Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cleaning Up a Few Things (going all the way back to KINDERGARTEN, no less)!!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this morning (as soon as I'd had enough coffee), I emailed this to EVERYONE family, friend, and Press, that I had sent the email published in the bottom half here to:

Sorry about my "PTSD" outbreak, yesterday. Here is 
what I think after sleeping on it:

I take Mom at her word that Mike said he would just pass any inheritance to me, he being the executor.

I trust Mike far more than any others of my living blood relatives (other than Andrea Opperman).

I had mistakenly assumed that Mike would be like Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., who fought to get me to let into my house many people he KNEW AT THAT TIME were planning to kill me in Mexico, then FOUGHT me tooth and nail to keep me from returning to the USA in 2015 after the USA had become CLEARLY safer for me than Mexico, then made every ridiculous excuse to cut me off cold because of his love of and STRONGER FINANCIAL SUPPORT of narco-trafficking and whores-running criminals in Wilmington, most notably Haston Lavern Caulder II.

I just saw this as all being an EXTENSION of God-Hating guys who have or have had sex with guys consensually, kissing the BUTTS of Christian Women who control them (and pronounce them STRAIGHT), and the purse strings, and PRAISING JESUS, SWASTIKAS, and KLAN ROBES all the way -- like Mom has done her entire life (except the Klan robes -- since the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross on Mom's yard when she was six -- because my grandfather, Henry John Meyertrained and bar-passed as a lawyer, but he eschewed that to teach grade school and coach basketballWON as Democratic Candidate for County Clerk in Brookville, Indiana, but was CATHOLIC, Grandpa then CONCEDING because the Republicans threatened to DEPORT any immigrants who might have voted and would NOT pass their SCRUTINY when they checked EVERY DEMOCRAT-REGISTERED VOTER in the county).

Scientific studies released in the last two years show that 43% of Adult American Men admit to having had sex with a guy at least once since adulthood, while something like 86% admit to getting erections over seeing a naked guy.

Christianity is FUCKED and everyone who loves God knows that.

May they all burn in HELL -- LOL!!! (but they WON'T since there's NO HELL -- except the ones we make for ourselves on Earth).


OVERDUE clarification:

I have NO REASON to believe that the Drumheller who runs the Alamance, NC Meet-Up/North Carolina Writers Network meeting and Clell Drumheller, head of BOTH the North Carolina Christian Party and that in Texas and is the NATIONAL HEAD, are in fact related or connected.

Clell Drumheller heads the White Supremacist, Anti-God (and pro-Jesus/Christianity), Christian Party, USA!!!

BUT Kenan-controlled Bank of America is the LARGEST employer in North Carolina -- and Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil is the LARGEST employer in Texas, so please pardon me if I JUMPED TOO FAST to a conclusion -- and I'm not interested in doing the research to see if they really ARE connected.

My three postings chronicling my understanding of all of this:

Christine Moughamian

I actually SHOULD also email Christine Moughamian, head of the Wilmington NC Writers Network Meet-Up groups -- since I FOUND her email address finally in a magazine I got in the mail, yesterday, but it's not that important (and I might later do it). 

And MOST STRANGELY, in googling to find all of this, I came across a website that STILL claims to be selling my own book:

You can find that listing by going to this website then choosing your browser's function to search the page for "Kenan", it's about 1/3 the way down, and links to more specifics!!!
When Elijah Daniel was sworn in as the mayor of Hell, Michigan, this week, he immediately started implementing his agenda. Specifically, he outlawed heterosexuality in the unincorporated community of 72 people.

Elijah Daniel was impeached shortly after the anti-straight people decree.

Show more rea

Scott Kenan
2 hrs


And WHAT'S UP with straight guys shaving their armpits??? Don't they know that hair WICKS their HOT, HOT pheromones???

Many of us equate "sex" with "intercourse." Yet highly satisfying sex doesn't have to be limited to penetration -- and doesn't even have to include it at all.

e react

Scott Kenan shared a link.

