Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Perjury, Perjury, Perjury -- NOTHING rhymes with "Perjury"!!!

FIRST, I want to COMMEND Anthony Carmichael, because when he spoke of our one significant discussion, he did NOT lie, and moderated his original comments from that I claimed I was in the Ku Klux Klan to that my FAMILY was, and softened his original lies about me being proud of that to something more nebulous.

He DID however, partially jump up emotionally with the Crowd of Four as they claimed the WHOLE BUILDING was in an uproar, which created a false sense of MAYHEM in the building.

And when I took the apartment elevator down to go to the hearing, the guy who refused to say if he was George Cutter got on at floor 5, then a woman and her daughter on 4. George got OFF at 3, and as we continued traveling, I asked and the woman said that WAS George Cutter.

While waiting for the hearing, that SAME woman came in with her daughter to the waiting area, after all the others came in together, but after a minute left. I don't know if she was the fourth party Cutter told me would testify -- but I don't recall ever seeing her before.

We DID all swear on Bibles, so PERJURY is the crime of lying under oath. This posting will serve mostly as a record of that for me to print and take to the appeal -- which the Clerk of Courts said I have ten days to file, then it would be about 30 days before I get a notice of new hearing after that, so about a month and a half away.

This is the screen capture of email from Facebook showing that Tomi invited ME to be her Friend on Facebook, which I accepted, Tomi soon, then, blocking me. In Court, Tomi perjured herself claiming I had either broken into or hacked into her Facebook account and posted her personal information, violating her privacy. Her example was that I had posted her religion (Episcopal), clearly listed on her page. I DID also post that according to her page, she had TWICE announced her engagement to her boyfriend -- about two years apart, but NO marriage was listed.

This is the EASIEST PERJURY to prove!!!

George Cutter had actually led off, saying he had been in this business for 37 years, and that I was about the WORST problem of a tenant he had ever had!!! He included that I had NOT paid August rent --a complete surprise to me!!! Benefits Management handles this, and Teri, there, confirmed later that she had mailed the check in time, and checked to find it had NOT cleared (or come back to her), so CUTTER AND MATHESON simply had SAT on it -- but HAD IT!!! Teri put a "Stop Payment" on it.

This is the SECOND easiest PERJURY  to prove!!!

And only perjuries by the owner and manager are important to prove.

Otherwise, they all claimed some HUGE emotional upset in the building -- Jenny even claiming she feels like a "prisoner in (her) apartment" -- I saying I DON'T feel that way, since I never run into her and the hall is not a place people party.

Jenny again claimed she first met me after I moved in, and when I corrected that to at Costello's the night the Supreme Court legalized Marriage Equality, she shot back that she does NOT know that bar. She also claimed I had told her I am "an un-medicated Schizophrenic", the ONE mental illness I have never been accused of having!!!

And the last time I was diagnosed as HAVING a mental illness was by a JUDGE (Linda Warren Hunter of Georgia), NOT a doctor. From ALL psychologists and psychiatrists who have examined me (several since 2008), NONE has diagnosed me with a mental illness!!!

I forgot to mention that she had awakened me at 4:20 AM one morning, and when she apologized the next day (leaving about $20.00 worth of pot on my sofa where she had sat), she claimed Costello's had stayed open an extra hour until 3:00 AM that night -- and the night she had me to dinner, she not only offered me one of the four or five beers in her refrigerator (she drinking one), but had texted me too late asking me to bring wine.

Cutter brought up that he NEVER told anyone they could not use the balconies, but no one had doors to get out. I pointed out that Jennifer used her WINDOW, but admitted that I'd heard the prohibition from other tenants -- NOT management -- and that Jenny was keeping chairs on the top of a FIRE ESCAPE.

And then I FORGOT to point out that having all that out there the whole time I've been here, when I checked this morning, Jenny had CLEARED IT ALL OFF!!! Why do that if NOT a problem -- I FORGOT to say.

Mr. Cutter claimed I had violated his privacy by publishing his home address and phone number, causing his wife to fear thugs would attack her at home. But the address I got from here: shows it is his BUSINESS address, AVAILABLE TO ALL from many internet sites, and here, his gross business in wholesale sweaters is estimated to be $570,397.00 per year.

I WAS able to point out my history of buying marijuana from Jenny, which she denied. I did NOT point out that she had also offered narcotic pain relievers and other hard drugs -- or that everyone else I spoke with said there was NO pot available, but since Jenny could ALWAYS supply it within a couple of hours -- if not have it on-hand -- she MUST be especially well-connected.

