Friday, August 14, 2015

MORE Trouble at Carolina Apartments -- and Other Places, AS WELL!!!

Car idling by Fire Stairs of Carolina Apartments this morning, as TWO women met inside, the one in the passenger seat turned toward the driver, and FURIOUSLY taking notes on a paper pad.

This seemed ODD to me, since there were open parking spaces between it and my own car, about 50 feet in front of it, where I was headed to get my clip-on sunglasses before walking to Western Union -- and it was in a clearly marked "No Parking Zone"

But the passenger seemed to have gotten out, immediately after I was in front of it enough for them to see me -- and it pulled off, just as I pulled my camera out of my pocket, thanking GOD I had enough resolution to snip this and blow it up to reveal North Carolina plate #TSK6795 (possibly TSX6795).

And looking at the blow-up, now, maybe she DIDN'T get out!!!


1. Last night (I could not make out any of the words over the music in my own apartment -- and recognizing Jennifer McCracken's voice at Anthony Humphrey's door across the hall, I felt I should NOT "eavesdrop", so I did NOT turn down my music, although Jenny had done that at MY door, recently -- see Jenny's eavesdropping at my door halfway down here, I then could tell she was talking with Anthony, who eventually got VERY LOUD, and I could make out his telling her he works HARD ALL DAY, and was not interested in being bothered the moment he got home.

I have no idea if he eventually let her in, or not.

I would recommend she text or call him first, and if he wants her to come over, he could quickly let her in after a simple knock on the door -- and I would have NOT overheard the argument!!!

2. Thinking that car was ODD to be idling in a no parking zone -- a few feet from open parking spots -- I did look in, and as soon as I recognized Jennifer McCracken was the one furiously taking notes, averted my eyes and DID NOT look back, but snapped the photo as the JOURNALIST THAT I AM -- blogging is LEGALLY JOURNALISM -- and the Restraining Order does NOT prevent me from photographing the back end of a car that appeared to no longer contain Jenny.

3. After finishing at Western Union, I had a meeting with Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, she saying she already planned to walk over and talk to the Clerk of Courts to see if the amount I was quoted I needed to pay when filing the APPEAL to the Eviction Finding, since it was LESS than a month's rent -- and Teri was THRILLED that I intend to have George Cutter and Tomi Matheson prosecuted for OBVIOUS PERJURY -- and read this, but it SOON got COMPLICATED!!!:

When I returned from spending the whole afternoon at Kure Beach, I found in my mailbox, a notice from my auto insurance company that my bill HAD NEVER BEEN PAID, and I have about a week to pay it -- OR BE DROPPED!!!

So there is the possibility that SOMEONE in Teri's office had NOT mailed checks to either Carolina Apartments or the insurance company -- or the problem (like on at least THREE previous incidents, all of which I reported to the Postal Inspector), had DIVERTED mail from me AND from Benefits Management.


But that does NOT change others of their PERJURIES, including the one THIS proves BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT!!!:

3. Additionally, "Christine Hitchens" has sent SIX additional comments to my blog, which I now have set to require my approval before being posted on blog -- since she had become repetitve and BORING to me.

HOWEVER, these new comments EXPLAIN why she seemed to have no REAL knowlege of Colin Hamilton -- or ANYONE in Puerto Vallarta. 


Either the person making a comment -- or I -- can delete a comment at ANY TIME (part of why I republish some in the body of the blog, where they CANNOT delete them. Foolishly, I did not save the MOST DAMNING ONE before "Christine" deleted it, but I DID email my own comments on it to "Testosteroni", Teri Motsinger, and Ryan Burris:

Also, "Christine Hitchens" began boring me, so I changed comments for blog to have to be approved by me before posting (I have always had the ability to REMOVE comments). She continues to send vitriol (six comments since I shut it -- which it ALWAYS gives notice of, so a normal person would have given up by now since I no longer post her crap), and it has become MORE THAN CLEAR she is NOT in Puerto Vallarta, but in Wilmington. Her latest claim is that they are sending people to harm me Saturday night or Sunday morning, which is right before I'm scheduled for training with the top officers of the Dem party at UNCW Sun. afternoon (includes possible narco-trafficker Ryan Burris as an officer). A few minutes after that, I got an INVITATION to attend the event that they previously confirmed I was scheduled for -- so something is fishy about that as well!!!

And I'll copy Ryan Burris, to let him know I will NOT embarrass him at the meeting -- he's totally talented and I couldn't care less about the past. I'm into healing, and I trust so is he.

And then LATER, this evening, "Christine" sent THIS:

If Christine were in Mexico, she would know almost NOTHING of Tomi Matheson's and my relationship -- most evidence of promises to move me to apartment 62, and much fun, witty, repartee between us -- I have NOT mentioned on blog!!!

But they are saved in text messages on my phone.

So this MASSIVE CONSPIRACY -- and/or RACKETEERING -- keeps GROWING (as will their prison sentences -- and my FINANCIAL REWARDS)!!!

And it ALL TRACKS BACK to David Nash's promise to me, as seen here

And it is FEDERAL CRIME, since Ben David's intern while he was falsely charging and jailing and nut-house committing me, Jeff Duncan, then worked for Daliah Saper of Chicago, when Jamie Lee Sutherland charged me with LIBEL without legally serving me, and got CONVICTION IN ABSENTIA in Cook County Courts -- illegal AND unconstitutional!!!


4. So, thoroughly amused by the silliness of all this, I called my MOTHER, and she cracked up about it at first, then began listening intently with sober comments that she hopes I DO win cases about them -- but next thing I knew, I had been rattling on, but Mom had SILENTLY HUNG UP TWO MINUTES BEFORE I REALIZED IT!!!

5. And THANKS to ALL my readers for taking BOTH BLOGS to RECORD HITS the last 24 hours -- this posting going VIRAL!!!:



>>> BONUS!!!

My comment on DEL SHORES's Facebook Page -- after getting his INVITE to see his show in Chapel Hill, NC, later this month!!!

Del apparently ERASED the link form his page, but here it is (after the FIRE REPORT)

Report on my MEETING DEL SHORES IN PUERTO VALLARTA (about a year ago)


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