Monday, July 10, 2017

Added Material for Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III / My Wilmington, NC Neighborhood Seems More PEACEFUL This Morning:

As I begin this, I have not yet added some materials that I will shortly snail-mail to Joe Kennedy III, but I've already called one of his offices and spoken with a young man who got very EXCITED when I told him of my past relationship with some Kennedys, and the basics of what I know of the CORRUPTION of my Kenan Family -- both the wealthy branch, and the Meyer/Catholic branch.

Of course, also about the Kenans corrupting the North Carolina Democrats -- especially those in power in Wilmington who are all INVERT-CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKERS -- and ALL Republicans. But I think he liked BEST that I have LONG admired Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

I also mentioned that while I know he cannot respond to emails to his Congressional Office form from out of his District, I DID send yesterday's letter to his FUNDRAISING/CAMPAIGN office, so maybe they will be sure to pick it up there, soon, no???

Well, Since Mayor Bill Saffo and Councilman Charlie "The Christian Terrorist of Scott Kenan" Rivenbark have already signed up to run for re-election, I'm SURE it will be a FUN FALL CAMPAIGN, no???

And since last blogging, a few things have happened:

1. Denise Wood, downstairs, appears to have NOT slept here, her maroon Jeep was not here, I never saw her outside smoking a cig (or other material), and the Jeep was still missing this morning -- BUT the backyard security light was finally TURNED ON!!!

2. As I was pulling away to pick up my weekly allowance check at Benefits Management, a little after 9:00 AM, Denise pulled up driving a late model white pick-up truck with white cover over the cargo area (perfect for transporting marijuana from Georgia by her old -- married -- black Sugar Daddy/Lover who pays all her bills, and Denise's Cable bill is also in John Jay's name -- but I don't KNOW that the truck is used for that purpose, nor did I see the license plate to know which state it is registered in).

ADDED LATER: That pick-up truck was back, is actually SILVER, registered in North Carolina, and tricked out like a HORNY LATINO from Mexico would do (with Mexican snacks on the front seat). It SURELY belongs to Denise Wood's Mexican business partner (who has previously REFUSED to have sex with me, but has a GREAT sense of humor): Antonio.

I pulled around the block, then traveled east on Orange Street to see if her Jeep was parked nearby, but it was not.

3. At Benefits Management, Inc., I did NOT see Scott Walker -- to whom I was alerted by Alex Guavara yesterday morning:, but I DID see a guy I've known since I was homeless in 2011, totally DRUG ADDLED, go in to pick up his check, and told him he'd better find some pants to replace those he wore -- that extended nearly a foot beyond what would cover his shoes -- and flared wider than any bell-bottoms I remember from many years ago. 

Walking around DRUGGED in such a trap could cause him a TERRIBLE FALL!!!

I should point out that when Alex claimed that Scott Walker gets his income from Benefits Management, it means that because of his age, Mr. Walker must be on Disability. Benefits Management is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN that manages Disability and Social Security Benefits to those deemed UNABLE to responsibly handle any Government Benefits -- and have NO FAMILY who will do it for them, like my first cousin Judith (Russ) Whitney manages her daughter Wendy Witney's Disability (for Bipolar).

Judy Whitney of Rocky Point, NC

Wendy Whitney, also of Rocky Point, North Carolina

Joseph Herker, Wendy Whitney's only child, here seen in a mug shot for one of his MANY CRIMES, was a HEROIN ADDICT who died in his sleep about a year ago. And Judy Whitney a BIG FAN of narco-trafficking former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, sold drugs until recently (and perhaps still does), for JESUS, her BAPTIST CHURCH, and the REPUBLICAN PARTY -- because they ALL mortgaged the HOUSE to feed their Christian drug addictions during the Great Recession!!!

Owner Teri Motsinger and I both KNOW I have always been capable of managing my own money, but when my sister Jane Ann Kenan, who WORKS in Raleigh in Disability Claims Determination helped me get set up with benefits, she made CERTAIN I was declared incapable -- helping to PROVE my NAZI mother's false claim that I'm BIPOLAR, proven years before that NOT to be true by my doctor of eight years!!!

Then when I tried to get OFF Benefits Management with owner Teri Motsinger and my physician's help, they TURNED ME DOWN, NEVER let me know their answer until I followed up six weeks later, and told me I would have to see a psychiatrist for at least one hour per week for at least two years, before they would ACCEPT his opinion!!!

When I went into the lobby of Bank of America to deposit my check, I told the Branch Manager how and why I contacted Joe Kennedy last night. He was ALL OVER ME offering me all kinds of kindnesses as if I owned the BANK -- LOL!!!

And finally, I pulled up in front of the house -- Denise had left in the white silver pick-up truck in my absence -- but Landlady Gold Walker was walking by, and smiling, called to me, "Where's my BISCUIT???", to which I replied, "I ran out of sausage, so didn't cook any today!!!", which cracked her up. 

Then I told her I was happy to see the security light back on, and she said it turned out that her maintenance guy had turned the switch off, it located in a normally locked area.


Additional Information for Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy and other Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans he cares to share with:

First of all, I’ve been blogging for nine years now, and if you search “Scott Kenan” (in quotes), followed by any name, thing, or concept, you will find what I have written about it, the later in Time, the clearer and sometimes corrected.

I will email this to Rep. Joe’s fundraising/campaign office first, before mailing hard copies to the Newton office. Will took my call and he was great to speak with.

