Friday, August 14, 2015

GREAT Experience in "Java Dog" Coffee Shop & "Port City Pottery & Fine Arts" -- But "Down to Earth" KICKED ME OUT!!!

1. All THREE of these businesses are in the Cotton Exchange on Front Street

And I knew both Java Dog and Down to Earth WELL, when I was homeless here in 2011 into 12. Readers might not recall it, but I sure do. The FIRST time I entered Java Dog in 2011, I ran SMACK DAB into District Attorney Benjamin R. David, then in line, and confronted him with his NARCO-TRAFFICKING (or protection thereof)!!!

And it was the SAME MORNING that his boyfriend Lee (whom I had no idea was gay, but was an acquaintance of mine), sat me down two blocks closer to Market Street, AFTER I tried to report it to DEA Agent Jeff Grant, Lee then calling Ben David and telling him to "SHOOT YOURELF IN THE HEAD" in front of me (in this posting I misidentify the Alton Lennon building as the "Nixon" building), and this includes SPECIFICS on which Coast Guard Officer who ALSO gave me the bum's rush over evidence I had of Narco-trafficking:

But TODAY, visiting for the first time since then, I found not only that the coffee was EXCELLENT, but the "everything" bagel was larger and better (and probably lower-priced), then the one I had in Port City Java a week ago (and Sen. Thom Goolsby ALWAYS hung out at Port City Java in 2011)!!!

Also,  the owner came out today, and I explained all of this and what I'm doing now -- and he LIKED IT, and that I told him I would plug his store in a posting that will be emailed to 500!!!



This place simply BLEW ME AWAY. Coming from Puerto Vallarta, where you DO find excellent crafts -- but the "art" is only decorative, I've found MANY places in Wilmington that sell REAL ART, but THIS place has CRAFTS that are ALSO ART -- and TONS OF IT!!!

Words don't express what must be experienced first hand.

And the guy manning things LOVED all my politics and DETAILED description of WHO in Wilmington (of the powerful), is DRUG MAFIA (he already knew all of it) -- and what I and my allies INTEND TO DO TO THEM!!!


FIRST, I want to make PERFECTLY CLEAR that this store is incredibly good -- not just for what you might imagine is there, but for decorative accessories, and SUPERIOR SERVICE of the STAFF -- true both in 2011, and now!!!

I selected a spray of Rosemary and Lemon oil to cover the smoke in my apartment (and in Puerto Vallarta I used Vetiver spray I had bought there -- until it ran out!!!).

But as I was paying the very reasonable $3.95 at the counter, a woman came out very CROSS from the back room, claiming she and someone were developing a new fragrance and my voice made it IMPOSSIBLE for her to smell, properly (she smells with her EARS or hears with her NOSE???), and would I PLEASE quiet my (non-raised) voice!!!
I explained that it was GOD who gave me my talking voice, but I was just finishing paying, and was leaving, anyway -- but had I KNOWN such a NASTY person worked there, I would NEVER HAVE ENTERED THAT STORE!!!

She then said that she OWNED IT, and didn't accept money from TRASH LIKE ME, so instructed the clerk to return my money, but insisted I keep the spray!!!

"Well," I said, "I will be SURE to blog about YOU in my political blog -- I trash people who act like DRUG TRASH," and she replied, "YOUR stupid little blog???" And then she laughed like something from the Underworld, and I told her "That seals it, Bitch!!!" and walked out of the store.

Only her employees were more shocked than was I.



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