Monday, July 24, 2017

On National Tequila Day (today), a CLEAR PATH Opens for Todd Zola to Be Elected Mayor of Wilmington, North Carolina (and other mysteries from Scott Kenan's "BELIEVE IT OR NOT")!!!

Hours after Fox News published Mike Pence's LOVE LETTER to Donald Trump as an op-ed, Trump attacked members of his own party, complaining that some Republicans do not “protect their president.”

This Fox News op-ed is laudatory.

THUS, intelligent people now are asking, is he throwing Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan under the BUS???

Scott Kenan
5 hrs

Could Kenan Family top exec (of our Exxon-Mobil), Rex Tillerson be on his way out??? His ties to and AWARD FROM Vladimir Putin might be TOO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT for even DONALD TRUMP -- LOL!!!

Imagine that.

Talk of a potential "Rexit" for Tillerson, a "chill" across the White House and new tests for the President on immigration and tax reform. It's all in today's Forecast.

And JUST NOW, I found a video SALUTE to Tom Kenan on Vimeo, that is TOTALLY HONEST and HEARTFELT, but shows IGNORANCE of where Tom's money comes from. I'll post link to it here with the comment I just left, and then SOON write another letter and send it to Tom in Chapel Hill:

I am a very distant cousin to Tom Kenan, but in 1985, dated his most recent long-term male lover in Carolina Apartments, Wilmington, NC, while the movie BLUE VELVET was being filmed there. 

Before that, I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and today, July 2017, I work with Patriots to OUST Donald Trump from office, Tom Kenan and his close relatives being the BIGGEST financial support of Donald Trump's presidency, so that Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil and our Putin-loving top exec, Rex Tillerson, can profit from Russia's oil and DESTROY the US Constitution

If the Kenans didn't still LOVE THE CONFEDERACY, they would have REMOVED the "Silent Sam" statue from the UNC Chapel Hill campus decades ago.

Tom Kenan and his step-mother Betty are Christians (Episcopal), so continue half TOO GOOD, half TOO EVIL.

Google my name for my political blog.

And now THIS that I posted on Facebook has gotten tons of "Likes" and "Loves" -- and about 40 comments in ONE hour -- HALF showing they read what I wrote with NO READING COMPREHENSION, and MANY posting HATE NOTES in the name of the BIBLE is what Trump uses to guide our country, and Liberals will have to be SHOT DEAD by Jesus's Followers.

I've already REMOVED several of the ugliest comments of self-proclaiming Christians, and BLOCKED a couple of people as well!!!:

Scott Kenan
1 hr

WHAT -- Chuck Schumer finally speaks TRUTH!!! 

Are the Demoncrats reverting to Democrats???: 

"Neither candidate was at all well-regarded by the electorate. Trump was viewed favorably by 38% of people and Clinton by an only slightly better 43%. What the election came down to was this: Voters wanted change and viewed Trump as the candidate of change

"Of the four in 10 voters who said a candidate who could "bring about needed change" was the most important trait for them, Trump won 82% to 14%. That's the entire election.

In the 2016 campaign, there was no one more loyal to Hillary Clinton than her one-time Senate colleague Chuck Schumer. He defended his fellow New Yorker and the race she ran at every turn.


Scott Kenan shared a link.
4 hrs

We hail Casa Gragones, which may be the world's best tequila. It's made San Miguel del Allende, Mexico, recently hailed as best city in the world.

He is prepared for The Night of the Iguana, written by my former boss, Tennessee Williams:

Scott Kenan shared Michael Wynne's post.
4 hrs
This is NOT NEWS!!! My Catholic St. Martha's grade school in Louisville, KY (1957 - 1963), taught EXACTLY THIS -- and that it is a MORTAL SIN for Catholics to believe in Bible-based "Creationism", like common Evangelical Trailer-Trash do!!!

Finally, rationality and religion meet!!
P Francis is the man!

The theories of evolution and the Big Bang are real and God is not “a magician with a magic wand”, Pope Francis has declared. Speaking at the Pontifical…


Incumbent Democrat Mayor Bill Saffo and Independent Todd Zola

1. The filing period for the fall election is now CLOSED, and only Bill and Todd filed to run for Mayor. NO ONE ELSE CAN FILE NOW (unless the law is changed).

2. Bill Saffo's Drug Mafia is LIKELY to be exposed by Federal Authorities, DEEPLY investigating the Narco-Trafficking and Whores-Running of the town's TOP POLITICIANS (of both parties), in conjunction with MANY of the TOP (and bottom) Christian Churches and Clergy.

Bill is almost CERTAIN to get INDICTED before the election -- or at least "Terminally Embarrassed" by all of that, so will HAVE TO RESIGN.

3. City Council will vote to appoint his replacement -- likely from their ranks -- but he or she CANNOT GET ON THE BALLOT, now -- LOL!!!

Wilmington: MEET YER NEW MAYOR!!!:

My One-on-One interview with Mr. Zola begins 1/3 the way down this posting:

And my Deputies of Love:


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