Friday, August 14, 2015

Overnight, the Path Forward OPENED UP TO ME -- in a Major Way!!!

Remember Jonathan Andreoli -- the HOTTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE -- whom I met in Parity, Brazil (with "Old Original Jesus"), fall 2009, while traveling with Sean "Blackwell" McAllister of, -- now his wife Ligia Splendora???

The Three of Us

Since then, Jonathan married a woman and started a family, but we STILL stay in touch and I've promised to bring his band up to play in celebrations -- once I get RICH.

We're getting FAR CLOSER to that now!!!

After writing Gen. Honore' last night, Facebook STOPPED a trick I've been able to avoid for over a month to KICK ME OFF!!!

WHOOPS!!! After an hour of NOT doing that, Facebook has RESUMED TRYING TO KICK ME OFF!!!

Jesus, me, and Jonathan Andreoli, 2009

This morning, I'm "pooped", and must now run some errands, but whence I return, I intend to write a posting -- a sort of "Tale of Two Media Personalities (I have known well or well-ish) -- and another who is a BITCH GODDESS, as well!!!"


BEYOND SHOCKING!!! "Off with the heads" of ALL POLITICIANS Obama has appointed or remain favorable to him!!!
The Food and Drug Administration approved limited use of the powerful painkiller OxyContin for children as young as 11 years old.
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