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The WAGES of Confronting Thom Goolsby on the Street (twice, late yesterday), Over His NARCO-TRAFFICKING with Thomas S. Kenan III -- PROVE He Has Little Power Left / The Wages of Signing the "NO BULLYING PLEDGE" in Independence Mall, Today, Were That a CADRE of White, Self-Described "Christian Republicans" BANISHED Me from the Mall!!!

Four of the White, Christian, Republican, Security Guards were SO MAD at me, they screamed at me -- and then followed me in their car -- until I drove (rather leisurely), out of the parking lot. I had my camera with me, so took this photo as I entered my car.

Earlier, after they kept saying they were "Christians and Republicans", and I could NOT be working with General Colin Powell or General Russel Honore' to BUST narco-trafficking politicians of BOTH Parties -- after they claimed I was cussing out young children -- AT THE NO BULLYING EVENT, no less!!! (a patent lie -- and they REFUSED to tell me where they heard it -- except that about five people claimed it to them) -- and at the Mall-Sponsored Anti-Bullying Event (where I spoke ONLY with the adults who were in charge of it) -- and they all LOVED my politics THERE!!!

Nevertheless, these White, Christian Republican BULLIES bullied me for signing the Mall-Sponsored "Anti-Bullying Pledge" -- LOL!!!

More on this after I diagnose how this happened.


And before I even begin any of this, I would like to state that NO ONE at Carolina Apartments has harassed me since last night -- or sent comment to this blog or emailed me.

Thank you for listening to the advice that Judge Richard Russell Davis gave Jennifer McCracken in Court, yesterday!!! 

The PEACE is appreciated!!!

This photo does NOT look like Thom Goolsby now. NO photo on the internet that I could find shows him looking like a GRANDMOTHER -- too old for the sort of LIME GREEN tennis outfit with perky visor he wore, yesterday -- and he's getting EMACIATED in the face -- like is typical of a METH addict -- not that I have any "Court Quality Proof" that Thom is now that.

BUT: Before I ran into Thom on the street at about 4:30 PM, I had run into the guy who works Thom's front desk at Goolsby Law in Cousin's Italian Deli, who is obvious-to-me "gay-oriented", if married to a woman -- he and I having had that conversation in Thom's actual Law Office in 2011, and recognizing him, I asked if wasn't he that same person -- which he denied -- so I APOLOGIZED for such a hideous insult -- which he graciously accepted with a laugh!!!

But then passing the Law Office several hours later, I saw him AGAIN in the SAME SHIRT in Thom's office -- just before the SECOND encounter, when Thom and I actually passed each other barely two feet apart as we turned the corner of Walnut and Second Street -- with Thom pretending he had not noticed this seven-foot giant -- nor could he hear me as I shouted the same accusations I had far more publicly, just a few minutes before I stopped into Bank of America.

This PROVES that Thom Golsby is not in the LEAST afraid of me, physically, and could NOT take out a Restraining Order to harass me, no???

I only wish I had carried my camera with me, yesterday, but was afraid it would break Courtroom Rules.

In the FIRST confrontation -- in front of about 18 pedestrians, as I walked the South side of Grace Street toward Second, as Thom walked toward Front on the other side -- mid block -- I had not recognized him in that "girly" outfit until we were nearly directly across from each other, and I remembered him as having greater physical stature in 2011 -- and more importantly CONFIDENT PRESENCE, both, now sadly diminished.

So wanting to be certain Thom could hear me despite his ever-present trademark white iPhone earbuds/mike, I yelled at the top of my voice, "Hey there Senator Goolsby -- you TRAITOROUS Narco-Trafficker, in partnership with with my cousin, Thomas S. Kenan III -- who made your CRIMINAL ASS a Trustee of UNC, Chapel Hill two weeks ago -- DESPITE your hideous crimes. You should be in FEDERAL PRISON, and I and my allies, like Generals Colin Powell and General Russel Honore' -- with Attorney General Roy Cooper and soon the US Justice Department will do JUST THAT!!! Tom Kenan, too, if we can SWING IT!!!"

He seemed not to notice my comment or me, but a collective GASP went up from the pedestrians -- then I repeated it similarly worded -- for the CROWD'S benefit -- the young and the black folk all going into hysterical laughter -- but NONE looking like they didn't already know every bit of that -- then several came up to HIGH-FIVE me, fancy THAT!!!

And since Thom had had FALSE CHARGES (by "street thugs", NOT him), and my arrest made the VERY NEXT DAY in 2011, when I confronted him -- BOTH TIMES -- but I KNEW he could not now -- I thought it was SAFE, until I visited Independence Mall, today, and the following ensued (see I do NOT blame this on Carolina Apartments people at all!!!), and while I take a few minutes to compose the email to Mall Management, so they are apprised, enjoy this old posting of Thom pretending to be a KINDLY OLD GRANNY in the comments section of this vintage blog posting of mine!!!:

"It's remarkable how today's surgeons (and stylists) can make the tissues around a sphincter muscle look like a North Carolina State Senator!!!

"I LOVE the eyelid waves, echoed in the hair. Reminds me of our "Wave Transportation" that Sen. Goolsby likely never rides . . ."

See how young, confident, and handsome Thom was -- just a few short years ago!!!:

>>> AND NOW MY EMAIL TO INDEPENDENCE MALL MANAGEMENT -- and their parent company as well (and lots of politicians and press in North Carolina will be copied as well):

Taken by the friendly Mall Staff -- after I signed PROMINENTLY, top center,which cannot be read here, unfortunately -- unless you blow the high-res image up MORE!!!

