, but PROTEST-ANTS(piss ants, or WHATEVER), historically/hysterically -- are nothing but GOD-HATING PRUDES/PRUNESno???

But both in 2010 when I lived in Villa de Alvarez for about two months with THIS view out my front windows, of the twin Colima Volcanos:

And then also when I visited in 2012, I met not only George W. Bush's TOP Drug Money Launderer, Martin Lamb -- who thought I had LOTS OF BUCKS in narco-dollars for him to launder -- like Tom and Betty and other Kenans around Chapel Hill, NC -- and that was WHY he opened up about GW Bush flying small jets loaded with $100.00 bills to his private island off Panama (with jetport)!!!

The Colima Gazebo, across from the colonial hotel where Martin Lamb stayed. Here, I sat on a bench evenings -- watching the scene -- when Dr. Salazar and his wife came out for a stroll and talked to me sometimes for an HOUR!!!

And it was ALSO in Colima that I met Dr. Waldemar Salazar, who had been BEST FRIENDS with President Salinas -- even sneaking him out of the Mexican "Royal Palace" incognito -- despite the GUARDS!!! 

For the DETAILS on that PUERTO VALLARTA adventure -- and how they CRIED TOGETHER -- and then the time Dr. Salazar actually RAIDED a Drug Mafia Drug Depot loaded with TONS OF GUNS -- taking only a single hand gun and enough US $100.00 bills to buy a NEW LUXURY SEDAN, please read this:

It INCLUDES the History of Donald Trump's relationship to Carlos Slim:


Even MORE SO in 2017!!!

Oh LOOK -- I jusdiscovered that the original Alyson Press hard-copy edition, 2010 is STILL FOR SALE on the "internets" -- LOL!!!

READ the free edition, here:


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