Monday, October 23, 2017

Sittin' on This Here Fence . . .

Sandra Beckham
6 hrs
“A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.”
― Ezra Pound

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Scott Kenan This includes each and EVERY Christian!!! Both the better and the worst of them.

Those who follow Jesus's Teachings (regardless whether they believe in Jesus being the "Son of God"), NEVER kick the Criminal Inverted Christians OUT of their churches and therefore ALLOW them "Christian Cover" for their crimes.

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This should be required reading for EVERYONE, and I saw how I have been victim of these techniques -- but more importantly, how I must clean up some of my OWN communication, being sometimes guilty of some of these myself!!!

These are just evil.

Are you the victim of a narcissist's toxic manipulation? Check out some of their most common approaches to twisting your mind.

To begin with, although Denise Wood APPEARS to have moved out downstairs, I was in bed by 9:15 last night -- exhausted from emotional roller-coasters of landlady Gold Walker's mercurial opinions and attitude toward me, as well as the negotiations over the truck that hit me last February. Denise had NOT returned by then, and this morning shortly after dawn, her vehicle was here, and I saw she has NOT cleared her belongings off the back porch.

She's surely paid rent through the end of the month, so she has occupancy rights until then. Gold Walker will receive my physical letter within two days, which will make it all very real to Gold. Her mercurial attitude, words, and behaviors toward me of late should CLARIFY after she reads something as real as a physical letter.

The email address for her son, Allen Walker, at his Walker World (as listed prominently on Walker World's Facebook page), DOES NOT EXIST, so his copy was returned. It did NOT work six months ago, but I'd figured that was just a "fluke" then -- that facility being SO POPULAR and FREQUENTLY RENTED -- according to Gold.

NO ONE has picked up my Facebook message to them from their page, either (so far, anyway).

My mother got EXTREMELY NERVOUS (like a guilty person), when I reported all of this to her this morning, but Mom WAS literally the TOP NAZI in the USA for many, many years, reporting directly to the Catholic Popes, so that is to be expected. She finally said we "could not talk about it more", but at least did NOT hang up on me this time -- PROGRESS!!!

I DID receive the Settlement Agreement from lawyer Brian Williams this morning, and after getting some clarification, I will sign and have it notarized and send it back to get payment, I had some questions about it, now resolved, and it INCLUDES a GAG ORDER on all things about the accident and settlement, except that I can tell the "generic story", without naming any actual names.

It's the STORY that matters, not the participants' identities, here.

And that is it, and now to run some errands.



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