Monday, August 3, 2015

Coming Right Soon: The Civil Summons No-Contact Order for Stalking or Nonconsensual Sexual Conduct -- by Jennifer Mc Cracken (after I make certain she is NOT on my list of email recipients)!!!

It is CLEAR that I must leave anything on this blog regarding Ms. McCraken INTACT, so that the evidence can be seen by all.

I ASSUME I can reproduce on this blog many of the statements within the Court Summons -- it being a matter of Public Record.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy was MOST cordial, and got a kick out of my admitting (without his asking), that Jenny had sold me marijuana on several occasions -- but that I no longer do it.

I listen to Frank Sinatra, now, when I need to relax!!!


>>> MORE NOW!!! (my UPDATED list of 500 contacts is posted here

VERBATIM (including minor grammatical or other errors), but there is so MUCH, I'm not certain I will include ALL of the info from my Summons:

Hearing set for August 7, 2015 at 9:30 AM, Room 302.

(I don't actually recall signing for receipt -- the Deputy and I engaged in a lengthy LAUGH RIOT over this -- but REST ASSURED, I consider myself LEGALLY SERVED!!!)

I would NEVER forgive myself if I missed this Court Opportunity to SHINE like a DING-DONG STAR!!!


In ALL of these, if a number is omitted, it is because it was not checked or elaborated on.

2. The parties are neighbors and on at least two occasions the Defendant has rushed toward Plaintiff and gotten in her face in a threatening manner; Defendant Actions reasonably place the Plaintiff in fear of her safety.

4. The Plaintiff has suffered unlawful conduct by the Defendant in that: see above, dates of 7/17/15 and after. 


1. The defendant committed acts of unlawful conduct against the plaintiff.


1. The defendant shall not visit, assault, molest, or otherwise interfere with the plaintiff.

4. The defendant not abuse or injure the plaintiff.

5.The defendant not contact the plaintiff by telephone, written communications, or electronic means. 

Signed by District Court Judge R. Russell Davis

Signature of District Court Judge Or Designated Magistrate is ILLEGIBLE

Notice to Plaintiff

(Standard common sense things are checked)

5. The defendant, Mr. Kenan, moved into his apartment on or about July 1st. As a friendly neighbor, I began conversing with him, and eventually invited him to dinner, on or about July 15th. During dinner, our conversation consisted of various topics, I should say "his" conversation rather. Mr. Kenan shared with me at that time that he was an unmedicated schytofrenic (sp).

On or about July 17th, Mr. Kenan invited me into his apartment to show me some of his writings (Mr. Kenan is a blogger -- a very angry, rambling blogger). I was appauled at the language and lashing out at people he did on his blog. He asked me what I thought about it, and I gave him my honest opinion by telling him that I thought it childish by a man who Knows how to use technology to slander others.

He then rushed at me and threatened me bodily and verbally. Mr. Kenan is 6' 11" and weighs about 260 lbs, a very imposing man. I said goodbye and left immediately as I was afraid physically.

Mr. Kenan scared me another time when He came out in the hall asking me was I out on another beer guzzling binder, I don't drink, and I told him to stop spreading lies to that effect. He then rushed me got about two inches within my nose (OY!!!) and scared me to death yelling (I don't even remember what), at me.

As I stated, Mr. Kenan has a blog. He has repeatedly written lies about me on it. He has defamed my character terribly, and when you google my name, you get my Facebook photo (which he cut and pasted) and horrible things he has written. He continues to harass me, and he has written nasty things (continues to) about the property manager and others in the building. 

And one last thing. He said he is a member of the KKK, was in a Mexican prison and has the drug mafia after him, and that his mother is the top natzi in NC.

He also told me that he does more than write and could have his NARC trafficking defenders on me in a minute. My brother is a Sheriff's deputy here i New Hanover County and he is trying to get his name and number.

Thank you,
Jennifer McCracken

* * *

There is no point in me now defending myself, but anyone who knows me or reads my blog at all can see MANY distortions of the truth and outright lies. 

The last conversation I had with Ms. McCracken was when she sold me a $30.00 amount of marijuana, and she EAVESDROPPED outside my door before knocking, then ACCUSED me of planning to take my business to Anthony Humphrey (across the hall -- he and I on a phone conversation she had listened to my half of). I assured her I would NOT do that because Anthony never has pot to smoke or sell!!!

But then Anthony came out and we were ALL shouting at each other, and I GAVE UP SMOKING POT (after I finished that) -- due to it being such a DRAMA OBJECT (at least among some Carolina Apartments occupants).


And I WILL ask for a Public Defender -- although it is wise that Jenny and I avoid each other and I certainly would agree not to mention her in my blogs -- assuming she stops her "ignorant aggressions, lies and slander".

>>> ADDED @ 4:29 PM, EDT:

Just to give the Court the FLAVOR of my defense, at that dinner that Jenny invited me to, I had agreed to bring the salad -- which I did bring -- and carried an iced tea for my own beverage.

Jenny opened her refrigerator door, revealing four or five bottles of beer -- and virtually nothing else (I asked how she afforded to eat out all the time, and she said she had TONS of money stashed in Florida, so not just Disability, like me -- plus "Testosteroni's" contribution), then opened a beer for herself, which she drank.

Funniest, was that I had texted her asking if I should bring a bottle of wine, but not getting her reply until she summonsed me to come over and eat, it was too late for me to BUY a bottle, I having none, then, on hand!!!

I DO still possess the text from Jenny asking me to bring wine.

* * *

But I MUST clear my name of this nonsense, because JUST LIKE IN 2011 into 2012, that CRAP is used for OTHERS TO BUILD CASES ON -- trying to silence me.

So this within-the-law attempt to SLANDER OR LIBEL ME will not stand, and I intend to prosecute (or sue) the Plaintiff at my earliest convenience.

Scott David Kenan

>>> Qualified Officers of the Law or the Courts may have Gen. Russel Honore's cell phone number to ask the General what he thinks of the PROGRESS I continue to make here in Wilmington -- despite these silly distractions -- LOL!!!

>>> ADDED @ 5:52 PM: AND AFTER BEING TOLD IT WAS OVER AN HOUR TO SPEAK WITH A POSTAL INSPECTORI hung up -- and will go to my local Post Office in the morning instead.

Also, a few minutes ago, I heard two men in the hallway ARGUING STRENUOUSLY, but by the time I turned down the music to hear if I needed to go out to prevent violence, it toned down.

I'm not sure who one was, but I thought I recognized the voice of Don, and then heard the thunks of his cane as he walked away.


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