Dear Ms. Helen Lewis, General Manager:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I had the BEST experience in your mall today – which I have known over many, many years – my family visiting Wilmington nearly yearly (and my parents lived here in the 1980s and 90s), since I was six weeks old in 1951, until I SIGNED (prominently at the top), the "Pledge Not to Bully” SPONSORED by your Mall, and your Security Guards promptly THREW ME OUT – for reasons either they fabricated -- or believed, but were complete lies.

Currently, I work with others to expose the Narco-Trafficking in Port Wilmington (which my own parents set up while they lived here – with President Nixon’s former Aide John Ehrlichman, Dick Cheney, some Bushes, President Clinton -- and of course Coach Lou Holtz -- currently John Boehner’s closest friend and co-strategist for the Republican Party, once our neighbor and my parents’ best friend in Columbus, Ohio in the late 1960s.

Also major Narco-Trafficking in Atlanta (where I lived 1983 – 2010), and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I lived a total of four years, before moving to Wilmington just over a month ago. I live in the Carolina Apartments, built by William Rand Kenan, Jr. – son of WRK, Sr., whose sister, Mary Lily Kenan, was Henry Flagler’s last wife and inherited his entire estate, including more Standard Oil stock than John D. Rockefeller ever owned (plus much of Florida and 40% ownership of US railroads in 1913), and a later Kenan inherited the entire estate of Frank Hawkins, credited with “putting the Phoenix in Atlanta”.

Additionally, I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, so got to know all of JFK’s generation of Kennedy females and their husbands) – even visiting some of their homes and working on a project for Columbia University with Patricia (Kennedy) Lawford -- and President Reagan had us to a White House Party in 1981.

If you know local history, you know that WRK, Sr. with First Presbyterian CAUSED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 (aka Wilmington Race Riot), seizing black businesses, ousting blacks from elected offices, chasing DROVES out of town, and impaling the heads of MANY black folk on stakes on the peninsula at the confluence of the Cape Fear and Northeast Cape Fear Rivers – that spit of land known for a few generations as “Niggerhead Point”.

This, primarily because a new Republican (this before the polarity of the Parties flipped) President replaced WRK, Sr. as Head of the US Customs House, with a black man – the position then the most politically powerful and BRIBES-producing in the entire state. And so, my relative, then an Elder of First Presbyterian (like District Attorney Ben David is today – and my political foe lawyer David Nash worships as well, today).

Also today, thoroughly DISGRACED former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby is agreed by all to CONTROL the narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington for the Kenan now in control of the wealth and charities of the Kenan Family, Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill.

And although I DO have a reputation for using profanities when people deserve that kind of “shock treatment”, in recent months, I have mostly moderated my language diplomatically, so that conservatives and even conservative Christians can understand me better – and I am proud to say, that NOW even the most religiously and politically conservative Wilmingtonians AGREE with me, that Wilmington lives in TERROR of the small number who make the MOST PROFIT off the narco-trafficking, and they are from BOTH parties, I am NOT PARTISAN.

Now I do not know if the Security Guards in the Mall are your employees – or a contracted service -- but after I was kicked out (Mr. D. Allen being the most aggressive of the guards, and he giving the phone number 910-392-1779 to call to complain), I had to return to give two women a ride I had promised them back to downtown – and I did not have their cell number, so could not call them. We were to meet EXACTLY at 5:00 PM at the Food Court entrance, outside, and I was ten minutes early, and waited until 5:17, before walking back to my car to leave.

Many “people of color” were congregating at the entrance and the nearby tables, smoking cigarettes, and they swore to me that your Security Guards have been kicking people of color out of your Mall for YEARS – and NEVER giving any real reasons for it, and never a way to redress this abject RACISM of your Security.

Since this in far larger than my own problem today – a YEARS LONG POLICY of denying black folk their rights to shop at Independence Mall without harassment -- because of their skin color -- I am also copying this to Mayor Saffo, Elizabeth Redenbaugh, and Attorney General Roy Cooper for investigation. And I will publish it on my blog, which now gets record hits.

But all serious Press, Law Enforcement Investigators, and “seriously snoopy citizens” use stealth software, Google Statistics claiming that NONE of those hits will show in their reported numbers to me, and I am, otherwise getting over 1,000 hits to my blog per day.

You can see a recent listing of my 500 email recipients (which I had used until recently to build my traffic, but only email to a few dozen per posting now), here:

There are more details of today’s events on this posting,, including this missive -- and since I cannot find email addresses of your parent, Madison Marquette, I will also use their secured server to let Messers (the now archaic plural of “Mr.”) Amer Hammour, Eric Hohmann, Gary Mottola, and Peter Jun know of the situation here in Wilmington.

If I am not made aware of your company’s sincere and practical plan of action to correct these long-standing RACIST policies by Friday, August 28, I will see about organizing something akin to the “Moral Mondays” protests in Raleigh, on public property at your entrances – and ask for the NAACP’s assistance in that.

I look forward to your reply at your earliest convenience – and to further introduce you to MY history of actions, you can read a nutshell of my difficulties here:, and to my PRACTICAL ACHIEVEMENTS in this posting:

And please know that I write this with the understanding that the FOES OF LIBERTY are very tricky – and so GOOD at that, that I do NOT consider your likely naivety to be surprising or even cause for corporate or other discipline. To ask a witness to my first confrontation with the troublesome Mr. Allen, you can ask the Manager-on-Duty of, to whom I was speaking when so rudely interrupted, and I will copy this to that business as well.

I salute your PROUD STAND against BULLYING, and trust your heart and WILL are in that same spiritual place.

Scott David Kenan


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