Sunday, July 9, 2017

A SPECIFIC Threat to Wilmington's Red Cross Street, Downtown Neighborhood!!! / A Few INTERESTING News Items:

An OLD arrest record of Scott Walker -- like me, a Benefits Management, Inc. client -- BEFORE he got the STAR TATTOO on his forehead.



I noticed your recent post mentioning vagrants and break-ins. I have had the same exact issue. It caught my specific interest considering you mentioned the surname Walker and Benefits Management.

I had an issue of stalking with an individual named Scott Malcolm Walker. You may recognize him from the downtown library. He has a tattoo of a star on his face. He is Caucasian, blonde, etc.

Do you know this individual? He does exactly what you are mentioning. He watches, stalks, and literally does nothing all day. He receives his income from Benefits Management.

I became annoyed of the stalking one day. Also, he would literally be standing in front of my house some days. I eventually socialized with him. Invited him over for drinks; tried being civilized and all. Later I made it clear to him my suspicions of his behavior. For one, he is white. 

What the fuck do you want from some brown ass Hispanic kid in the nigger neighborhood? Other than the CRACK in the area, I cannot understand the behavior. After I confronted him and no longer offered my hospitality he broke in and stole my stuff. It was him. He left some earbuds at my home once and played this baby shit "I left some stuff at your house" game. 

When he later broke in he left the same earbuds in a bag. I guess he forgot about them. The story with that is he walked in, poured everything out of my backpack and started packing my stuff into it and left. He found one bag first, but that bag had a bad zipper, this being the reason why he forgot his earbuds in my bag. 

Again, his name is Scott Malcolm Walker. Walker claims to be from Texas. I recently learned the Walker family has a connection to the (President) Bush family. These individuals have a connection through the energy sector (Enron, oil, etc.)

I ran into him recently and he ran. I was lucky enough to grab a rock and hit him in the chest with it. I am now considering assassinating Walker. If you see him on the streets of Wilmington tell him some Guevara mother fucker is plotting some dirty shit on his corny ass.

Hi Alex -- and thanks for writing!!!

Glad you provided the photo, and description of the star on his forehead. I'll be on the lookout for him when I pick up my allowance check at Benefits Management, inc., tomorrow. My relationship with B.M. in general is greatly improved, now that I have determined that my REAL problems with them are with the owner, Teri Motsinger, who manages my account and REFUSES to answer intelligent questions asking WHY she has at times PERSECUTED ME (she's a CHRISTIAN, so I already know that answer)

When I first moved into my current apartment in fall 2015, another client of theirs helped me move, and then I asked him if he'd like to live in my spare bedroom, an arrangement we worked out. He hid his alcohol addiction for two days, until Sunday, when just after dawn, he got up, popped open a beer, and said, "Well at least on THE LORD'S DAY I can drink to my HEART'S CONTENT!!!"

I immediately tossed him out, already knowing he is a DEVOUT Evangelical Christian -- also claiming to be ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT, but BEFORE he left, I consented to his begging me to SUCK HIM OFF GOOD (which surprised me greatly)!!! Perhaps if you offered such "Manly Benefits" to street people you invite into your abode, they would not STEAL FROM YOU!!! Or have a "Circle Jerk", something most of my actually straight-living friends today have engaged in at least in their youth -- and many AFTER marriage and children.

Teri Motsinger got me to PROMISE not to excoriate the guy in my blog -- she ALWAYS promoting the inverted, Satanic form of Christianity so popular in Wilmington, which leads to Drug Abuse and Christian Whoring -- and INCREASES Benefits Management's client base, so Teri is just a GREEDY CHRISTIAN at heart.

Walker is a HUGE family and I doubt there is a blood relationship between my landlady and those you mention. Your racist lingo is disturbing -- as is your threat to "assassinate" the guy, although given the CRAP going on in your neighborhood, your feelings are understandable. My first impulse was to report your threat to Police Detectives, but I assume you are like MOST of Wilmington's residents and FED UP with unresponsive Law Enforcement

If it is any consolation, while I tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to get Wilmington Police to RELEASE their report on the murder of my friend Evan Fish on 9/3/11, at the next window at Police HQ on Bess Street, was a woman living in a new apartment building in your neighborhood, who was PULLING HER HAIR OUT, and TEARING UP -- DESPERATELY trying to get the Police to STOP protecting the Drug Sellers and other criminals in her neighborhood, she and her Neighborhood Association having EXHAUSTED the normal complaint process to NO AVAIL. The Police stonewalled HER as flawlessly as they stonewalled me (and one officer wore a Cross of Jesus).

Please promise me you will NEVER throw rocks at people running from you again. Violence is ONLY justified to STOP an assault, and he running AWAY does NOT QUALIFY!!!

ADDED NOTE: Since Mr. Walker was hit in the CHEST, he must have after THAT run away, so it WAS JUSTIFIED (very non-lethal -- if NOT a hit to the head or a BIG rock)!!!

All best -- and I will blog this email shortly. I copy this reply to you to Police Chief Evangelous.


>>> THAT PROMISED "OTHER STUFF" (mostly from the News):

I went back and ADDED more information on INVERT-CHRISTIAN-CRIMINAL Denise Wood to my last posting:

And I need to make CLEAR that "Sam" Celia got Denise to move in, he having the lease on BOTH downstairs apartments, so Gold Walker had NOTHING to do with Denise living here, and Denise is NOT protected by a lease like all the rest of us here.

FOX NEWS top stories this morning SHOWS they are NOT following the WORST of Fox Propaganda like BEFORE -- YAY!!!

1. NO nation kills an individual baby -- ONLY an individual or several individuals do that.

2. Fox online readers are FINALLY catching up with nutritional science -- SCIENCE!!!

3. ADVICE for TRUMP -- NOT the usual DEIFICATION of Trump!!!

4. Only those interested in CLASS D (and lower), Celebrities read about FOX celebrities -- although Mr. McQueen was a BETTER class B guy -- and in the END they point out that he died of cancer in Mexico CLUTCHING BILLY GRAHAM'S BIBLE -- MERCY!!!

5. More SCIENCE!!!

At 2:40 PM, Denise Wood pulled up outside and came into her apartment downstairs SLAMMING DOORS REPEATEDLY which she NEVER has done before, I ASSUME she got wind of what I've been blogging, so knowing she keeps a LOADED SIX-SHOOTER by her bed (despite having those 43 Felony Convictions -- and claiming to be seeing a Psychiatrist WEEKLY and is on Psych Meds), I readied my phone to call 911 if necessary -- but NOW see seems to have CALMED DOWN!!!

I'll NEVER quit cigarettes as long as that CHRISTIAN BITCH lives here!!!


I know which gun THIS is advertising!!!

TOO BAD they had to keep it CAGED!!!


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