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My SUPER-SUING David A. Nash Will Mean I DO NOT Have to Sue Others in North Carolina -- EXCEPT the Courts!!! (YES, I'd even let off the Sheriff and Police Chief!!!)

Wilmington, NC attorney David A. Nash looks like he's SEEN A GHOST (or just EATEN one!!!) -- but this is his PREFERRED photo from his profile, here

And on Hogue Hill's website, we learn that:

Hogue Hill, LLP, is successor by name change to Hogue, Hill, Jones, Nash & Lynch, L.L.P., effective July 7, 2011. No changes in the composition of the firm occurred in connection with this change of name.

As you can see in this photo, David Nash, is AGAIN front and center of Hogue Hill staff. He MUST still be the Principal -- but WHY change the firm's name to LEAVE HIM OUT???

Answer: To make it difficult for those searching the internet concerning his CRIMES AGAINST ME, for him and his firm to show up in searches.

Also, they REMOVED all outside signs identifying that Hogue Hill occupies that house AT THE SAME TIME (although after I left town, they might have put new ones up)!!!

July 7, 2011 was only a few months after our Time in Court, as described here:, and previously (in 2011), I had blogged about all the drug dealing done in his Costello's Piano Bar -- both small amounts between two people -- and larger deals -- apparently facilitated by a 6' 8" white bartender, then employed.

Now, before I went further, I just called Hogue Hill910-763-4565, and spoke with a very professional receptionist who listened to my ENTIRE SPIEL, about how I will soon come to Wilmington and SUE THE PANTS OFF David Nash (he is VERY rich!!!) -- because of what he did to me in Court ILLEGALLY, and I told her I knew it was because David didn't want people to know about his Drug Mafia connections -- or that when he couldn't get a hot white guy -- he went home with a black guy I had gotten to know, and IN FACT , I had sex with the same black guy TWICE in the guy's home on Oak Island.

Costello's Piano Bar, was sold a while back and is under COMPLETELY NEW ownership/management.

But FUNNIEST, is that although I'd talked many times to David Nash and his partner John Stike in the bar and about it and other things, 

That guy was ONLY a top -- proving ONCE AND FOR ALL that David Nash is a BOTTOM (at least with Black Guys, no)???

See this excerpt from here

I met John Mann the first night I arrived in Wilmington, December 30, 2010, in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street -- that turned out to be owned by lawyer David Nash and dentist/land-developer John Stike, Stike having, in a "bait-and-switch" seduction by his young partner, all but RAPED ME one night in the mid-1980s.

This before MaDonna McMahan, realtor and frequent visitor to the bar, INSISTED TO ME that David's co-owner was NOT Dr. Stike, but the 6' 8" bartender who caused me so much trouble, but I RAN HIM OUT OF TOWN, less than a year later, after an altercation in Duck n' Dive Pub (a semi-straight bar) on Dock Street.

MaDONNA McMAHON (not related to Sheriff Ed McMahon -- that I know of)

Real Estate buying and selling are a TOP way to launder narcotics money, and MaDONNA McMAHON (as she styles herself), is one of the TOP PRODUCERS IN TOWN.

David Nash was the FIRST person to bring charges against me, "Cyber-Stalking", the claims in the complaint NOT having much to do with the actual LAW -- and Republican Judge Hogston, after a dog-and-pony show, convicted me and gave me Probation -- DEPENDENT ON MY TAKING MEDICATION (not that any doctor contributed to the discussion).

Judge Hogston had spoken to my NAZI MOTHERRuth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, and MOM told him what to do!!!

>>> END OF EXCERPT -- but INTERESTING that my mother spoke with Chad Hogston -- JUST LIKE SHE AND DAD MET WITH JUDGE LINDA WARREN HUNTER IN CHAMBERS SEVERAL TIMES in 1990 in Dekalb County, Georgia (which they admitted to me), to tell HER what to do.

And I ONLY mention this because Ryan Lee Burris has GONE SILENT with me since I sent him and all the County Democratic Officials (and about 495 others), this

Now, I understand if Wilmington Politicians are SHOCKED that I am so honest (includes honestly about everyone's SEX HABITS -- including mine), but Ryan Burris lived in the GAY HOUSE on Fifth Street -- where he still lives -- with John Mann (in that photo above, Mr. Mann is on Ryan's BACK DECK!!!), and Ryan's THEN  boyfriend, James Elks -- a NOTORIOUS DRUG DEALER IN 2011!!!

Ryan Burris with James Elks

And today, Ryan is an Officer of the County Democratic Party -- as well as Head of Cape Fear Equality , and former Head of Wilmington Gay Pride -- and after I WARNED him about St. Jude MCC church, and Rev. John McLaughlin (bottom part of:, either to support narco-trafficking -- or because Ryan is NOT YET AN ADULT MAN -- Ryan AGAIN promoted the "Church of Gay Narco-Traffickers"!!!

It is ALSO possible it is only because Ryan is a God-Hating Christian -- he stated emphatically that he is a Christian within the last week.

Don't forget the PRIDE PROM THIS FRIDAY!!! 
Love Wins! when we all stand as ONE
A prom for all to celebrate our community -- everyone is invited!
Music and dancing and food and photos... you know, Prom Fun!
Beer and wine available for those over 21; ID required.
Tickets: $10 students... $20 adults... $35 married couples
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>>> ADDED @ 11:56 AM, CDT: I just noticed that neither Ryan nor the Promo for the Prom show the SPONSOR, but when LAST listed on Ryan's Facebook, it clearly stated that the event is sponsored by St. Jude MCC, but that is not seen at ALL, now, in the NEWER promo.

I have to assume they HID IT deliberately -- perhaps out of SHAME -- but if you hit its image, you go to its Facebook Page -- and it is disclosed.

* * *

Well, I guess that is it for NOW -- I found Mr. Nash's email address and will email this FIRST to all lawyers at Hogue Hill.

I REFUSE TO TALK BEHIND ANYONE'S BACK (because it's not ILLEGAL -- unless it's a LIE!!!)

Some exceptions might apply!!!


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The latest GOP disregard for the concept of fairness involves rigging the state Supreme Court
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