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Say WHAT?!?!? Scott Kenan THANKS Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu -- the RICHEST Man (Arab-Mexican) In Mexico -- Who Caused Me TONS OF TROUBLE There!?!?!

Donald Trump and Carlos Slim

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 7:41 PM: Police Chief Ralph Evangelous -- who smoked CRACK daily in my friend's uncle's house, and ORDERED the MURDER of my friend Evan Fish by Wilmington Police (confirmed by Sheriff's Deputies), September 2011 -- because Evan KNEW about Wilmington Politicians and Christian Churches NARCO-TRAFFICKING with my former employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, Snellville, GA. 

Patrick Stansbury's most recent mug shot for Distributing Illegal Drugs

Anyway, Chief Evangelous is in CONJUNCTION with REPUBLICAN (in Democrat clothes), District Attorney Benjamin R. David, ESCALATING the Black Panthers' March this Sunday!!!

Evan Fish

It will NOW be BOTH Saturday and Sunday, and Evangelous -- CHANNELING DONALD TRUMP, HIS HERO -- is DEMANDING that the Press NOT COVER either day of the Event!!!

* * *

To begin with, after posting earlier today, I took a Hydrocodone and half an hour later, lay down in bed and dozed until 5:00 PM -- VERY comfortable -- because while I don't have enough pain from the extractions to opiate now, it really RELAXED my mouth that is sore from that plus the injection sites for Novocaine. I realized I had NOT made my major points about "Testosteroni" going off the psychological rails.

But NOW, I don't want to detail that much -- except to say that he waits until I'm under HIGH STRESS, this week he knew I was in major stress AND pain over the extractions, as well as NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL, which is WHY he chose THIS time to harass me, when we had FOR WEEKS been laughing and joking on the phone. He's losing his mind and DESPERATE to CONTROL ANYTHING in his life, and like Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, and many others, he SERIOUSLY underestimated my BRAIN POWER.

I DON'T tell people of my contacts, achievements, and tying for first place in high school for getting HIGHEST COLLEGE BOARDS (99 percentile in everything, both aptitude and achievement -- EXCEPT 92% in English) to IMPRESS them, but to let them KNOW what kind of mind they will have to DEAL WITH. When my shrink took me OFF Lithium Carbonate (after 31 years of "soft lobotomy"), within several months, my IQ rose from its usual eight points under Genius -- to 12 points ABOVE it, and still climbing.

Anyway, Testo emailed my roommate this afternoon, copying me as a sort of "let's just move on and forget this incident", about the Blu-Ray player he's sent Roomie. And he FELL BACK into "1970's junior high school girl BABY TALK", which he occasionally does with me, writing about enjoying "moobies". While with me, his most used is to call Jesus "Jeebus" -- STRICTLY the lingo of immature, naive girls -- and he's sent Roomie POPCORN, the ONE THING my roommate has told me he can't STAND to eat due to hulls getting stuck between all his teeth.

Testo cares NOT about the other person, but about how he can "Look/Sound good". Oh well, when my gums heal up some, I guess I will eat the popcorn -- LOL!!!


How I -- and most Mexicans -- portray Carlos Slim
VERY funny, as the ONLY reason Carlos Slim was the RICHEST MAN ON EARTH for a few years was because that was the HEIGHT of his narco-trafficking with Hillary and Bill Clinton (mostly enriching the Bush and Cheney Families) -- LOL!!! 

George and Hillary enjoy an intimate moment halfway through the 2016 Primary Season.

And REMEMBERGeorge HW Bush's cousin literally fucked me in the arse -- pardon my English -- last October, and we compared CRIMINAL-FAMILY NOTES!!!

Then Hillary left the State Department and Carlos Slim's wealth immediately FELL. And as this article points out, it was Hillary's "open borders" that allowed her drugs to flow so well -- were NOT open borders for illegal immigration, but for DRUG TRAFFICKING. 

And it was George W. Bush who effectively CLOSED the border for a few months. He wanted the Bush Family's Drug Profits to zoom with high prices under tight supply -- but it ALSO backed everything up in Mexico, where there had not been nearly as much of a problem with drug abuse -- until they had to drop those prices really low to get rid of product that could not flow

THAT is how the Christian Republican Bush Family addicted tons of Mexico-Mexicans to illegal drugs!!! 

Crossing the border at Laredo, Texas mid-December 2010, I discussed the Clintons both expanding drug flow from Mexico primarily to enrich their partners, Cheney and the Bush Family -- and GW Bush's trick to addict more Mexicans -- and PROVING you don't have to build anything NEW (WALL-wise), to stop nearly all drug flow, and several US Border Agents BOUGHT ME LUNCH and CHEERED me on my way to EXPOSE my very complicit Kenan Family of North Carolina as well.

Donald Trump revealed newfound admiration for Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Tuesday, praising one of the most powerful men in America's southern neighbor…

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Now, I ACTUALLY have never met Carlos Slim -- but besides having to deal with his UBIQUITOUS Media Empire in Mexico, I was close enough connected to him as well. My friend in Colima, Mexico, Dr. Waldemar Salazar, who introduced me to the Governor of Colima State (we walked right into his office from the Public Square), was ALSO the best friend of President Salinas -- and I've recently told the story of the two of them sneaking out and driving incognito to Puerto Vallarta where they CRIED over the CIA Narco-Trafficking that they could not control, but Dr. Salazar was once called to a health emergency at a large ranch outside town -- in the middle of the night; found NO ONE there -- but the doors open and lights all on.

Entering, he found FREEZERS full of bundles of US $100.00 bills -- and lots of white powder and other drugs -- as well as a HUGE cache of arms, pistols to machine guns. He figured they were Drug Mafia who had had to FLEE SUDDENLY, and he pocketed a pistol and enough money to -- after changing them for Mexican cash, he having to travel to MANY different states and taking nearly a year (in case it was marked) -- buy him a NEW LUXURY MERCEDES BENZ -- LOL!!!

But back to Mr. Slim. With Kenan/CIA/Clinton State Department putting Enrique Pena Nieto into power for the Oil and the Drugs, Pena Nieto's Mexican popularity is currently in SINGLE DIGITS (lower than even Donald Trump's)!!! 

And Carlos Slim has taken to the PUBLIC PLATFORM to rally Mexicans behind HIM to deal with the FAR less wealthy bully, Donald Trump. And Carlos Slim is now at the HEIGHT OF POPULARITY in Mexico today, so I say: 


Carlos Slim reads from Trump's "Great Again" during a press conference in Mexico City, January 27, 2017. (Photo credit: Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images)


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