Sunday, August 13, 2017

It Is TIME to REMOVE the Confederate Statues from Wilmington, NC Prominent Positions (or place OTHER TRAITORS/ENEMIES like Benedict Arnold and Osama bin Laden's Statues up next to them, TOO)!!!

I'm not THAT bad-tempered a cat, and did NOT picket First Presbyterian Church/Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking this morning -- and was PLEASED to see the parking lot FULL, now that summer is winding down and new Pastor Dan Lewis in now a-PREACHIN'!!!

A couple of things I can say about the Writers Meeting, yesterday, still respecting the "gag rule" about what took place, is that a young woman -- a trained nurse and Army Vet who'd seen combat in the Middle East -- read a true piece about her experience there that was BREATHTAKING in that she was so HONEST about the horror of it. The first time I've ever heard a FEMALE voice on war experiences, and it was as brutally true as anything I've heard from a male -- PROGRESS!!!

In looking at the Meet-Up profiles (Wilmington Meet-Up and the North Carolina Writers Network are PARTNERS in several writers groups), of those who attended our critique group yesterday, I discovered that ONE in attendance is also a member of the ALL WHITE NC Christian Party of the local counties, that shows 174 active members, and TWENTY-ONE of those are also in North Carolina Writers Network Groups!!!

After what happened in Charlottesville, yesterday, EVERY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE should be placed under GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE!!!

And typing of similar things, I FINALLY caught the malware/spyware that has BEDEVILED ME, coming from EXACTLY where I expected -- CNN online:

I had just booted up my computer, and via Google's Chrome ONLY had CNN's website open!!!

Nazi-era sentiment against LGBT people made a frightening public return to Germany last month when a conservative Catholic bishop drew cheers for citing biblical verses…

That TRUMP BITCH can't stop stealing Michelle Obama's WORDS!!!

Scott Kenan shared Sandra Beckham's post.
19 hrs
19 hrs
I beg yer Pardon Fellas? NEVER on a first Date!!! If you at a Dang Time Boys!!!
Scott Kenan

  (Image removed in hopes of my getting laid.)     Randy  Brief's PERJURY (click image to see full perjury ).         ...
When I was homeless in Wilmington in 2011 - 12, Ralph Evangelous smoked CRACK daily in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine, and Evangelous looks twenty years older in this photo than he did five years ago, so RALPHIE, clean up your OWN HOME FIRST!!!

Since Aug. 2 the WPD has received more than 70 reports of auto burglaries, the bulk of which happened in the southern part of the city.
Today 6 PMRiverfront Park, 5 N. Front St., Wilmington, NC
127 people interested

I HOPE this is not RAINED OUT!!! It will be a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for David Alan Young to SHOOT ME DEAD, as he promised to do on my 66th birthday -- as soon as he "gets his gun" and can "hunt me down" -- first Court Appearance on this HATE CRIME (he said it was because the Bible and Jesus command that Christians KILL all Liberals and Faggots like me) is August 21.

And let's FACE IT, at 6' 11", I qualify as a TREE, so this ALL MAKES SENSE, no???

Clell Drumheller of Texas is HEAD of the Christian Party, USA!!!

Dear Leaders of the Christian Party USA, North Carolina, and District 7 (including Wilmington, NC) -- as well as of the North Carolina Writers Network: 

Tochair, dwatson83, earlgrover,
Cceditorial, scoops, ari,

I was QUITE concerned about your Christian Party's ALLIANCE with the North Carolina Writers Network,, via Meet-Up -- until I took a deep breath and thought, WHAT MISCHIEF could they get into THERE???

And of course I support Freedoms of Speech and Religion.

Now, it is orgs like yours that support Donald Trump -- whom my Kenan Family of UNC Chapel Hill, Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, put into power to PROFIT from Russia's Oil, and DESTROY the US Constitution.


I just wanted to alert you to the rally TODAY:

Today 6 PM · Riverfront Park, 5 N. Front St., Wilmington, NC
127 people interested

I expect to be there, and you can call David Alan Young, who PROMISED to shoot me DEAD for being both a LIBERAL and a FAGGOT -- as commanded by the Bible and Jesus Christ the Lord!!!

Dave's number is 910-688-XXXX, and if he DOES (or I guess you could have some other fine Christian do it), it will SPARE HIM HIS DAY IN COURT on Hate Crime Charges, August 21, 2017!!!

This would ALSO save the Taxpayers some expense -- and District Attorney Benjamin R. David a LOT OF EMBARRASSMENT -- LOL!!!

All best, and maybe I'll see you THERE!!!

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC

This was the BEST image I could find by googling "Clell Drumheller naked":

Scenic Boy Adventures

Find this Pin and more on Sports.

Manly Rugged - For more Manly Rugged men.

Nudity is the appropriate attire for any sporting competition. I love images of the human body as it should be, naked and active.

Scott Kenan
3 hrs

Later today, (soon, due to well-earned fatigue), because my Kenan Family was most responsible for the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, I will write the Head of the local NAACP to see if I can work with them (and/or others), to REMOVE the Confederate statues and Monuments here to less prominent places -- or to place statues of other Traitors and Enemies (only 45% of American Colonists fully supported the War, 20% completely supported great Britain, and 100,000 fled to Canada or English colonies in the Caribbean), like Benedict Arnold and Osama bin Laden NEXT TO the Confederate statues.

Kentucky city mayor: Confederate statues to come down after Charlottesville

By Kimberly Hutcherson, CNN
Updated 6:48 AM ET, Sun August 13, 2017


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