Saturday, August 29, 2015

True CHIVALRY!!! Jennifer McCracken Steps Up to DEFEND Judge Lindsey Luther, Burying BOTH of Them DEEPER in the Hole of Hatred of Self, God, and Country!!!

Let's picture Ms. McCracken in a younger year, when she could fake a smile better than now.

She has manufactured a Facebook Page, under her alias of "Christine Hitchens",, which has no photo, friends, or other entry at all, and for the SECOND TIME, today, has invited me to "friend" her there.

Knowing this is just a trick to get me to CONTACT HER, in violation of the Restraining Order, I first dismissed the request, then blocked her from requesting again.

TWO MINUTES LATER, Anthony Humphrey knocked on my door, muttering "Hey," but I refused to respond.

Jenny DENIED in Judge Luther's Court, under Oath, that she ever emailed me, but this is just one example of her many emails to me (most from a month or more ago):

And in Judge Davis's Court, Jenny actually claimed the photo of the car I took was her mother's car and that she and her mother were in it -- something she ECHOED as "Christine Hitchens", "Christine" ALSO making that claim that it was HER mother's car in comments to this blog!!!

Now I DID accept her Restraining Order with "Consent", and Judge Davis lectured her to NOT be contacting me via this "Chistine Hitchens" alias (which in THAT Court Jennifer did NOT admit was her alias, but Judge Davis DID NOT BELIEVE HER FOR A SECOND!!!), and my having taken Consent, no record of proceedings is kept -- but the DEA and US Justice Department might be able to compel Judge Davis to testify, which is probably normally against North Carolina rules for State Courts:

And her claim that I chased her and her mother down to photograph them in her Mom's car:

But Jenny even enumerated some of my MOST ACCURATE (but vulgar) descriptions of her that I have published -- like "Christian Cunt" -- which cracked up the Judge, and this was when he made the comment about my "colorful language". I REALLY thought she being so MOR(M)ON-IC, she would have used obvious euphemisms -- like I would out of RESPECT for the Court (not HER!!!).

In the end, Judge Davis AMAZED ME, by saying that most people think they can REVENGE embarrassments and other disclosures of truth (or not-illegal matters, anyway), by taking out Restraining Orders -- or like David Nash, prosecuting me for "Cyber-Stalking" with claims having NOTHING to do with the charge, and sympathetic Judges (read MY words, not Judge Davis's: HATEFUL  CHRISTIAN-CUNT CONTROLLED Judges of either sex).

The Judge even said he had done some of that years ago, but NEARLY NO JUDGE does that NOW (again, MY words, not his: Republican Judges).

And as I have now read TONS of Jenny's expository as Christine Hitchens (proven that she is, many times over, now), she told the Judge she WAS NOT CHRISTINE!!!

I truly believe she is not only a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, but since "Christine's" expository changes between the drunk, pot-high, and or magic-mushrooms-ingesting (all admitted by "Christine" -- and those comments all posted in this blog) -- easy Country Gal wording, English Proper use of "whilest", Colour, "endeavour", etc. -- and all going back and forth between the best and worst both vocabulary and grammar, SURELY she has some kind of PSYCHOTIC SPLIT PERSONALITY:

And then, she lied to Anthony about what I ACTUALLY said in Court (I only saying that a friend of hers came to my door -- WITHOUT saying name or even profession!!!), and got him so worked up, the thing I described here,, happened -- and here are the MISSING DETAILS!!!:

About 6:00 PM, I finally returned to the Carolina Apartments, and Anthony, waiting for the elevator with laundry chemicals in jugs and yapping on cell phone, kindly held it for me, then cut the phone and began yelling at me all the LIES Jenny had told him about my words in Court, saying he would BEAT THE SHIT out of me for it -- but not putting up dukes, the two laundry jugs in hand.

My raincoat was wet from the rain, and flipping the hood back off my head, a couple of drops must have hit his face and arms. He IMMEDIATELY got more aggressive in words than anyone I've known before, screaming, "YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!! YOU'RE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO GIVE ME AIDS!!! YOU JUST GRABBED AIDS OUR OF YOUR FAGGOT ASS AND FLUNG AIDS ON MY FACE!!! (repeat, repeat) And he got more in my face, beginning to set down his jugs when the door opened on the 6th, I fled, telling him I'd put him in JAIL -- quickly locking my door behind me.

Twenty seconds later, Anthony tried to call me on the phone, but I ignored it. I am definitely taking out a Restraining Order against him Monday.