1. Of immediate importance is the link between Tennessee Williams’s nearly lifelong friend, Maria St. Just (born Maria Britneva in St. Petersburg, Russia), who with her mother and sister escaped the Bolshevik Revolution, leaving the father behind to be killed. Maria eventually married Peter Grenfell, the 2nd and last Lord St. Just (Grenfell Tower in London that recently burned was named for his father), who was the second wealthiest man in Great Britain while I worked for Tennessee ’81 – ‘82 (all this according to Tenn). He controlled the Grenfell Bank (also called Morgan Grenfell), and Maria got control when he died in the mid-1980s. It was sold to become the HEART of Deutsche Bank’s International Banking, and today is Donald Trump’s largest creditor – also facilitating transfers from Putin to Trump.

More on that, and I DO get irreverent and off-color, so you will have to grin and bear that, I’m afraid:

2. Regarding the history of my Kenan Family, three brothers, Ulster Scots, arrived separately in Wilmington over the 1730’s: Thomas, Felix, and William (whom I am descended from). The descendants of Thomas soon had three properties with over 300 slaves each, clearing the virgin pine forests and before the Revolution, the Kenan family had become the world’s largest supplier of Naval Stores, and therefore when they co-founded UNC Chapel Hill in 1789, the sports teams were eventually named for the Kenans first fortune: Tar Heels.

The family spread out across both Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, skipped Louisiana, then Texas, and by holding many elective offices – and TONS of wealth – were likely the largest force causing the South to Secede. MOST Kenan males are homosexual, which explains why there are about four times as many descendants having DIFFERENT surnames in the Kenan genealogy books – but the gals were FERTILE!!! So you won’t see so many bearing my last name.

The Dan Kenan House in Selma, Alabama

Also, Kenans dominated Selma, AL politics when Dr. King crossed the Edmund Pettis Bridge. William R. Kenan, Sr. and First Presbyterian here in Wilmington were at the CENTER of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the ONLY successful coup d’├ętat in US History, which emboldened Southern Democrats to pass all the Jim Crow Laws within two years.

Also, Woodrow Wilson who RE-SEGREGATED the US Government and Military, grew up partly in Wilmington, his father Pastor of First Presbyterian, and today it is FULL of White Supremacist and Narco-Trafficking politicians and Judges of BOTH Parties. I belonged for half a year in 2011, while homeless and living under a viaduct – but DRESSING well to fit in -- LOL!!! Then Pastor Ernie Trice Thompson BRAGGED to me how he chased off a black full Colonel and his wife (friends of mine), when they tried to join the Lily Whites – by honestly telling them he supported Gay Marriage, which backfired when Ernie was chased out for that same reason a couple of years later.

That congregation is known to be the REAL Political Power in Wilmington. And Kenans use their money to keep their name OUT of history books because of their EVIL PURPOSES.

3. Jennifer McCracken of Apt. 67, Carolina Apartments here (opened as a Hotel in 1905 and built by Wm R. Kenan, Jr., hosting Royalty and Heads of State), is a big narco-trafficker for the Mormon Church and supplied me with pot only, but always tried to sell me opioids, Meth, coke, tec., got angry in late summer 2015 when I lived in Apt. 65. 

She got me evicted because I blogged about her drug business, and her brother of a different surname is a top Sheriff’s Deputy here and CIA Agent. She has FIVE aliases that I found, stashes her drug profits in Florida, and is the ONLY person -- including my friends in Puerto Vallarta – who knew that Colin Stuart Hamilton, retired star of BBC Radio East Africa and also TV specials from London (and Miami radio for a while as well), and Head of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group while I was part of it 2013-14, until I was kicked out for being gay – which he was too. Jenny knew he was murdered and the CIA killer buried his body five hours away, confessed, led them to the body, then the CIA forced him to be freed.

Wilmington native Stanley Winborne III (with my "devil's horns"), and Colin Stuart Hamilton, summer 2014.

Mexico did not allow this into the Press, but the English Press in PV picked up the story from my blogging about it.

I am NOT googling up my best postings of all the details, but this one (in which I beat Donald Trump to TRASH TALKING – although he did it first, so I mean the reveal of that), has other important info:

4. Also, Stanley Winborne III in that PV Writers Group, was born here in Wilmington, his family owning the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. 

Stanley Winborne lived a couple of houses south of his grandmother's house, now the Greystone Inn on 3rd Street:

Stanley went to UNC with Thomas S. Kenan III and did much real estate business with him as well as being related to Tom’s step mother, Betty (Price) Kenan. Stanley’s grandfather was equivalent of the US Ambassador to China, and his son, was second in charge of the US State Department under Hillary Clinton, and in charge of shipping the Heroin back to Maxwell AFB where my employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA distributed it.

This was confirmed to me by a US Special Forces Op in Wilmington on leave from the Middle East when he debriefed me July 4, 2015 evening:

5. Carlos Salim “Slim” Helu was the wealthiest man on earth during Hillary’s time at State, he narco-trafficking with the Clintons to enrich Bush and Cheney even more, but he CANCELLED a deal with Donald Trump recently, he not caring TOTALLY about only money.

Carlos "Slim"

6. Now living on 5th floor, but I don’t know the apartment number, is Kathleen Kincade, who by family business was closely connected to Monica Lewinsky and knew her well. She actually grew up in her Gringo Family in El Salvador, where her family BUILT Bain Capital for Mitt Romney as a criminal enterprise, then it was taken from them by Mitt and the rest of her family is in prison there now for Mafia Crimes, narc-trafficking, etc. She hides from Mitt Romney here, fearing for her life, but she remains safe.

Kathleen Kincade

I don’t seem to google up my best postings today, but here in one of many on that:

7. A few important postings I’ve sent that I now can find:

And I have to call it quits for now to get this out and in the mail. You have some things to consider – and there is SO MUCH MORE!!!

Scott D. Kenan


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