Wednesday, October 25, 2017

WHOA!!! I Just Met With "Sister Isaac" / I Spoke FRANKLY with Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. / My Conversation with the TOP Public Affairs Officer of the Episcopal Church, USA, Yesterday:

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig is BACK at Tileson Charities (Sister Isaac Center), at St. Mary's Catholic this week only.

And she and I just had a MEETING!!!

My roommate, "Blondie", went to the Sister Isaac Center this morning to ask for some help on several fronts. He needed more info from me, so when he told me she was here. I had tithed actually MORE than 10% of the royalties from my memoir,, until District Attorney Ben David (via his one-time Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan), with Jamie Lee Sutherland and lawyer Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC of Chicago (also a Talking Head on Fox News), got a FALSE CONVICTION of me of "LIBEL" in Cook County Courts in Chicago in 2013, and Amazon did NOT believe the Legal Documentation they sent, suspended sales for six months but got NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF of that conviction for either Jamie Sutherland, Dahlia Saper, or Ben David, then dropped the listing -- but sent ME all the ROYALTIES.

I was homeless while I had tithed this -- so good at panhandling that I kept my COMMITMENT to Sister Isaac until I received no more royalties.

PREVIOUSLY, I had promised to tithe to First Presbyterian Church -- until I learned that during the Great Recession (then still on), they had REFUSED to give any of their employees even a Cost of Living raise, but DID go ahead and refurbish their Church Bells and a Pipe Organ, refurbishments that are required every 50 - 100 years, so could have been delayed a few years. They had NO INTEREST in the well-being of their LOYAL EMPLOYEES!!!

And Ben David was a Deacon there, then, since elevated to an Elder.

After Sister Mary Isaac and I exchanged greetings and I told her I NOW work directly feeding the FBI in Washington, DC EVIDENCE in INFO on the CORRUPTION of certain high Political Officials and even "Inverted Christian" churches -- aligned with Donald Trump and the Republican Party -- she BLESSED ME, and I left her to deal with roommate "Blondie" in a process that takes some time, and for which I was not needed.

I made arrangements to DONATE the child's bed (still sealed in its original packaging), that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC had sent to Haston Laverne Caulder II, absolutely MYSTIFYING both Haston and me -- since Haston HAD a good bed to use, and did NOT want a SMALLER one.

Then I walked home and ran first into landlady Gold Walker's handyman Ben, who refused to meet my eye or greet me -- LOL!!!

I entered this house, and ran right into Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who was leaving for work, and asked if Denise Wood had completely moved out. He said no -- that Denise had told him she had gone into a period of "limbo" for a couple of months, and would be living mostly ELSEWHERE (WHY she had moved her belongings out two or three days ago), and then expected to be back about January 1, 2018.

Knowing that Denise knew I would force Gold Walker to go through a LEGAL EVICTION of me, then if she got it, force it to JURY TRIAL, and if she won, then THAT would be when I would actually leave, more or less, I told him I would SUBPOENA him to testify under oath about Denise's HISTORY of heavy NARCO-TRAFFICKING, and of course -- since it was Denise who warned "Sam" that there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION on his HUGE former LSD LAB (which had supplied Dr. Timothy Leary, my friend Theodore Druch of Puerto Vallarta, and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead -- and possibly Ryan Lee Burris of Wilmington whose email address is ""), that it would be INTERESTING revealing all of that in COURT!!!

JUST NOW, Blondie came home loaded with all kinds of helpful LOOT that Sister Mary Isaac gave him, ans we have LOTS of errands to run.

So SORRY, my tale of the phone discussion with the Head Public Relations Officer of the Episcopal Church, USA, Neva Rae Fox -- and it INCLUDES my discussion with her of her "church's" MURDER OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS and HUGE support from the WEALTHY KENANS who put Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY and DISTRIBUTE MORE HARD DRUGS to AMERICANS (and foreigners for PROFITS for the "Christian" Churches), needs to wait until later today.


And I will write Gold Walker ANOTHER letter (in a friendlier tone), explaining all of this, as well.

Neva Rae Fox (and her cats)


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