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Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead. (Which old witch??? -- the WICKED Witch!!!) Ding-Dong She Still CONTROLS Yer Head!!! (Which head??? The one up top -- and down below on men!!! -- what Tennessee Williams always called "The Tyranny of Women")

Not enough resolution to blow up further, but Goolsby is Thomas S. Kenan III's FAVE TOOL in making America Safe for CHRISTIAN NAZISM!!! Goolsby would be in PRISON in any other state for the crimes he admitted to, but Tom Kenan got him appointed as a TRUSTEE of UNC, Chapel Hill -- INSTEAD!!!

Goolsby lives exactly one block from me, today.

His co-witch is District Attorney Benjamin R. David, who has announced (according to several lawyers I spoke with in Court, today), that he is running for NC Attorney General, which I will make CERTAIN DESTROYS the Democratic Party in NC -- if he wins the primary!!!

Ben David's former part-time gardener, whose "Floridian Spigot" I TOO have drunk from -- and it is DELICIOUS and SUPER FREE-FLOWING!!!

A veritable FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!

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  • Scott Kenan What kind of God-Hating, TRAITOROUS Mother-Fucker would post a thing like this??? With the FBI now in a SERIOUS investigation into Hillary's crimes re: these emails -- and both Bill and Hillary Clinton causing the BIGGEST expansion of US State Department, CIA (in conjunction with the Episcopal, Catholic, and Evangelical Churches -- the other Protestant Churches not so much involved) -- of narco-trafficking to addict Mexican and US children with drugs for profit, which they worship instead of God, you have to HATE GOD and children to support ANY of these Presidents who served in my lifetime -- all expanding US Government narco-trafficking, which the ENTIRE world (except the US, apparently), reports in their press -- and even US Press reports it frequently, like The Huffington Post. The TWO PRONGED EVIL is led by two branches -- ONE being the Catholic Church, with my own mother the go-between with the Republican Party and every Pope from the last Pius (Mom took over for Joe and Rose Kennedy, their children REJECTING the hatred of their parents), through the current Francis I (not including John XXIII or John Paul I), and my wealthy Protestant relatives led by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC, lead the other prong. Presidents Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama (who can still be cool if he stops being blackmailed over his well-known homosexuality, so I will NOT pass judgement on him yet). But Gene Morgan is TOO smart and informed to support Hillary's narco-trafficking and knows that if you talk to ANY Mexican they will tell you how they HATE Bill Clinton (and Hillary as Sect. of State), more than any other US President!!!
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1. Well, if it wasn't Judge Richard Russell Davis, whom I recalled not by NAME, but face, who in 2012, had LAUGHED OFF (with Jennifer Harjo, my Public Defender), D.A. Ben David's attempt to have me committed to the notorious Cherry Hospital -- and put in restraints and shot up with drugs until I was sane enough to appear in Court -- despite even the HATEFUL REPUBLICAN JUDGES thinking I behaved PERFECTLY in every Court appearance -- excepting this one, which I will soon get my REVENGE for -- on David Nash and others in Court:

As I observed cases all morning, I realized the BEST alternative for me would be to take the "Consent" option, which I had not before considered, but since things changed RADICALLY when I realized I needed to get a Restraining Order against JENNIFER MCCRACKEN since it is not a TWO-WAY order in North Carolina -- but I wanted to also see if this Judge could somehow get Jenny to stop contacting me between now and when we arrive in Court for that hearing next Wednesday -- things having gotten so threatening not just from HER, but from her PATSY, Anthony Humphrey, as well (and Jenny was ALWAYS cooing about Anthony's HOT BODY, which she seems to have molested a time or two, but maybe that is just her fantasy).

And in most -- but not all -- cases in Court of Restraining Orders by women against men (former lovers or not!!!), the women eventually unmasked themselves as HATEFUL WHITE, CHRISTIAN MONSTERS, lying through their teeth and NEVER ADMITTING IT -- even when PROVEN in the COURT!!!


So when I was the LAST to be called -- although quite early in the original roll call, I realized Judge Davis had good reason for it, and I did NOT fear he wanted no witnesses while he SCREWED both Law and Constitution to convict me, like in the David Nash Trial with help of GAY-HATING Christian Bitch Emily Zvejniecks, my first Public Defender -- or in Dekalb County Court via Judge Linda Warren Hunter in 1990, via help of Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, he very loosely and jovially welcomed me back to his COURT!!!

WOW!!! Full Disclosure of Remembering me -- and rather FONDLY, which was totally FAIR to Ms. McCracken!!! I LOVED IT!!! Judge Faisson was happy to see me, too, the other day, But it had NO EFFECT on the fairness of either judge, and since in the "Consent" option NOTHING goes on anyone's record and nothing said in Court can be used in any other "REAL" Court action, Judge Davis, while giving away that he has read at least SOME of my blog, and laughed at how I love "colorful language", he was very CAREFUL to enumerate for Jenny what she should look for in my blog that she COULD take criminal charges out on me -- although nothing of that sort exists in my blog, in MY un-lawyer opinion.

Despite his explaining that NOTHING Jenny said about her claims against me were relevant AT ALL (and questionable in ANY Court, anyway), I was glad he was so patient with her attempts to put into the Legal Record (only existing in her "Magical Thinking" mind), a lot of PERJURY, such as that she never heard of Costello's Piano Bar (owned by David Nash and LOVED by her close friends Ryan Lee Burris and Wes Taylor) -- where I had witnessed so much both drug use and narco-trafficking in 2011. That literally hairy-chinned (indicates some kind of genetic damage, no??? Not that a hairy-faced woman can't love God if she wants to), BITCH even claimed she was in FLORIDA the night I met her in Costello's!!!

