Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Now, HERE Is Something IMPORTANT about Drug-Trafficking in Wilmington, NC (and beyond) -- and MORE!!!

This coming Tuesday, I will vote for Independent "Half-Wit" Todd Zola -- as a PROTEST -- because the Narco-Trafficking Christian/Republicans TOTALLY SUPPORT Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo!!!

The Republicans LOVE Narco-Saffo SO MUCH, they didn't nominate a mayoral candidate the last TWO election cycles, and only a JOKER, back in 2011:

Still, in 2011, Justin LaNasa, a Republican and a common TATTOO PARLORIST (, actually got 1/3 the vote.

I DOUBT Zola can win, but if he does, he's not smart enough to stay in office long at all -- and then City Council can select the NEW MAYOR.

"Hot Greek Man", as he's known on, is retired and lives in Fayetteville, NC, but spent THIRTY YEARS in New York City working for Bill Saffo's UNCLE, who he claims runs the SAFFO MAFIA from there, but regularly comes to Wilmington to GIVE MAYOR SAFFO HIS ORDERS!!!

You DON'T have to pay to join Silver Daddies to go to his profile and send him a note asking for DETAILS, but if you DO join, you can see his GIANT GREEK FUN STICK!!!

One of Hot Greek Man's actual photos from that site, judiciously covered up so as not to offend straight men and Lesbians.

I figure that Mayor Saffo is hung about the same, but you could ask his ex-wife Renee -- who had to get a SECRET RESTRAINING ORDER against Bill Saffo when they split -- Bill being THAT VIOLENT (and I know many others who can confirm both this and Bill's SEXUAL VIOLENCE).

THANK GOD for this!!! 

And some of our elected officials who OVERSAW Wilmington WHILE the epidemic GREW to this proportion, are now DESPERATE to appear concerned -- PHOOEY!!!

Our Wilmington City and New Hanover County Governments -- especially the Police and Sheriff's Departments -- have long PROTECTED the hard-drug trafficking and it's TOO BAD no one credible is running against Mayor Saffo (one of the WORST).

I KNOW, because my Kenan Family (centered around Chapel Hill), and their Republican Party allies are making the MOST PROFIT from it -- as are Wilmington's TOP and BOTTOM Christian Churches

My own parents with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and others set up the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia in the 1980s and 90s, and my good friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knows all about the Kenan Family Drug Crimes -- they also setting it up in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA where I lived 1983 - 2010.


Officials say middle men between drug makers and physicians may have helped fuel the crisis


I FINALLY GOT the letter sent from Raleigh by Fed Ex (Overnight FIRST delivery for YESTERDAY delivery -- as mentioned here

And BELIEVE IT OR NOT, someone literally associated with my wealthy Kenan relatives had IGNORED my address on all the documents I had sent THEM, instead, opting for my old 2011 FAKE ADDRESS (the UPS Store on Front Street, downtown, where I had a BOX while homeless, and I could use that address for my drivers licence -- and to register to VOTE) -- and she could ONLY have gotten it from one of my CREDIT REPORTS, so I guess someone was A LITTLE SNOOPY, no???

In the end, when I learned it had been delivered THERE, I called, made arrangements and picked it up -- then wrote my PRIMARY CONTACT there and told him what I intend to do about it (future writing).

But at least THAT is now settled.

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The scientists accused EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt of giving industry-friendly researchers control and then defending his decision in doublespeak.

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What the majority party (Republican), is doing to the judicial branch in North Carolina isn't about being "conservative" - it's about consolidating power. Pay attention.

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Jonathan Martin, who has taken aim at Jerry Falwell Jr., was escorted from campus for what the university called "public safety reasons."

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A new report shows political anxiety is alive and well.
So George Papadopoulos PLEADS GUILTY to a major crime and 47% of American Adults are UNCERTAIN he did anything wrong -- are they GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS??? 

You BETCHA they are!!!

And more of the latest polling news.


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