Tuesday, August 18, 2015

This Is Starting to Freak Me Out -- and I'm a TOUGH GUY (Yes, HOMOS can be TOUGH)!!!

“The most common form of despair is not being who you are.”
― Søren Kierkegaard
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>>> I REFER TO COMMENTS LEFT BY JENNIFER MCCRACKEN FOR THIS BLOG, the ones that came in AFTER I posted all from afternoon and evening at the bottom of this posting, which I caught up about 10:30 PM, last night.

I'll post them after these ADDITIONAL peculiarities:

1. One of my neighbors knocked on my door about 7:00 PM, who -- after a friendly fist bump, told me that Jennifer McCracken had been claiming to him that I have been TRASHING HIM on my blog. I asked him if he had CHECKED MY BLOG to verify that, and he said no, he had no TIME, as his life is too busy -- and he KNOWS I would not do that, but he is SICK of hearing from that bitch, and could I please not mention his full name again.

Of course, I agreed. I had no idea she was THAT hateful.

2. It was only about three hours after Jenny posted comment that I should meet her (breaking her Restraining Order against me -- FOR SURE!!!), at Java Dog coffee shop (see my recent write up of that business, here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/great-experience-in-java-dog-coffee.html).

But I had had my OWN peculiar experience while dusk was turning to dark, across the street from Java Dog (whose owner I could see finishing his closing tasks through the window), at the DOLLAR taco shop, http://www.islandsfreshmexgrill.com/index.aspx, where I was just checking it out -- since I was FULL from dinner I had made at home.

Islands Fresh Mex Grill - Wilmington, NC, United States. Islands - quite possibly the best Mexican food I've eaten yet.

When I walked in, four well-dressed, young, white adults were disposing of their trash after eating, one wearing a "Polo" style shirt emblazoned with Wilmington Police Department logos -- the type Police might wear when on duty at casual summer events, so I ASSUMED she was Police, and on duty.

After asking them what they thought of the food (they LOVED it), I explained how I was working with Gen. Russel Honore' and others in both the US and Mexican Government to expose narco-traffickers and bring them to JUSTICE, including Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and Sheriff Ed McMahon -- going into details that readers have read about too many times to repeat.

Now, the first couple of weeks I was back in Wilmington, Police Officers (NOT Sheriff's Deputies who seem to ALWAYS acknowledge their boss's corruption -- if not by direct statement), averted their eyes, made a pleasant greeting, then purposefully walked on despite my completing a short comment, but more recently, they break into huge smiles, genuinely wishing me luck -- like the Deputies have ALWAYS done.

But these four, were laughing -- not derisively, but not like "with me", either -- and they laughed LOUDEST when I told them how Police had murdered my friend Evan Fish because he knew too much about narco-trafficking

That was confusing, so I asked them which they were doing. They said I was "insane" and that was impossible, so I told them that pretty much proved they were into either Drug Dealing itself -- or protection of it, adding that I bet they went to a CHRISTIAN CHURCH and sucked . . . well, I'm trying to get away from vulgarities, but you get the idea.

One of the guys got rather aggressive, saying, "You wanna come outside and have it out???" but I just walked deep into the restaurant to examine all the food in steam tables -- and they left the store, promptly.

3. Last night, right after I had emailed the posting, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/my-decision-on-whether-or-not-to-try-to.html, out, I saw that Jenny McCracken had added another damning-to-her comment, so as soon as I tried to post it on the blog -- CIA HANDLERS (or perhaps others), BLOCKED my internet access for the first time since about a month before I left Puerto Vallarta!!!

Diagnostics both before and after I re-booted this computer claimed that the DNS Server refused to connect with my computer.

Readers of Jennifer McCracken's (disguised as "Christine Hitchens", still then of Puerto Valarta), comments on this blog (and her emails to me that I have re-posted), know that she -- a week or so ago -- took CREDIT for my emails NOT getting to their RECIPIENTS!!! 

But as I think of it, I believe I just SAVED IN EVIDENCE that comment from her -- rather than posting it.

>>> OK, JENNY MCCRACKEN'S LATEST COMMENTS TO ME, not previously posted:

1. Received at 1:15 AM this morning:

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " A Decision Regarding Jennifer McCracken / HOW Pope...": 

I waited. You said you wanted to make nice. I gave you a chance now it's too late. I will see you in court Shithead. I think you are the one that made you're bed badly as you like to say. You're going to end up very wrinkled. You're goose is cooked. If you don't take back every mean thing you ever said about me and anyone else on this blog. You're name will be mud in this town. I'm not monkeying around any longer. Get it? Apologize. 

2. THIS ONE, received at 1:58 AM this morning, Jenny had the SENSE to retract before I even SAW it -- but I have a secret way to save ALL comments -- LOL!!!

