Saturday, October 14, 2017

ACCELERATING Great New NEWS -- Despite SPECTRUM Cable's JOKE of an Offer for Hitting Me 12 Feet Out of a Crosswalk!!!


And in Kenan Auditorium (a gift of my Ku Klux Klan Kenan Family that put Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY)!!! 

The $24.00 for tickets is pricey for me now, so I haven't decided about going or not -- but I will SURE be in touch with Ms. Parker!!!

Like me, Dierdre Parker once lived in a HOMELESS SHELTER in Wilmington!!!

Her talk, titled 'Becoming DIVA: Unpacking the Junk in the Trunk,' is a one-woman show happening Saturday.




1. I STILL have heard nothing from either Sheriff Ed McMahon or his Detectives who tried to entrap me by offering me marijuana on Sunday when they interviewed me at home for half an hour. Nor anything about the Detective Sargent who on Tuesday, claimed I was too CRAZY for ANYONE to believe, and REFUSED to investigate the husband of Judge Lindsey McKee Luther (an Elder at First Presbyterian), Evan Luther for this CALL TO VIOLENCE:

This and OTHER things Det. Luther posted on his personal Facebook page.

A call from Sheriff McMahon -- with an honest explanation showing they are not deliberately PERSECUTING ME because they hate "FAGGOTS" and Liberals like me (D.A. Ben David and Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo REFUSED to prosecute a HATE CRIME against me by David Alan Young recently), could DEFUSE this whole thing -- but apparently they are PROUD of their behaviors -- especially since the Sheriff is a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN and a TOP DEMOCRAT!!!

2. The absurd offer from Lawyer Brian M. Williams, should have been somewhat expected, since I keep calling out all his LIES and DELAYING -- like that it was six weeks after I gave him the contact for my doctor's medical records, he claiming he HAD contacted them, they claiming to me they NEVER heard from him -- and then he emailed me that he had just sent them my permission to get the records and a request for them.

And since the New Hanover Regional Medical Center doctor's group is one of the most prominent in town, there is NO EXCUSE for Brian not figuring out how to contact them, he having many of their bills when he first got the case.

And Brian made CLEAR he had APPROVAL from SPECTRUM COMMUNICATIONS of his offer of $400.00 more than my out-of-pocket medical expenses -- not including auto use to 6 - 8 doctors appointments -- he claiming only two -- which involved inconvenience, expense, and the pain of getting in and out of my low-slung car, that is not a problem except when my back muscles are all BADLY BRUISED.

So I might PICKET Spectrum's Wilmington retail locations, rather than visit Brian's office in Raleigh, and since I have a Court date this Monday, nothing before Tuesday.

Bruce Mason, the lawyer who first repped me on this, had told me the realistic range of settlements, the LOWEST being more than ten times what Brian offered, and the highest was eight times the lowest one. Since I DID heal without complication, the lower end is more likely, but since they LIED TO ME REPEATEDLY, DELAYED UNNECESSARILY, and Spectrum CONTINUES to hold my cable payments long enough to tack on late fees before depositing, SPECTRUM is a REAL CULPRIT in this, and owes me far MORE than that minimum, now.

3. I had a long talk with my mother this morning -- she could not BELIEVE that offer from Brain Williams that Brian made on authority of Spectrum Communications. But she LOVED all the other stuff, and that I'm making SO MUCH PROGRESS exposing corruption of BOTH PARTIES and the FAKE CHRISTIANS who support Swastikas and Klan Robes.

Mom ALSO loved that I've gotten back in touch with Elizabeth Redenbaugh!!!:


Napier Fuller ran for City Council in Wilmington in 2011 as a Republican -- and I voted for him -- despite our disagreeing on some things -- because he has INTEGRITY and had many practical ideas in a DOWN ECONOMY. But he lost.

Napier has to be PROUD of this (and look how we quickly find COMMON GROUND), since he posted it on FACEBOOK, so no reason not to re-publish it

I am THRILLED with the US Atty General's 25-page memo on Religious Liberty -- immediately applicable to my ongoing criminal prosecution by UNC's aggrieved trannies

(???) ~ Scott -- what unnecessary smear of transsexuals is this???

In case you haven't been following the case, read the FACTS of the CASE in the linked PDF in a court document: sworn as correct under penalty of perjury. I'm planning a federal civil rights counter suit against the UNC actors after the criminal case is resolved in my favor (out of 3 charges, 2 I have already won and the last is being litigated).