And her claim that I chased her and her mother down to photograph them in her Mom's car:

But Jenny even enumerated some of my MOST ACCURATE (but vulgar) descriptions of her that I have published -- like "Christian Cunt" -- which cracked up the Judge, and this was when he made the comment about my "colorful language". I REALLY thought she being so MOR(M)ON-IC, she would have used obvious euphemisms -- like I would out of RESPECT for the Court (not HER!!!).

In the end, Judge Davis AMAZED ME, by saying that most people think they can REVENGE embarrassments and other disclosures of truth (or not-illegal matters, anyway), by taking out Restraining Orders -- or like David Nash, prosecuting me for "Cyber-Stalking" with claims having NOTHING to do with the charge, and sympathetic Judges (read MY words, not Judge Davis's: HATEFUL  CHRISTIAN-CUNT CONTROLLED Judges of either sex).

The Judge even said he had done some of that years ago, but NEARLY NO JUDGE does that NOW (again, MY words, not his: Republican Judges).

And as I have now read TONS of Jenny's expository as Christine Hitchens (proven that she is, many times over, now), she told the Judge she WAS NOT CHRISTINE!!!

I truly believe she is not only a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, but since "Christine's" expository changes between the drunk, pot-high, and or magic-mushrooms-ingesting (all admitted by "Christine" -- and those comments all posted in this blog) -- easy Country Gal wording, English Proper use of "whilest", Colour, "endeavour", etc. -- and all going back and forth between the best and worst both vocabulary and grammar, SURELY she has some kind of PSYCHOTIC SPLIT PERSONALITY:

And then, she lied to Anthony about what I ACTUALLY said in Court (I only saying that a friend of hers came to my door -- WITHOUT saying name or even profession!!!), and got him so worked up, the thing I described here,, happened -- and here are the MISSING DETAILS!!!:

About 6:00 PM, I finally returned to the Carolina Apartments, and Anthony, waiting for the elevator with laundry chemicals in jugs and yapping on cell phone, kindly held it for me, then cut the phone and began yelling at me all the LIES Jenny had told him about my words in Court, saying he would BEAT THE SHIT out of me for it -- but not putting up dukes, the two laundry jugs in hand.

My raincoat was wet from the rain, and flipping the hood back off my head, a couple of drops must have hit his face and arms. He IMMEDIATELY got more aggressive in words than anyone I've known before, screaming, "YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!! YOU'RE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO GIVE ME AIDS!!! YOU JUST GRABBED AIDS OUR OF YOUR FAGGOT ASS AND FLUNG AIDS ON MY FACE!!! (repeat, repeat) And he got more in my face, beginning to set down his jugs when the door opened on the 6th, I fled, telling him I'd put him in JAIL -- quickly locking my door behind me.

Twenty seconds later, Anthony tried to call me on the phone, but I ignored it. I am definitely taking out a Restraining Order against him Monday.

If I can't get EX-PARTE for this one, I'm suing the GOD-DAMNED COURTS!!!

Jenny's comment to this blog, today, after Court:

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on Jenny 
McCracken Has GUESSED CORRECTLY My Surprise .... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " Jenny McCracken Has GUESSED CORRECTLY My Surprise ...": 

You sir are no violet. You're crusade is hallow, filled with holes and hypocrisy. You should have went a head and touched me. Why do you think I shave everything? I'm as sooth as butter. How is it the people who feel they are on gods side never seen they glass all around them. How is it they continue to throw stones and expect nothing to get broken? Perhaps it's the original sin that they can't stand and by pointing their shaking finger outside themselves they somehow find comfort in someone they might think less of them themselves. You continue to point your finger at others saying they've made the bed they lay in and here you are wondering "what did I ever doe to deserve this?" You're a piece of work and although I do not really wish you harm, (I've merely asked for a blanket apology to all you have slandered with malice or not.) there is a certain amount of satisfaction in watching those who desperately deserve it get whats coming to them. You were brilliant in court today. LOL. 

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Jennifer McCracken (who beat EVERYONE I KNOW in Puerto Vallarta), was the FIRST to accurately tell the truth about the MURDER of retired BBC Star and moderator of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, Colin Hamilton -- and that they had to dig up the body six hours drive away from PV -- and also of the Narco-Trafficking business of Del Shores, whom I met and confronted in Puerto Vallarta.

So she is TOTALLY CONNECTED in International Narco-Trafficking -- as are George Cutter, Tomi Matheson, Anthony Humphrey, and the sad Anthony Carmichael.

They need to CANCEL their attempt to evict me -- and pay me a LARGE CASH SETTLEMENT (or I will extract it from them in the Courts).

Unfortunately, I have no photo of Mr. Humphrey -- and even "pay-to-spy" websites have no record of him -- meaning he is PROBABLY the actual ring-leader to be so careful to HIDE!!! Nor one of Mr. Cutter.

ADDED LATER: I keep misspelling Anthony Humphrey's last name -- and that is why I couldn't find him on the internet. He's there -- if somewhat sketchily -- but results do NOT support his being in charge of this little CABAL!!!

Jennifer McCracken usually keeps her copious chin hairs about 3/8 inches long, here hiding them with her hand.

Tomi Matheson with her boyfriend -- in carefully-staged "True Christian Love"

The nearly "teeth-free" Anthony Carmichael

"Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"



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