Friday, October 13, 2017

After Sheriff Ed McMahon Sent THREE Detectives (who REFUSED to identify themselves), to ENTRAP ME by Selling Me Marijuana -- I Can Only LAUGH!!! / My Conversation TODAY with 2011 Winner of the Kennedy "Profile in Courage Award", Elizabeth Redenbaugh!!!

>>> ADDED @ 2:21 PM: This posting was just sent SECURED SERVER to the New Hanover County Democratic Party!!!

Elizabeth Redenbaugh and Caroline Kennedy when Elizabeth won her award in 2011:

One of my times blogging about Ms. Redenbaugh

Yesterday, I got an email promoting this event,, that showed that ELIZABETH REDENBAUGH is one of its main sponsors. I had seen NOTHING in the Press about her since she left being Head of the New Hanover County Democrats, and really had assumed they beat her up so bad that she had RETIRED FROM POLITICS.

Knowing that I have her correct email address, but the CIA or other hackers block all my emails to Elizabeth, I looked to see if she has an org through which I could send her a note of thanks and encouragement, found her supposed law firm, so called and Elizabeth answered the phone, herself.

We were both THRILLED to find each other again, I had begun writing Elizabeth before I returned to Wilmington in 2015, and then finally met her in person at this Democratic Party strategy meeting that she had organized that fall:

I am the white head making a note (behind the white-headed woman in front dressed in black), then 1st Vice Chair, now Head, Richard Poole is in front of me, and Ryan Lee Burris, then 3rd Vice Chair, is on the aisle of my row (the young guy).

The FIRST thing Elizabeth did when I came in early and she was helping set up, was to give me a HUGE HUG!!!

Elizabeth and I have a very special "Touched by Kennedys" bond, I having known all of JFK's sisters and their husbands -- going to Peter and Patricia Kennedy Lawford's apartment on E. Sutton Place in NYC twice, while working, briefly, with Pat and Tennessee Williams on a fundraising project for Columbia University.

But I knew Jackie Kennedy Onassis BEST, Jackie warning Tennessee Williams that the Episcopal Church, Republican Party, and others would MURDER HIM to steal his estate from Harvard University. Only much later, did I learn that my relative Frank Hawkins Kenan -- there's a bridge named for him as you leave Wilmington on the "Michael Jordan Freeway" (I-40), over the Northeast Cape Fear River -- was PART of the MURDER/THEFT plan.

Jackie Onassis, when I knew her. And my account of that which is DEVOID of the Politics: 

So today, I told Elizabeth that I am STILL a registered Democrat, but TOO MANY powerful Democrats here are JUST AS EVIL AS ALL REPUBLICANS (possible exception being Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo), and they'll do ANYTHING to try to discredit me, so I do NOT hang with DEMOCRATS!!!

She understood, and already knew as much.

I told her how my Kenan Family had put Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY in favor of Klan Robes, and that I have "pulled connections", and have written Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe about it all -- DIRECTLY -- with facts and evidence they can CONFIRM.

She said, "FANTASTIC!!!"

I knew she had to run to a meeting and had no time, so I filled her in on no details, but also said I am BACK IN TOUCH directly with Kennedys -- in the person of Joe Kennedy III, Congressman from Massachusetts, and his office people let me know they LOVE MY BLOG.

Also, that I see that she, Judge Robin Robinson, Terry Espy, and I are all CONNECTED on LINKED-IN:

Terry Espy and her husband had an Art Gallery on Front Street when I was homeless, and were ALWAYS sympathetic to me when I was homeless:

And that Elizabeth, Robin, and Terry are the FINEST THREE PEOPLE I have met in Wilmington!!!

I told her how I had discovered a plan for MASSIVE VIOLENCE in Wilmington, alerted my friend Sheriff Ed McMahon of it by writing him and hand-delivering it to him at the jail this past Sunday, but then three Sheriff's Detectives came to my house a few hours later, REFUSED to give me their names, and then one tried to entrap me in buying marijuana from her -- which did NOT work.

Later, a Detective told me I am CRAZY and NO ONE BELIEVES ME, and denied what could easily be proven in Court about the violence Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther -- husband of Judge Lindsey McKee Luther -- had posted on Facebook immediately after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. And that D.A. Ben David is INTIMATELY involved.

Then I quickly said I had INCLUDED that in my letters to FBI Director McCabe.

"GREAT!!!" she said -- but remember, she had NO IDEA of the details, but was responding to the PRINCIPLE of what I have done.

"Well, GODSPEED until we meet again!!!" I said before we hung up.

Much better than the big arguments I got into a few years ago with Laura Turner Seydel and John Rutherford Seydel!!! 

Since then, I've given a lot of evidence against my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan and put Trump into power to destroy Democracy. My FIRST letter to FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe:
Words can not express how proud I am of my son John Rutherford Seydel and how hard he has worked. He is doing the critical work of starting in your own backyard and community, and lifting Atlanta up as an example to the nation

At 24, Atlanta’s new sustainability director has already spent a lifetime in the field. He attributes that to cartoons and his famous family.


TRUE that I will be in Lindsey McKee Luther's Courtroom 317, BUT it is the FIRST HEARING where my accuser of "Communicating Threats", Dustin Goldsmith, must ALSO appear. If he DOES appear, then an actual Court Date for Trial will be set in the future.

If he does NOT appear, D.A. Ben David can continue only ONCE to try to compel him to appear.

Or the charge might just be DISMISSED.

So Judge Lindsey McKee will NOT preside over a trial of me (at this time).

My accuser.

My accuser's BEST FRIEND (and also a former roommate of mine), who might be called as a CHARACTER WITNESS for Dustin Goldsmith -- HA!!!


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