Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Word from Tennessee Williams / PROGRESS on the Home Front / MORE Evidence Regarding Denise Wood (the PERRRFECT Painter) / Etc. . . .

"There are thousands of papers, stretching back over hundreds of years, affecting Belle Reve as, piece by piece, our improvident grandfathers and father and uncles and brothers exchanged the land for their epic fornications—to put it plainly! . . . The four-letter word deprived us of our plantation, till finally all that was left—and Stella can verify that!—was the house itself and about twenty acres of ground, including a graveyard, to which now all but Stella and I have retreated."

-- Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire

Today, my roommate, "Blondie" was finally able to get his Adderall prescription refilled by his doctor -- and it quickly calmed his "nervous condition" that it is prescribed for. BECAUSE the LOCK-UP at the jail first confirmed they HAD his bottle of about 15 - 20 pills (confiscated two weeks ago when another driver totaled his vehicle while Blondie was parked -- DESPITE it being appropriately prescribed to him). 

Adderall is a POWERFUL narcotic that for most people NOT needing it for this purpose, it functions as "Pharmaceutical Methamphetamine", and is HIGHLY PRIZED on the black market. Although the lock-up told him they HAD IT, by the time he got there some days ago, they NO LONGER HAD IT.

Blondie spoke with MANY Sheriff's Detectives, who finally tracked down EXACTLY which officer LAST had had it in his possession, and he was off for a few days, but Blondie got hold of him this evening when he returned to work. After much denial, that officer ADMITTED he had had it and no one after him, but they do NOT have it any longer. Several sergeants were also involved in trying to track it down, and when this last-possessing guy said that Blondie was JUST OUT OF LUCK, Blondie said he needed to report that back to the sergeant who had SEEMED to take him seriously, and after a LONG argument that I heard without hearing the guy on the other end of the conversation, Blondie had to DEMAND to be transferred to that sergeant, and finally the officer did do that.

The sergeant then told him that they "just don't have it now", and he could file a complaint, and had NO CONCERN that his subordinates had OBVIOUSLY sold this powerful narcotic on the streets of Wilmington -- just like the Police Lock-Up had never gotten the two bicycles (one worth more than $5,000.00), that they cataloged at my house. Haston Lavern Caulder KNEW that Wilmington Police sell expensive items rather than take them to Lock-Up, so I checked, and they had everything in Lock-Up -- EXCEPT THE BICYCLES!!!

And Sheriff Ed McMahon's Detectives REFUSED to listen to me, and RIDICULED ME as totally CRAZY -- SWEARING Judge Lindsey McKee Luther's husband Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther did NOT post many memes and ideas on his Facebook page ADVOCATING for CHRISTIANS to SHOOT UP anyone who disagrees with THEIR interpretation of the Bible, like this one, posted right after the SLAUGHTER in Santa Fe:

BUT, after I let them know I'd sent all the info to the FBI in Washington, DC, Evan's Facebook listing was ENTIRELY REMOVED.

And what about Jennifer McCracken of Apartment 67 in Carolina Apartments who had offered me not just marijuana, but any other hard drug, and knew ALL ABOUT the Drug Mafia murder of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group leader Colin Stuart Hamilton -- more than anyone I knew in Puerto Vallarta -- and ALSO that it was by the CIA.

Her brother is a HIGH Sheriff's Deputy here in New Hanover County -- and she told me he PROTECTS HER.

Ed "PULL MY FINGER" McMahon claims he is a CHRISTIAN, but his force is THIS CORRUPTED and Ed is COMPLICIT.

Ed McMahon needs to be convicted of these crimes and spend the rest of his days in PRISON -- with D.A. Ben David and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous.

Anyway, MUCH running around today and much accomplished as well. In the process I talked with MANY people, and I looked for people with crosses or Catholic crucifixes as jewelry to test out WHICH kind of Christians they were. The ALL said I was on the RIGHT TRACK, that they KNEW THAT THAT WAS TRUE about Wilmington's FAKE CHRISTIANS, and that everyone is TOO AFRAID OF REPRISALS from the "Christian" Drug Mafia to speak up publicly about it.

The all THANKED ME for my COURAGE and FEARLESSNESS, and determination to feed the TRUTH to those UN-CORRUPTED beyond North Carolina and the influence of my wealthy Kenan family, which EVERYONE knows runs on HATE and GREED.

I keep forgetting to write that I did NOT send my recent posting to either the FBI nor the Sheriff's Detectives by secured server. It was too much work to distill the essence first, all they needed, and I didn't want to waste their time wading through all the extra commentary. The evidence suggests they now MONITOR THIS BLOG, anyway.

Today, I needed to light the pilots of the two furnaces in this apartment. STRANGELY, the wall-mounted heater in the kitchen lit right up, but NOT the two furnaces, and after hearing the gaseous NOT natural gas hissing for over twenty minutes -- but NEVER got a gas smell -- that seeming entirely illogical, I did the next illogical thing, and took a flashlight to be sure the valve outside was actually on (how ELSE would I get gas in one appliance so fast but not the two furnaces).

Well, of course it was on, but it is right by Denise Wood's apartment, her light was on (but she not home for the last two days), no curtain, and her giant lounge chair clearly visible and also her big bookcase, so "Sam" Celia's words documented in the last posting made even MORE SENSE


REMEMBER: Gold Walker had told me very recently that ANYONE (she meaning me), who criticized Christians or Christianity should be PERMANENTLY LOCKED UP. THIS is really why she gave me 30-days notice, and that is DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RELIGION (she is NOT prejudiced against gays), so if she PERSISTS, I will have her prosecuted for this type discrimination -- or at least this will be ONE OF MANY OPTIONS to get Gold on record in Court for this non-sense.

Neva Rae Fox gives the Sheriff Ed McMahon "PULL MY FINGER" salute!!! It is her PROFILE PHOTO, as seen here: 

But if YOU need to ask her about it all, she picked up IMMEDIATELY when I called her at this number: (212) 716-6080.

And here is her email address that she wrote me from:


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