Monday, August 24, 2015

The Return of the MOM CAR -- and Other Things Sublime and/or Ridiculous!!!

In Court, this past Friday, Jennifer McCracken claimed this is her mother's car, and I had "chased after it" to invade her mother's privacy!!!

I simply stood at my own car door, after getting my clip-on sunglasses, then deciding that since Jennifer was sitting in it as it idled by the Fire Stairs, making written notes while an older woman spoke, I might as well see if I could take a photo of it -- in case it was a narco-trafficking contact -- which it likely IS, if what the daughter of a Mormon "Quorum of Twelve Disciples" -- top of the Church in Salt Lake City -- had claimed to me about her father and the other 12 Disciples RUNNING all liquor distributing, prostitution (male and female), illegal drug distribution in Utah, ALL gay bars in Utah, etc.

And readers KNOW that Tennessee Williams's best male friend while I worked for him, Vassilis Voglis (who had inherited his life-mate's inheritance from HIS father, who had been President of the New York Stock Exchange), had "side-dated" artist Mark Beard and put him through Art School -- while Mark publicly dated Georg Osterman of The Ridiculous Theatre!!!

I did not know this then, but Mark eventually designed all of Abercrombie & Fitch's interiors -- and painted a several stories high mural on the outside of one store in Asia, and three in Europe -- for $8 million each!!!

Many readers will be familiar with the ceiling of their flagship store in Manhattan that Mark painted.

But Mark is ALSO the great-grandson of one of the three that Joseph Smith dictated The Book of Mormon to, his parents having LONG AGO disowned Mark, and own the LARGEST Mormon Bank.

I only learned this when Mark invited me to his 2009 Christmas Party -- and we laughed and laughed about how Mormons claim as FACT that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri -- and Jesus walked in the flesh among the Aztecs in Mexico!!!

No wonder, Mormons like Jenny are ALWAYS so DOUR!!!

But back to that car, I had quickly fully extended the zoom, shot it, and this is about 5% of the image, cropped. I never ran or even WALKED anywhere at all!!!

And that car was back in the SAME PLACE, the old woman sitting alone, reading over what looked like computer language print-out (nothing related to a human language), and yes, she DID look just like Jennifer McCracken!!! 

Now in the matter of Joseph Collier Faulk, Jr., as detailed here:, I am not about to call his landlord to try to get him evicted -- but I am SICK AND TIRED of Joseph lying to me as if he were a MOR(M)ON or perhaps like my mother and siblings, I really think we need to PERMANENTLY SEPARATE, with him sending me $10,000.00 as settlement instead of me suing him for Palimony. If I DO have to sue him, it will be for AT LEAST double that!!!

Also, having been self-employed nearly my entire adult life, I know I would like to know if a JERK rented my apartment, and I WILL contact his landlord, Amy B. Kapner, so she understands more of why he is so peculiar.

I will wait a day or two longer to see if Mr. Faulk comes to his senses -- rather than just at 81 years of age, taking Testosterone injections, daily Cialis, and huffing "poppers", so that Joseph can come in his own wrinkled hand -- to porno!!!

I just realized that Melinda Crouch is the ONLY local District Judge I do not believe I have met in Court (and/or elsewhere). The "witch" who took my filing Assault Charges against George Padezanin (of the SELF-DESCRIBED Padezanin Drug Gang, owner of Hand-Painted Homes, in Criminal Court in 2010, threatening ME when I asked a procedural question then, and was really snotty to me, was in the waiting lounge last Friday in robe for a small wedding -- and she got snotty as if I was interrupting the ceremony not yet begun -- WHEN THE WEDDING PARTY JOKED WITH ME (their initiative), ABOUT MY HEIGHT FOR A FEW SECONDS!!!

And thanks, also, to the helpful Sheriff's Deputy, who told me I did NOT need to attend the first hearing, that the Court would let me know when the actual trial was to be held. As a RESULT, the charge was DISMISSED -- because I did NOT show!!! The two photos of Judge Melinda Crouch (un-met by me), don't look at all like this Marriage-Killjoy, and I know all the others.

>>> BOTTOM LINE: George Cutter and Tomi Matheson will have one HELL of a time, when my Eviction Appeal goes to trial by twelve jurors with lots of lawyers there too!!!

They might want to think of what settlement with me would be appropriate, and approach me before trial to make a deal. I have not yet received notice of its date from the Court.

Maybe I need to check with the Clerk -- in case the US MAIL lost my notice -- like Mr. Cutter and Ms. Matheson perjured themselves to claim they had NOT received my rent from Teri at Benefits Management -- and all the OTHER Perjuries of ALL their witnesses, no???

>>> JUST IN @ 11:59 PM, EDT:

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How can you be against bullying and yet try to extort money and issue threats? By your own admission this fellow Joseph has supported you for years. Now you slander him, make absolutely degrading comments and tell everyone you're going to call his landlord and make his life miserable unless you get the 10 k you want for (?) him. Doesn't it ever occur to you that this is against the law let alone in bad taste. Something a God Hating christian might do. You buy drugs then persecute the drug dealer. How is it you are better than any corrupt politician again? You should be in politics pinhead. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but hypocrisy and sociopathic behaviour. Lousy Creep 

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My Dearest Disciple of Joseph Smith:

Oh, Pish-Posh.

Remember, after the Restraining Order is made TWO-WAY this Friday, you will be CRIMINALLY CHARGED if you send comments to this blog. It is nearly impossible to NOT have the Restraining Order made two-way, given your many harassing comments to me via this alias.

Now, ain't I gettin' GOOD at Diploma-Sassy???

See you in COURT -- and remember to SHAVE THAT CHIN (to look more like a female)!!!



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