END OF QUOTE from this posting:

>>> HERE IS JENNY'S DEFENSE OF JUDGE LINDSEY LUTHER, referring to my posting earlier today, here:

In fairness, I emailed it out to all of these people, some from one email address, some from another:

Scott Kenan;;;

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on I 
Squeezed Judge Lindsey Luther's PUSSY Last Night.... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " I Squeezed Judge Lindsey Luther's PUSSY Last Night...": 

I'll add my comments within Jenny's comment, using blue and italics:

There is a lot more going on than you could possibly know, so stay out of it. 

Yes, it is called NARCO-TRAFFICKING and RACE WAR PREPARATIONS -- and who are YOU to judge what I can or cannot know??? 

One person who is above reproach is Judge Lindsey, she is the person you mustn't go near. 

No one EVER is "beyond reproach" -- except "God" -- not even ME, LOL!!! You sound like disgraced Sen. Thom Goolsby when he FAKED being a kindly grandmother to defend himself, as seen here:, and I'm sure you remember when I confronted him a week ago:

Stay away from her. 

Although I easily found her home address and phone number, I resisted the urge to publish them -- not wanting to help anyone who might actually STALK this evil, God-Hating Bitch.

She hasn't done anything wrong, ever. 

According to ALL stripes of Christian Theology that I am aware of, it is ABSOLUTE BLASPHEMY to call any human other than Jesus, "without error, aka Sin". But YOU, a Mor(m)on BLASPHEME BOLDLY!!!

You will see she is highly deserving of all the credit and trust we place in her. 

I will try to hold my breath -- if you give me an idea how long it will take for this GODDESSNESS to reveal itself. And ACTUALLY, I think a certain LESBIAN has a CRUSH on her, no???

I know of no-one who is as untouchable as she.

Ditto my last comment, and sorry to hear she won't let you touch her. It must by VERY SEXUALLY FRUSTRATING!!!

If you were to go to her church and ask the congregation what they thought of her, every single person you'd speak to, would echo my remarks. 

Remember, I was an actual MEMBER of First Presbyterian in 2011 -- and attended church as well as Discovery Class EVERY WEEK -- until I stopped. I even volunteered to and did maintain the "Biblical Herb Garden" -- with the Crepe Myrtle planted by President Woodrow Wilson's mother, when his father was Pastor!!! 

Do YOU attend First Presbyterian weekly -- and have you become a member??? Do they ALL talk to you, something of a SAD, DOUR woman who often has BITE MARKS on her arms from fighting with female lovers on your Fire Escape??? You don't seem their type to me!!!

She is something we all cherish, above contempt; for you to speak the way you have, quite literally makes me feel ill. What ever is wrong with you? 

Nothing is wrong with ME, although I know some take offense at the STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE I used -- it was EARNED by Lindsey. 

That said, something REAL is wrong with two of my tires, which were slashed right before we went to Court, yesterday. If you slip the cash (only), to fully pay for two tires to fit my car, installation, and taxes, between my front doors -- I might give Anthony Humphrey a ride to buy me some marijuana!!!

Do you STILL claim you are NOT Jennifer McCraken??? the DEA and US Justice Department would like to know, please.

Barack Obama's NSA (especially since the Court Ruling re-allowing it a few days ago), records EVERY SINGLE ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION made by both open and stealth means. Please do NOT forget this -- and same for your compatriots, no???

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  1. I've told you time and time again, I'm not Jennifer. I've gotten tired of saying it, Dumbass. I've offered you proof. I've walked you through it. You're and idiot. How many times have I said you have no idea who I am, since........ you've offended so many, yada yada. You believe what you want to believe and meanwhile I take the piss out of you at will. I told you I was getting pretty sadistic. Anyways. Apologize to all and like I said 10 times I'll reveal myself to you. Pinhead. Clean up your act, you're loosing it. You're going to find yourself in very hot water and I don't think you will like it. You will of course deserve it so, who am I to judge Gods will?

  2. I thought you were off the Dope. Narco bloodhound. You're so deeply entrenched in your own hypocrisy you wouldn't know the truth it you stepped in it.
    God I don't know if anything is better than watching some asshole who desperately deserves it, get what's coming to him. Save yourself pinhead.

  3. Oh don't worry about Obama and the NSA. Obama is a friend of mine from B. Ball and we used to go to the Swedish Boutique. Definitely straight.... George Tenant was there too. Look for the Altoid's tin where I told you it would be two weeks ago. Sorry about your tires but you really should do more walking anyway. Maybe a bicycle in your future too. It'll help with the third tire you carry round your waist. You're getting beyond pudgy and you are not the least bit jolly so fat won't work for you. Well, It might in prison.