Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Old Buddy Russel Honore' Is BACK IN THE NEWS, Today -- and CRETINS continue to POUR out of the FLOODING SEWERS of HATE (as opposed to the drainage systems in Texas) -- LOL!!!

It was GREAT to see Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' in MSNBC first thing this morning, talking about the situation in Texas.

Readers will recall that I had TWO meetings with Russel Honore' at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, where he KNEW all about my Kenan Family controlling the Christian Drug Mafia in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA.

He also knew Col. Dottie Newman, retired Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary Colin Powell, whose Book Club I belonged to for four months (meeting many top active Generals and even the Secretary of State of Argentina who with his wife attended once), and I once gave a reading of my memoir there:

Dottie Newman, on right, was also a Docent at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Gen. Honore' gave me a copy of his book with his business card, and told me to KEEP BLOGGING!!!


I had HOPED to read my letter that I delivered two days ago to D.A. Benjamin R. David, Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo, and Pastor Dan Lewis at First Presbyterian (across the street from my apartment), but at 1660 words, it exceeded our limit by too much, but you can read it here (it is the bottom half), if you have not yet done so:

And I will read a reformatted copy of my ADDENDUM email to Ben David and Ms. Palombo, instead -- it can be read halfway down here (with the ONLY response -- from Prosecutor Palombo -- just above it):

Perhaps STRANGEST is the member I identified two weeks ago as a member of the White Supremacist Christian Party of North Carolina (their entire membership now under Justice Department electronic surveillance), will be attending, as one person just backed out half an hour ago.

Although a HATE GROUP, Meet-Up Wilmington harbors meetings of this group, actually headed by:

Clell Drumheller of the Texas Christian Party:


Curt Holman

In the alternate universe USA, president George Wallace pardons Bull Connor.
Scott Kenan At least we don't yet have this:

Reply12 hrs
Kenneth William Noteboom At least Trump granted a pardon based on his principles, and not financial obligation like Clinton giving Marc Rich a pardon

Reply18 mins
Scott Kenan Kenneth William Noteboom: While your name is IMPROBABLE, my research finds it is REAL. 

Hillary Clinton -- who with her husband Bill and the Bush and Cheney Families narco-trafficked with my Kenan Family that founded UNC The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and today controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, and most Republicans for many DECADES, and LOST, so is not so important to today's concerns about Donald Trump whom my Kenan Family put into power with our life-long employee Rex Tillerson -- previously putting Enrique Peña Nieto into the Mexican Presidency so my Kenan Family could get Mexico's Oil again (so Enrique promptly changed the Constitution there -- and today is the ONLY elected President LESS popular than Trump). 

WHAT "principles" did Trump use to pardon Joe Arpaio??? 

Please state them so that those of us who disagree can GET YOUR POINT!!! Stay focused on a DIRECT answer to my question -- or we will all know you are just a GOD-HATING and CONSTITUTION-HATING "white-assed" fool


Kenneth William Noteboom I love our Constitution and I try to be a good Christian

Joe was just trying to protect our borders and got caught up in a witch hunt. It would have never happened if our government had been judiciously enforcing our existing laws. We cant have uncontrolled immigration. We have limited resources and a seemingly unlimited supply of economic refugees

Reply17 mins
Scott Kenan Sorry Kenneth, I work directly with both the US State and Justice Departments and have had them place you under ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE as a possible Traitor likely to join the INVERSE CHRISTIANS who hate God and put Trump into power -- which INCLUDES my entire Kenan Family, except me. 

You should have done some research on me before responding -- like I did on you. 

As you are WELL AWARE, Joe Arpiao not only clobbered the Constitution and Laws for years, but continued after the Law demanded -- after trial -- that he stop. 

You call that CHRISTIAN??? 

I have already blogged part of this thread and when complete it will be emailed to my list of 220 Political Contacts as usual. A photo of Christian FOOLS (not all of them), and a link to my blog where I'm publishing all of this in real time:

Reply10 mins
Scott Kenan And here is why I don't bother arguing long with self-described Christians anymore:

"General William Mahone has not been forgotten entirely. Rather, he has been selectively remembered. 

There is a Mahone Monument, for example, erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy, at the Crater Battlefield in Petersburg, and Civil War scholars have treated Mahone’s military career with respect. There is an able biography. 

The problems posed by William Mahone for many Virginians in the past — and what makes it worthwhile for us to think about him in the present — lie in his postwar career."

There's a reason you won't find many monuments in the South to one of Robert E. Lee's most able deputies.


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