Thursday, August 27, 2015

I'm FAR Less Afraid of Hitting a Black Hole on the Highway to Raleigh This Morning -- after Reading THIS!!!

Stephen Hawking's fantastic vision of black holes may solve 40-year paradox

British scientist Stephen Hawking has proposed a new solution to a paradox.
British scientist Stephen Hawking has proposed a new solution to a paradox.
"Black holes ain't as black as they are painted," Hawking said. They are not the absolute everything-crushers that imprison matter for eternity, as once thought. That's where his solution comes in.
    In our understanding of reality -- from infinitesimal subatomic particles to the infinite vastness of space-time -- two theories have explained so much, but have also been at odds with each other in key points.
    When it comes to black holes, Albert Einstein's theory of relativity postulates that information about particles passing through them is destroyed. But the equally important quantum theory says that's impossible -- information from the universe can never vanish.
    "Since the 1970s, efforts to combine these two theories have led to mathematical nonsense and have become known as the information loss paradox," said a statement from the conference built around Hawking's new solution.
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    My SALUTE to "Testosteroni" (who lost his sense of HUMOR, apparently):

    Scott Kenan shared a link.
    Queen Elizabeth II, the soon-to-be longest reigning monarch in British history, is also one of the most fashionable. That is, of course, thanks in part to her vast hat...
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    Scott Kenan shared a link.
    6 hrs · 
    John Kasich wants to take lounges away from teachers. He is just the latest Republican to make an enemy of America’s educators.
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    Please put this on some beaches! I would give anything to put my toes in the water again!
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