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After Speaking with Rudy Renfer, Assistant US Attorney in His Office, the Recept at NC Democratic Party in THEIR Offices, Mike Williams of the DEA in Raleigh, and then Mike Franklin of the DEA in Wilmington, I Am Probably Allowed to Write This Much:

The Carolina Apartments -- as it is currently run -- could soon be TOAST!!!

And if George Cutter (whom I simply don't understand at all -- so have no opinion, except that he's used to running it like a bully), and Tomi Matheson want to know WHO SPILLED THE BEANS, it is Jennifer McCracken, the person the DEA seemed most interested in getting details on, (of the problem people near me, personally -- and Court activities, etc.).

But they haven't gotten many beans from me yet -- I'm to be interviewed after Court tomorrow -- if I get out in time. That is the DEA's hope.

Otherwise, both the agent in Raleigh and the one in Wilmington were DELIGHTED to hear about my blog(s), and the one in Raleigh found it to search through WHILE I WAS STILL ON THE PHONE WITH HIM -- LOL!!!

Jennifer McCracken/Christine Hitchens

But at least one of the DEA Agents (memory is not perfect, here), and Rudy Renfer, got to hear about Jennifer's knowing about the murder of Colin Hamilton in Puerto Vallarta (when NO ONE else knew a thing) -- as well as her STRONG defense of Del Shores. I did NOT YET get into Jenny's STRONG defense of local Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris (or Ryan's past roommates who admitted being in big time narco-trafficking). Also Ryan's association with Costello's Piano Bar, where I first met her -- or her pathetic denials of knowing it, and my PAST witnessing of drug use and drug dealing there.

And of course this:

Now my OWN personal testimony, mostly First Person, will be the best for prosecutions of some or all of these people, and if Jenny or Mr. Humphrey wish to FIGHT my Restraining Orders, then I will read plenty of this into Court records tomorrow, too. I HOPE someone talks Jenny away from the idea of spewing her lies under Oath tomorrow, and simply accepting Consent.

Accepting Consent, means agreeing to the Restraining Order, but Nothing said in Court (from either side), can be used in later Prosecutions. It's just an agreement not to have contact -- and that includes via aliases.

Ditto Mr. Humphrey. I will wait until after consulting with the DEA before deciding if I should go for Criminal Prosecution of Mr. Humphrey -- as recommended by Judge Faisson.

And of course, it will make the Trial by Jury of my appeal of my Eviction from the apartments that more INTERESTING if the DEA is investigating the Plaintiffs, George Cutter and Tomi Matheson -- as well as their Witnesses, Jenny as well as Anthony Carmichael.

Mr. Cutter will need to show the records of his substantial clothing wholesale business, Cutter Limited, run out of his lovely house -- and Mr. Carmichael, the dealings of his Carmichael Industries. On surface, they appear to me to be FRONTS of some kind.

I just hope I have made my point about what is likely best for them in Court, tomorrow -- but recommend they consult their OWN lawyer, not me, the Plaintiff.


1. First, I want to make clear that my EARLIER dealings with Rudy Renfer in 2013, were during a time that I was HIGHLY pressured, and the business about a SENIOR and a JUNIOR in the US Attorney's Office were probably only my OWN misunderstanding. ALSO, I did not EMAIL him, as I sought to remind him today, but CALLED him from Mexico.

Then, like today, he referred me to the DEA -- PROPER PROTOCOL, as is very clear to me now. Since I was in Raleigh, and told him that the DEA Agent Jeff Grant (in 2011, when I had contacted them here), was PART of the problem, he got me the number in Raleigh.

To be clear, I first met Agent Grant on HIS first day on the job in Wilmington, and the guy he was replacing HANDLED ME, constantly, making LIGHT of everything I said -- like the corrupt official he must have been. My later contact with Agent Grant showed that he HAD then become corrupted -- or at least would listen to me NOT AT ALL (although on his FIRST day, he was VERY keenly interested).

This posting details that day, and also documents why I was certain the Coast Guard Drug Interdiction Officer at that time, Derrick Vachon was corrupted -- and I still believed the LIE that Thomas S. Kenan III had sent Salvador Fuentes (my alleged 4th Kenan cousin, his mother, and his Mom's friend, the 60 MINUTES producer), to interview me in Conchas Chinas.

In any case, the only other Rudy Renfer I found online is one elected head of the Republican Party of Johnston County, NC (near Raleigh), in 2007 -- and in the picture, that one looks too young to possibly be the Assist. US Attorney.

Today, I was MOST IMPRESSED by Mr. Renfer in every way, and would trust him completely. That said, there were some dealings that apparently tainted both Rudy Renfer and his boss, Thomas Walker, in 2013 -- but I assume all that has been straightened out or corrected. And may I say, he gave the MOST confident, LAW ENFORCEMENT handshake I have EVER received!!!

2. I am not going to detail my fairly long discussion with the Recept at NC State Democratic Party HQ, except to say she got a KICK out of my knowing of Thomas S. Kenan III's relationship with John Edwards (and the backstory of Elizabeth Edwards and her relationship with my long-term casual sex-mate David Terry the artist and SUPER-RACIST Sewanee alum) -- that and we AGREED that Kay Hagan should have run as a REAL (flat-out Liberal) Democrat -- instead of as a "Moderate" -- but then, until her last year or so, she had not acted much like a Democrat, anyway, at all.

I DID tell her of my new friendship with Elizabeth Redenbaugh here in New Hanover County -- who like me has an actual Kennedy Family connection -- and that I had met Zack Hawkins and the Communications Officer at the Wilmington meeting -- and had emailed ALL top officers, recently. I asked her to leave message for all of them (since none were in the offices), that I offer free DEEP BACKGROUND info into politics, that they might not be privy to.

3. Mike Williams is the coolest, down-to-earth, "modern" guy I have ever spoken to in a government position!!! (His style is best for  INVESTIGATING, while Rudy Renfer's "Old School" style is GREAT for Prosecuting!!!) And he QUICKLY told me that Jeff Grant is "gone" -- without elaboration, but his voice hinted at "Thank God!!!"

He HIGHLY PRAISED the newer Mike Franklin here in Wilmington, and if I have any difficulties or suspicions of corruption of local officials, I feel CERTAIN I could express those to Mr. Williams.

And I forget if it was the Recept or Mike Williams I told about my SHOCKING EXPERIENCE in Independence Mall, last weekend -- as seen here:

4. Mike Franklin seemed just a little confused when I first spoke with him -- not surprising for being in a Port, rather than higher up where WELL INFORMED people are more often dealt with. But he caught on QUICKLY, and was enthusiastic about looking at my blog as well as he or another local agent interviewing me -- as early as tomorrow after COURT!!!

That's it for NOW!!!

Oh, and for the record, TWO new comments for this blog came in from Jennifer McCracken while I was in Raleigh:

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You're trying to extort money from him, that has a tendency to kill one's lighter side, you parasite! You live off the state with you're disability checks, then claim there is nothing wrong with yourself. You take money from people then ask for more............... or else.. You sir are persona non grata everywhere. I've very little doubt you will be met with similar reception today. See you in court leech. 

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