The French satire weekly with a tragic past takes Twitter heat.

ntinuing . . . 
“One minute I’m a fucking white supremacist terrorist and the next minute I’m a fucking crybaby?” Christopher Cantwell told the Daily Beast. “I’m a goddamn human being.”

CRIME 08/31/2017 02:29 am ET Christopher Cantwell Really Hates Being Called The Crying Nazi "I'm a goddamn human being." By Ed Mazza 190 The “crying Nazi”…

I have NO IDEA WHY I have this new CORRUPTION of my computer (or Google/Blogger), that ADDS lots of BLANK SPACE between some pasted-in material.

Oh Brad Wernle, you have written this more dramatically than I, a graduate of working for Tennessee Williams, could have -- LOL!!! 

You a presumed straight guy (if life-long single), and reporter of automotive news, while I, gay as a GOOSE (and currently single), only seek to expose the crimes of my North Carolina Kenan Family -- and my maternal Meyer Family who are HOOSIERS, like you!!! 
It's FUN to see how our worlds are again CONVERGING, like they did in my days with Chuck and Hilary founding Whale's Tale 1974 - 1978!!! 

My own latest is not yet completed (but might be when you read this):

Trump’s supporters see him as vector; he sees them as market.
Scott Kenan I almost forgot to post Brad Wernle's words of introduction: 

"Yes, the Labor Day weekend is upon us, and Hurricane Harvey has brought tragic devastation upon Texas. And we are all suffering from Trump fatigue. 

But NYT columnist Charles Blow, who has been an unwavering sentinel warning us of the dangers posed by Donald Trump, has once again struck unerringly at the heart of our present peril. 

This column is essential reading, especially for the frightening questions posed by Blow in his conclusion."

Reply1 hr


Hi Melody, sorry I haven't written you personally, sooner, 
but my life has been WILD with blogging, etc.

Hi Melody,

I was THRILLED to see that you are now teaching at UNCW, and rather funnily-to-me have offices in Kenan Hall and that the Kenan Chair for Writing at UNCW was actually endowed by Thomas S. Kenan III,, rather than the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, as I had assumed.

In 1985, when I lived in Stone Mountain, GA, and my parents lived in Wilmington setting up the Christian Drug Mafia with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and Father Robert J. Kus (now at St. Mary's Catholic, around the corner from my apartment -- and I KNEW/KNOW both these men pretty well -- and also with PPD Pharmaceuticals), I dated Tom Kenan III's then most recent long-term boyfriend, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, a Christian Trumpeter FAMOUS for trumpeting all around the Lower Cape Fear at weddings, Christmas Music Events, etc., and who is NOW associated with St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church on Market Street, but REFUSES to have any contact with me now. STILL, he remains CUTE (for a Christian)!!!

Robbie Anderson today.

And I dated him when he lived in Kenan-built Carolina Apartments (that I was evicted from nearly exactly two years ago -- for blogging about all the Christian Drug Mafia and CRACK WHORES who live and work from there), at THAT time, the sign was covered over with "Deep River Apartments", as they were filming Blue Velvet there, then:

And I was THRILLED to see you moved to Raleigh a few years ago (and hope you have a North Carolina Lawyers Licence now). If you have NOT been to Liberty Hall, the "Ancestral Home of the Kenans" in Kenansville, I'd love to take you there for a DELUXE TOUR by one of my friends, who is the Assistant Curator and friend of Tom Kenan (if that sort of thing interests you), with your husband and your gay husband, assuming you still have them both.

Anyway, I just needed to touch base, and I expect to be less busy after the Labor Day weekend, and would love to catch up with you over a coffee, glass of wine, or similar.

My cell phone is (910) 200-XXXX.


The Mexican Blogging Machine that I ONCE threatened to drive back to the USA in (photo taken in Villanueva, Mexico)

Dr. Jose Octavio Tripp Villanueva


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