Friday, August 21, 2015

VICTORY -- NOT at Sea!!!

OK, it was not in the Supreme Court -- but much was supreme about it -- and then what has happened as I walked all around town since then.

And Jennfier McCracken has chosen NOT to take Judge Richard Russell Davis's advise and PROMPTLY sent another comment for this blog that BALANCED for once: Lies and Truth.

Because people were knocking on the walls of my apartment until after 2:00 AM this morning -- after Anthony Humphrey harangued me in my apartment about my blog he swears he has never read, then called me to sell me marijuana, which he all but admitted this afternoon that Jennifer had put him up to, we had the WORST confrontation in the elevator (which he held for me when I finally got home), of our entire history -- fueled by LIES Jennifer had told him of what I said about him in COURT!!!

I WILL have to file for a restraining order against him Monday -- including "ex parte" -- which I bet I'll easily get -- this time -- thanks to his apparent DRUG ADDICTION, Jenny his DRUG SUPPLIER, and his EXPLOSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS and THREATS!!!

I'll take a nap and likely go on a trip out of town until late Sunday -- due to Anthony's claim he has every right to BEAT THE SHIT out of me now -- because a couple of drops of water from my rain hood (it was raining outside when I came in), touched his face and smooth-shaved arm -- LOL!!!

More soon -- I HOPE!!!



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