Sunday, October 8, 2017

My URGENT Letter to Sheriff Ed McMahon, Delivered to His Office at New Hanover County Jail, Today:

Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon sworn in by Democrat Judge Robin Robinson, and Robin THANKED ME for returning to Wilmington two years ago to EXPOSE CORRUPTION.

October 8, 2017

Sheriff Ed McMahon
3950 Juvenile Center Road
Castle Hayne, NC  28429

Dear Sheriff McMahon,

This morning, I’m writing you about a most serious matter that needs your immediate attention. I have already sent the FBI and the US Justice Department some of the information that I will soon send to the Feds, but you are the person responsible for the behavior of your Deputies, and I have good evidence that your Detective Evan Luther (husband of Republican Judge Lindsey “McKee” Luther), along with former Assistant District Attorney Alex Nicely and many others, are planning a mass shooting much like the recent one in Las Vegas, and they are doing it under cover and with the blessing of many Wilmington Christian Churches – just like my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr. with First Presbyterian where he was then an Elder, led the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection.

Unfortunately, D.A. Ben David, an Elder at that congregation that I was a member of for half a year in 2011 – as is Judge Lindsey “McKee” – is also part of this, and I have in fact sent notice of the corruption of many high officers in that congregation to the top three clergy, yesterday, and documented it in my blog.

I should also say that I suspect that the corruption in your Deputies is due to the CIA and other Christian organizations, that you have no control over. When I first met you at the “Patriotic” gathering on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in 2011, a day or two before the 4th of July, you CRIED and claimed you were unaware of your Deputies with CIA protecting the unloading of powder drugs under Snow’s Cut Bridge, but when I returned from living in Mexico in Political Exile (with Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer’s help), the second time, June 2015, “everyone” in town knew about that operation, and claimed it had GROWN in my absence. So, either you didn’t or couldn’t stop it, but that is between you and higher Law Enforcement – and yes, God.

Another huge criminal in your Deputies, is the brother of Jennifer McCracken of Apt. 67 in Carolina Apartments, who when I lived in Apt. 65 in 2015, sold every imaginable illegal drug, and claimed to be protected by her brother. Jenny’s surname is from a previous, failed marriage, so I have no idea her brother’s surname.

I also want to say that your force is FAR MORE professional than the Wilmington Police, a statement to your trying, and Cpl. Duffy Baker in the Court House is the best of your people whom I know. In 2011, I twice saw Police officers in uniform sharing a joint in the HQ parking lot on Bess Street, and Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked CRACK daily in the house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine. I have no idea if Ralph is still on CRACK.

What I found posted by Evan Luther on his Facebook Page,, which I will briefly describe and paste in the comments his “friends” made, because my color cartridge is low, you will need to access the MEME on my blog, here:

The image is a video of how to make a gun fire as fast as with a “bump stock”

U.S Ultimate Weapons added a new video. Like Page
October 4 at 6:10am ·
Here's how you can easily convert your ghost guns to fully automatic machine guns in under 4 min.

Credit: Andy Orlando for more check on Fb /

The comments posted beneath it:

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Boswell M Mark
Boswell M Mark Hahahahaha lmao
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Weston Murray
Weston Murray Lol I wish I had known it was so easy!!!
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Matthew Boswell
Matthew Boswell Lol
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Caleb Green
Caleb Green This guy knows his stuff!!!!!
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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith I mean I understand sometimes having to utilize less high end weapons, but if you can afford a HiPoint you really should go with it. I don't understand going with the SIG. I'd much rather save up some extra money and go with the more proven weapon system (HiPoint).
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Paul Hieber
Paul Hieber LMAO. 70,000 rounds a min.
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Boswell M Mark
Boswell M Mark Ok I just watched the whole thing. I think if you've decide to do this you should definitely call the FBI and make it legal. Hahahaha.
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In mid-2015, I found a MEME of Evan Luther’s Facebook Page, of well-armed white men shooting up unseen people, with the caption: “You cannot legislate the evil out of this world, Gentlemen. In the end, you are going to have to give good men guns and LET THEM LOOSE!!!”, which will also be shown on my blog with this letter.

Many Law Officers -- and even Elected Politicians -- have now been FIRED or had to RESIGN due to LESS NAZI social-media postings than ANY of what Evan Luther feels he can post “in the name of Jesus, and Christianity (and First Presbyterian, Wilmington).”

At that time -- 2015, Evan also posted photos of arsenals with heavy guns, grenades, etc., and Alex Nicely – still an Assistant D.A. then, was frequently “liking” Evan’s traitorous and anti-God postings. Although I was back in touch with Mr. Nicely several months ago when he was in private practice with my defense attorney, Bruce Mason, he has left that position since, and shows no new job. He has ALSO gutted both his Facebook Page and LINKED-IN profile of all he had posted on them a few months ago, but lists himself as an ACTIVE Assistant D.A., so I ASSUME he’s gone “dark” as the planned mass shooting is meant to be soon.

I DEMAND that you immediately suspend both Detective Luther and Jennifer McCracken’s brother WITHOUT PAY, pending your full investigation – and that the Public be made aware of it through your spokesman and both the Wilmington Star News and Port City Daily.

GOD KNOWS that I hope I am WRONG, but I will let the Feds know of this in far more detail – as well as NC Attorney General Josh Stein, and publish THAT on my blog as well.

I know you well enough to believe you are THANKING GOD that I have taken these “radical steps” – I beholden to NO ONE but my own self-respect and the respect of Our God. I am afraid of NOTHING, because even if they kill me – and they have tried MANY times in the past – I will die a MAN!!!

But they won’t kill me.

With all due respect for you personally, and your office

Scott David Kenan

I’m sure you know how to contact me, LOL!!!

Detective Evan Luther and Judge Lindsey Luther (now styled "Lindsey McKee")

Jennifer McCracken (I know of FIVE of her aliases)

License plate of Jennifer's mother's car -- Jenny telling me she got her ORDERS from the Mormon Church, via her mother.


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