Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jenny McCracken Has GUESSED CORRECTLY My Surprise Strategy -- TOMORROW (if she don't KILL ME -- TONIGHT)!!!

They ALSO shot skeet in Palm Beach (aka Kenan Beach), Florida, in 1958, together!!!

Well, COMPLETELY FREAKING ME OUT, half an hour after posting the last posting, Anthony Humphrey from across the hall banged on my door, I let him in -- and he came over SHIRTLESS, crossing the hall in ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE of Tomi Matheson's RULE (not posted anywhere), that she claimed in Eviction Court I had repeatedly broken: 

Thou (men) Shalt Not Ever Be Shirtless in a Hallway.

And he has SHAVED all his copious chest hair off, his shorts hiked so low I should have seen the top of his bush (which was shaved as well -- as were his legs, etc.), and I DID see way down his CRACK, when he turned around!!!

He tried in his usual, mumbling, way to tell me I was causing too much trouble (and confirmed he never reads my blog, so someone claimed this to him).

His body was REVOLTING -- like someone had shaved him clean to have fake "child sex", but I did NOT take the offered bait and touch him. He kept trying to argue -- but NEVER pronouncing his words distinctly, I had to keep asking him to repeat himself.

Finally, since all he wanted to do was tell me I'm an ASSHOLE for writing things he's never READ, I demanded he leave, and on the third demand, he did -- peacefully.

A few minutes later, I got a phone call from Anthony, he claiming his friend had finally gotten back to town and was in his apartment and had what I wanted. I had NOT blogged before that when Anthony was on the call that Jennifer McCracken eavesdropped on and thought I was going to buy marijuana from Anthony instead of her -- he claiming her prices were too high -- which led to the Restraining Order being taken out by Jenny -- she with her dang PUSSY in a twist.

Actually, Anthony has now several times offered to sell me marijuana at FAR better prices than Jenny has ever offered. He just never HAD any -- until TONIGHT!!!

Anyway, tonight on this phone call, Anthony said he could come right over and deliver the goods. I said I did not know what he was talking about, because I GAVE UP SMOKING POT in this town after Jenny got impossible and HUGE DRAMA ensued and I was evicted by George Cutter and Tomi Matheson in Court (now to be decided by Trail -- I changed this back to the correct "TRIAL" three times -- either CIA or NSA hackers change it back to "Trail" -- by Jury).

Had he READ my blog -- instead of listening to DRUG NUTS' CLAIMS of what was in it, he would have known that.

So he got SUPER sheepish and said if I didn't know, he didn't mean it -- and then hung up on me.

Because of Jenny's claim posted in the last blog posting that she would break my door down and beat me -- for calling her a DIESEL DYKE (she's proven it, no???) -- I spent an hour cooking and eating dinner -- then cleaned-up, before DARING to post this report of what happened.

And THEN I found THIS!!!:

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on Email Just Sent Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evan.... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " Email Just Sent Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evan...": 

Must have the wrong #. What is it again. I'll call you we can straighten this out before tomorrow. 

It's not because your gay, you simpleton. It's because you got the place up in arms within three days of you being here. Who do you think likes having their face on your damn blog, surrounded by a bunch a lies. What are you simple? You think that's congenial? You bang on my door looking for weed and now your a crusader for justice and narco justice no less.Sure lets put you in charge of all the drugs. You'd smoke all the evidence pothead. We want you out because you are a nuisance to everyone. You think Cutter wants a windbag like you running around to the fire department? Stopping people in Taco Shops with your conspiracy theories, yelling at ladies in perfume shops, harassing ice tea vendors, complaining about everything. 

Go back to Mexico if you know whats good for ya. We don't want your type around here is all I'm saying. Just in case you didn't pick up on it. You seem pretty dense all round. And another thing, I was here before you were. That's a fact. I was trying to be nice to you. Invite you over for dinner and this is the thanks I get. I don't need it. I have an exemplary record. I don't need to go to Mexico to have that sort of history erased. It may or may not be erased from the official record but if you think they don't have a history on you, you're attics dusty. Not to mention you've only told everybody on here about ten times you had to move to Mexico or face some Jail time. Looney tunes. I say it takes about 2 minutes with your mouth open tomorrow for the judge to come to a conclusion. If I were you, I'd plead the fifth. But you ain't that smart your as dumb as they come. 

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