Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DONE!!! The Postal Inspector Will Question Residents of the Carolina Apartments Re: the HATE NOTE I Received -- beginning with Jennifer McCracken!!!

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It was ALWAYS obvious to me that Tomi Matheson would not do such a thing, and for these reasons:

1. She is more honest and direct (despite the original note she distributed -- due to being overworked, exhausted, and temporarily CRACKED).

2. The fact that Tomi puts notes on doors shows she KNOWS it is illegal for her to put them in US Postal boxes.

3. Tomi is NOT the type to use a super-thin pen -- or make a circle instead of a dot ANYWHERE when she prints or writes.

They said I was SMART to quickly protect the note from additional DNA pollution -- and, I presume, will test the DNA if no confession is forthcoming.

In any case, the US Post Office now knows the significance of harassment of me -- especially since I work with Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore' to BUST the top narco-traffickers in town -- and that Jenny told me she could get ANY drug for me quickly.

I also complained about the non-locking mailboxes, and they said they have had a relatively HIGH number of things they have had to investigate at the Carolina Apartments.

No promise of when they would BEGIN their interviews here, and investigation, but it COULD be as early as tomorrow!!!


1. I ran into Anthony Carmichael in the lobby, who got upset when I THANKED him for his support, and then quickly understanding that residents here must have been living under something of a "Reign of Terror" -- at least since you-know-who moved in, I quickly said, "For supporting HONESTY", which he quickly smiled about and agreed.

He then said, "Have a great day," in the way one says to CUT OFF conversation, and I said it's OK -- I know he's AFRAID of the building's current politics, but all will soon be investigated by Federal Authorities.

See Anthony Carmichael's comments on my blog in the body of this posting, nearly at the bottom: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/responding-to-tomi-matheson-manager-of.html


Jen Harjo -- for ME, she was "better than Jesus" in 2011 and 12!!!

I stopped by Jennifer Harjo's office, and spoke with the recept about my eligibility for a Public Defender to help me with this RESTRAINING ORDER that Ms. McCracken is trying to get:


I learned that they only handle CRIMINAL cases, but there is another group that defends in CIVIL suits -- and I will likely qualify. I HATE using tax dollars unnecessarily, but know that since Ms. McCracken seems able to CONTROL so many people in this building, has TONS of money stashed secretly in Florida, is the sister of a New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy, and LIES to her Mormon handlers about her sexuality and her beer drinking -- I'd better have a PROFESSIONAL beside me, no???

It just means we would delay a few days and the temp order will be extended until then.

Funniest, is that the two of us HAVE successfully avoided each other ever since Jenny eavesdropped at my door and accused me of plotting to take my marijuana business elsewhere. So there was NO REASON for her trying to get a restraining order -- except to CODIFY LIES, so that the Christian Republican/Democrat Narco-Traffickers of Wilmington could BUILD ON THAT to eventually jail or nut-house commit me -- to SHUT ME UP!!!

3. I stopped at Benefits Management -- just to tell them I had been ATTACKED FROM ALL SIDES the last few days, but if I'm arrested or otherwise indisposed, to keep paying my rent here!!!


If ALL (or many) of my emails come back to me as BLOCKED when I send this posting out, I will find something other than GMAIL for email. And I have realized WHY scott@scottkenan.com address was STOLEN NOW -- to prevent the NC SBI from being able to communicate back to me, so I will CALL them shortly, and make sure they know that the FEDS will soon begin their investigation of what has been happening to me, so they DON'T want to get caught with their PANTS DOWN, not opening their OWN investigation, too!!!

Even better than MARIJUANA -- not that "Confederate" Dollar would agree -- LOL!!!


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