Tomi tried to make light of the "hate note" I found in my box, calling it a silly little thing (or similar), but that does not CHANGE that the Postal Clerk said it was GOOD I had protected it from additional DNA pollution.

Cutter kept claiming that I had told him if he brought me to Court, "there would be consequences" -- which is CORRECT: LEGAL CONSEQUENCES of my counter-suit and attempt to JAIL those who PERJURED THEMSELVES, but he characterized it as my beating him up or some such silly thing!!!

George Cutter also claimed that I had blogged that ALL local judges were on my side, patently untrue -- especially since two of them said I would have had Judge Sandra Ray recuse herself (they didn't mention also Jeffrey Noecker and Chad Hogston -- all of whom violated my Civil Rights -- as well as broke Laws in their dealings with me in 2001 or 12).

But Cutter DID say that he is SUING HALF THE JUDGES IN TOWN!!! If TRUE, he must be WELL LOVED -- LOL!!!

In the end, Cutter and Matheson all but BEGGED the magistrate to do something to get me OUT of the building faster than the usual 10 days (after he found for them).

And I forgot to mention, that right after Cutter started his emotional nonsense of his beginning, the magistrate stopped things to get TWO Sheriff's Deputies to sit in, he not feeling comfortable. And I WAS able to mention that my parents had helped set up the narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington when they lived here in the 1980s and 90s, and I felt a MORAL and PATRIOTIC duty to help DESTROY IT.

I also mentioned I worked with Gen. Honore' and fed him info on this this narco-trafficking -- but FORGOT to offer Honore's business card (which was in my wallet) so the magistrate could call his cell phone to ask about that -- if he wanted to.

I DID bring Tomi Matheson's note to all residents that began things between her and me -- that the head of Bank of America in Wilmington told me probably broke a few laws, and was a GIFT of someone wanting to GIVE ME MONEY (which it will soon be!!!). I'll post it in at the bottom so readers can come to their own conclusions.

After the plaintiffs left, I sat with one deputy and the magistrate letting them leave the building, and I told the magistrate that at first I was a little shocked that he found for them -- but realized after their drama of so much THERE DISPLAYED emotional upset -- opposite of how the building had been since all this began -- that he probably would think that was how the building was too -- and we SHOULD have had a trial by jury -- but I understood, and did NOT blame him. WE talked a lot about my experience in Mexico and earlier in Wilmington and the problems I'd had with drug mafia (me and the TWO Deputies, the one quickly returning). The magistrate remained silent, listening intently.

Earlier, I had said I HOPED all was at least voice-recorded, but never actually heard if it was or not.

And we will be BACK IN COURT in about a month and a HALF!!!

Tomi's Note: 



To All Tenants Of The Carolina And Confederate Apts.

Effective immediately, for all questions, concerns and issues with your apartment, you are instructed to call 910-763-4003 and leave a message. The machine will be checked periodically, at which time Tomi (apartments manager) will contact you. Only phone calls concerning fire or excessive water leaks (undefined)  will be accepted. If you choose to call or text Tomi for any other reason, there will be a $50 fee deducted from your rent payment, subsequently making your rent short, so be sure to take that into account.

However calls or texts will be accepted if you lock yourself out of your apart. as there is a $50 cash charge to unlock your door anyway!




  1. Just stay out of their business pinhead.
    God bless

  2. Just stay out of their business pinhead.
    God bless

  3. How dare you mention, peace, perjury or justice?
    If Justice is served in this world you will never be given a poison pen again. You have no idea who I am because the list of people you have insulted is legion. How a pathological liar manifest's such nonsense is beyond any of us. How we have all been duped into thinking you less than a nut bar is not. We, for the most part are generous and compassionate, sharing our time and thoughts with you and then you twist and turn them into some Aesop fable. What you have been doing for so long, "abusing the kindness of strangers" as Blanche so aptly put it, is beyond the pale. You are worse than Stanley by a country mile. He at least would not threaten and abuse and tarnish everything in his grasp, then claim he was doing God's work. Tennessee Williams was no doubt as generous and trusting as your abused acquaintance's are. Mentally unstable people are not easily identifiable and for that
    you have put us all on guard. Some one in the future who might need a hand or an ear to listen may not get it because of the vitriol you have hurled upon unsuspecting strangers. You should do the right thing. Leave those poor folks alone in the apartment building and be strong enough to seek out help. This is not a joke Scott. I doubt many people seriously mean you harm. They simply want you to stop hurting people, including yourself.
    Oh, and fuck you and your god bullshit, that and your moronic, idiotic patriotism are the last refuge of incorrigible scoundrels.