Monday, August 17, 2015

A Decision Regarding Jennifer McCracken / HOW Pope Pius Set My Mother Up to Replace Old Joe and Rose Kennedy as His BIGGEST AMERICAN NAZI PATSIES!!!

For those following this blog on a regular basis, at about 10:15 PM tonight, I updated the last posting, adding several comments Jenny posted for this blog -- as well as emails she sent to my AOL address -- all late today. They are all at the very bottom.

It seems obvious to me that she has had some kind of mental or emotional meltdown -- and I can't imagine that those she seems to be a tool of (controlled by), can now be having anything to do with her, she having shown she is too much an un-tethered fool to be trusted by them -- no matter HOW desperate they might be.

And at first, I thought I would be doing her a favor to try to commit her tomorrow, but thinking about MY experience with people successfully doing that, three times on about nine tries, all but one in 1978, within the years 2010 - now, but NOT during the nearly four years I lived in Mexico, so within the 1.5 of those years that I lived in the USA.

All of them were FALSE, with the exception of in 1978 -- and then I got FALSE TREATMENT that appeared effective, because Lithium Carbonate will make ANYONE docile and uncaring -- EXACTLY WHY my mother, the world's BIGGEST GOD-HATING CATHOLIC BULLY of her generation, insisted that although things were going well with my psychiatrist, Dr. Waggenheim of the "Mainline" old suburbs of Philadelphia, who was working with me, for me to understand WHY I had been raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings, and find a sane perspective for that. 

"You've got to cut this hideous story out of her brain." ~ Tennessee Williams, Suddenly Last Summer

But Mom wanted the true memory "cut out" of me -- but times were past the days of Pre-Frontal Lobotomies that both Rose Williams suffered because Edwina Williams was offended by her "sexual precociousness", and she WAS acting erratic. Anyone would, with a mother like Edwina, as well as Rose Kennedy's lobotomy for pretty much the same reason.

To complete one idea before running on to the next, Mom had to find Dr. Wallace Hussong of Cherry Hill, NJ -- ALL the way across metro Philadelphia from West Chester, PA, where I stayed with my parents, temporarily, then, to find a NAZI doctor who would cooperate FULLY, although many other doctors were using the new "miracle drug" Lithium Carbonate, then -- honestly -- if misguidedly, so I would NOT have had to travel anywhere near that far.

On my first visit to him, Wally filled a horse syringe with clear syrum, very prominently and in front of me, while asking me questions -- CLEARLY trying to scare and terrorize me, but I figured I had NO CHOICE in the matter, so relaxed, to take it -- but he never gave to me. There is NO OTHER explanation for that behavior!!!

I will NOT try to commit Jennifer McCracken!!!

Pope Pius XII

Rose Kennedy, who worked with her husband, the Irish Mafia Bootlegger (who committed many other crimes as well), Joe Kennedy, to be, with Henry Ford, the TOP people in the USA urging FDR to join up with Hitler in WWII -- the Kennedys at the SPECIFIC DIRECTION of Pope Pius XII, who made Rose Kennedy a "Countess of the Catholic Church" -- a title not bestowed by the Church for centuries.

Then the Popes, beginning with Pius XII shortly after WWII, set up my father's male lover's murder, so Mom could blackmail Dad -- and Mom could hide behind the iconic Kenan name -- and continuing even with the current Francis I (who has FAR better PR) -- John Paul II, being the most influential with Mom, who had private audiences with him on at least two of the private meetings Mom had with Popes, chose someone in the background -- WHY my nephew Connor Michael Kenan was ENGAGED to a rich bitch whose multi-yachted parents lived next door to Bebe Rebozo's (Nixon's WELL-DOCUMENTED male lover who used a fake identity to enter the White House under a false name) Key Biscayne house.

Connor seems HAPPY that my blogging in 2010 about his second grade "homo experiment" in front of the class (an innocent act of exploring kids of that age), caused that engagement to be broken off -- but my brother and sister-in-law, Gail (Godley) Kenan -- it's almost too perfect a name in this GOD-HATING Christian/NAZI family drama of ours -- were BEYOND FURIOUS with me. Mike kept yelling at me about how the girl's parents had had them down to Key Biscayne and had gone out on TWO of their yachts.
That is ALL the GOD-HATERS care about -- MONEY!!!

And another sign of NAZI/Christian God-Hatred is NO ACCEPTANCE WITHIN ONESELF of anything homosexual -- although it is OK to be tolerant, but best if ridicule is applied, like in hazing rituals in both College Fraternities and the US Military -- or like Sean "Blackwell" McAllister of now -- who is called "my gay husband" by his wife, and has LOTS of gay friends whom he makes fun of behind their backs. People who claim they have tried marijuana and HATE it, like Sean, ALWAYS are living lies. My brother Mike, LOVED planning Dad's 90th birthday bash -- before I was told the rest of my family planned it ALL without my knowedge of it -- until it was planned.

Mike told me of SEVERAL of his adult (post college), gay sexual adventures -- and look at my brother's kids at Connor's graduation from UNC, Chapel Hill:

The tallest, of course -- Connor Michael Kenan in green, Maxwell Andrew Kenan in blue.

A tetch-bit FAGGOTTY, no???

MOST Kenan males are gay -- but I am HONEST about it!!!

History accurately has recorded the WELL-DOCUMENTED FACT that with the exception of Adolph Hitler, EVERY ONE of the NAZI top command in Civil Government -- as well as Military -- had male lovers secreted away in LUXURY!!!

But the NAZI/CIA controls US Media so while these accounts CAN be found, Christians RIDICULE them, and they are NOT easy to find from computers on the internet in the USA.

Caroline Kennedy was one of Barack Obama's BIGGEST and MOST EFFECTIVE critics -- until he bought her off with an Ambassadorship to Japan in late 2013 -- the ONE PLACE guaranteed to transport her in "Camelot Carriages".

Then there is THIS problem as well:

And this one:

But when I point out how Christians CONDEMN THEMSELVES, I am NOT referring to those who follow how Jesus taught us to live. I can't WAIT to have enough money to SERIOUSLY FUND Sister Mary Isaac's Charities here in Wilmington -- and she even got a SPECIAL AWARD from NAZI POPE Benedict XVI !!!:

NO ONE is "ALL GOOD" or "ALL BAD" -- and if YOU categorize people that way, then you ALREADY sold your soul to the "DEVIL".



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  1. I waited. You said you wanted to make nice. I gave you a chance now it's too late. I will see you in court Shithead. I think you are the one that made you're bed badly as you like to say. You're going to end up very wrinkled. You're goose is cooked. If you don't take back every mean thing you ever said about me and anyone else on this blog. You're name will be mud in this town. I'm not monkeying around any longer. Get it? Apologize.