This document contains a Facts of the Case and Constitutional arguments; it was written (as all my motions) by myself although with input, pro bono, from an attorney with the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

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Napier Fuller accolades to the atty general !!!

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October 6 at 4:44pm
Napier Fuller Liberals are freaking out >>>

Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed federal agencies to strongly favor faith-related legal…

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October 6 at 4:49pm
Scott Kenan Hi Napier Fuller!!! 

Remember 6' 11" me from your unsuccessful political run in 2011??? I got to the bottom of my Kenan Family's putting Trump into power to get Russia's Oil and to install Kenan Ku Klux Klan robes in place of the Constitution. 

"Christians" all HATE GOD, especially in Wilmington, and I gave Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, and FBI Acting Director much info to STOP the mass murder planned by D.A.s Ben and Jon David with Sheriff McMahon, and white Christian Churches. 


My first of two to the FBI, both published on blog. Mayor Bill Saffo, the D.A.s David, Thom Goolsby, and Chief Ralph Evangelous are now SCARED OF ME

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23 hrs
Napier Fuller Yes I remember you! You know the corruption out there is AWFUL! 

I'm planning to sue many of the judges, prosecutors, and UNC admins once the last charge in STATE v FULLER is adjudicated in my favor. 2 of the 3 charges already have been, I hope everything is OK in Mexico!

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21 hrs
Napier Fuller I was at the Kennedy Center recently and though of you and that picture of Tennessee Williams!

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21 hrs
Scott Kenan Napier: I live on 4th Street in Wilmington, now and might have a LOT of info to help you (although I know nothing about your complaint)

Look what I just blogged today, after re-connecting with Elizabeth Redenbaugh

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Napier Fuller Scott Kenan ok cool. I’m planning to name Sheriff Ed McMahon as a Defendant in a Civil Rights violation. Google “42 USC 1983” for caselaw.

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Reply18 hrs
Scott Kenan Well he just SCREWED ME!!! 

What I have also noticed about Napier, is that given much of what he's posted, he must be a Roman Catholic -- but he posts things the OPPOSITE of what I was taught by the nuns while growing up. Napier has lived nearly his entire life in Wilmington, so may have been influenced by people like Father Robert J. Kus, who was intimately involved in smuggling the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa (in Artwork -- something Napier loves), after Apartheid fell (because the Pope thought that so unfair to WHITEYS), with my MOTHER, who admitted this -- and later for 30 years worked with my former roommate Philip Rosario who was told me he was DEEP into Narco-Trafficking and Whore-House running in Wilmington WITH ASSOCIATION WITH FATHER BOB KUS!!!

Philip Rosario's altar to Catholic Fun and Drug Addiction in my house while he lived here.

And when I had my LONG TALK with Father Bob in 2011, he knew NOTHING of much of the Catholic Theology I had been taught in my youth, and kept up with, later.

This was ALSO posted by Napier Fuller:

I make my own meme's btw. This is from the fatherhood conference...

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Scott Kenan Napier Fuller: I was raised Roman Catholic and had eight years in Catholic grade schools where we learned that the Catholic Church considers "The Big Bang Theory" and Evolution to be completely in agreement with the Old Testament -- and it a Mortal Sin to believe in Creationism (including that man was created first and woman from man)

I take issue with this MEME (although raising children right is a parent's FIRST responsibility) -- not because of Catholic Teaching, but because of Scientific Understanding


Wilmington, North Carolina downtown showing First Presbyterian, with the Kenan Steeple, tallest in town.

First Prez congregants call this "The Six-Foot Kenan Cock" -- a Wake-Up Call Rooster, symbol of the Reformation.

As I explained to Mom this morning, with a NEW BLOCKBUSTER MUSICAL coming to Broadway soon -- about the Kenan/First Prez-led Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- The Press will soon BOMBARD the Clergy and Elders and Deacons (includes D.A. Ben David, Judges Lindsey McKee Luther, and Jeffrey Noecker), about HOW that congregation was so HATEFUL and MURDEROUS and ANYTHING but Christian -- then -- and HOW they have improved since then.

And THIS is what they currently support -- LOL!!!:

Well, I discovered yesterday, that all my emails to Pastor Dan Lewis and two other clergy there, were all BLOCKED, but came back to my SPAM FILE, so I had not noticed that they NEVER got my WARNING about all of this over the last two weeks.

This coming week, I will write and PRINT and hand-deliver a missive to the same Leadership there.

My devout Catholic mother LOVED that idea -- HA!!!


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