Church lady 
Christine Hitchens to youshow details

She's a coming. You thought the lady with the sensitive nose was mean. You wait till the church lady gets her talons into you. She'll shake Satan right out of you. You won't need any prescriptions after that, you'll be cured. It's not even you're fault you ain't thinking straight the devil's got you by the balls and that's why you're always thinking with you're dick. Thinking and talking about dirty sex. You filthy fucker. It aint your fault. He's taken over. It'll be like an exorcism. Do you have a preference where we do this? Our places have pretty thin walls so it might be best to go to the basement. There's a room behind the boiler. Ain't nobody gonna hear much down there. You can holler yer head off. (Hello, Mr. Cutter???) We might need a few things.

Wanda has the dagger and Grimoire (book of magic spells and incantations). Do you have some candles we could use? Oh and like a folding table. A card table will do if it's sturdy. You look kinda heavy. And an appropriate covering. I got my pentagram from....... well I can explain where later. Water and salt and I think that's about it. Wanda's she's got a lot of experience with this stuff so don't worry none.

You'll feel sleepy for a couple days but after that, fit as a fiddle and you'll be happy as a tornado in a trailer park. After that we go to church, say a few prayers and Bob's your uncle again. (My uncle Bob was murdered by my mother with help of a US Veteran's Hospital -- see: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2014/05/email-to-drew-griffin-of-cnn-my-nazi.html)

No more swearing and carrying on about peckers or draining  peoples water hoses. No sir you'll be saner than a coconut. I'm excited. I can't wait to meet the new you. You'll have a lot more time on your hands cause you won't be running off to the police so much. You'll make more friends and I wouldn't be surprised it you turned out to like baking after that, which is good for everybody and raising money too. 

Sleep like a baby now and in the morning make sure you wash real good.

Toodles for now pumpkin head.


[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on This Is Starting to Freak Me Out 
-- and I'm a TOUG.... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " This Is Starting to Freak Me Out -- and I'm a TOUG...": 

You disappoint me Scotty, on different levels. Lets begin 

1) Your vulgarity ( because you can be articulate if you want) 
2)Your ability to criticize Christians yet utter the same nonsensical rants. 
I could go on about how idiotic it is to believe in any God but I don't have that much time today. 
3) And this is the big one for today (because I do feel like getting to the point) 
Your complete inability to see the obvious in order to support your delusions. 

I want to say, I'm disappointed in your intelligence basically. 
I always knew you were as nutty as a fruitcake but I somehow believed you were very intelligent too.. I've a tendency to cut crazy people slack, idiocy not so much. 
Lets try a thought process based on facts as opposed to rather ordinary delusion. 

When were you first contacted by C Hitchens? 
Was it before your arrival in Wilmington? 
If so, how on earth could Phil McCrackin ( sorry had to) 
ever have contacted you? (I have no idea who "Phil McCrakin" is -- if that is Jenny's brother s New Hanover Sheriff's Deputy -- she can't spell his NAME -- LOL!!!) Think about it in a linear way? Remove any delusional thoughts just for a second. I've been taunting you about your powers of deduction but now is the time to ask yourself some hard questions Scott. How on earth? 

Not Aliens or CIA stuff. Straight up obvious answers. I've sent you links, I've tried to get you off this maniacal diversion you're on and you just won't allow yourself to use that grey matter between your ears for anything but supporting self destructive behaviour. I've said time and time again, you don't know who I am because of the shear number of people who's wrath you have provoked. I've been extracting that wonderfully served cold dish for a bit too long. 

I'm starting to worry about my sadism. 

I've asked you to issue a full apology/ not specific/ just to anyone you may have hurt inadvertently with your nonsensical ravings. We all get hurt sometimes Scott but part of growing up is we realize we can not lash out every time we feel wronged wether it be real or imagined. So apologize and I'll tell you exactly who I am and we can be done with the matter. 

You can save a lot of time and energy or continue marching down this winding path. I think you know where that path leads buddy. The choice is your's apologize or not. 

Try to think clearly. 

Mark as spam 

* * *

It was AFTER Jenny posted this last one, that I lost internet connection until this morning, so SOMEONE was still supporting her PSYCHOTIC RANTS!!!

The top people Jennifer McCracken DEFENDS, so they MUST be allied with her in this 
NON-SENSE (not necessarily in this order):

George Cutter
Costello's Piano Bar
David Nash
Ryan Lee Burris
Del Shores
Anthony Carmichael

(Tomi Matheson gets a COMPLETE PASS -- because George Cutter keeps her working like a slave and she is TOO TIRED to realize what is TRULY going on!!!)

Now, I must get my paperwork and money together to do some business with the COURTS.



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