Monday, August 15, 2016

After My Nice Long Civilized Discussion with Jack Stein, Wilmington, North Carolina's Risk Manager (and several other City employees and even a passing WAVE to Mayor Saffo as well)!!!

I don't know WHY Google/Blogger allows me to post this old photo of Jack Stein right side up half the time, and only sideways other times -- like now -- but they do the SAME NON-SENSE with one of Sheriff Ed McMahon's photos as well.

Fancy THAT!!!

Sadly, I learned that Jack is happily married (but enjoyed my compliment, nonetheless).


1. Our toilet had somehow completely CLEARED late yesterday, and was FINE until this morning, when I found it nearly totally blocked again, but after working on it for 25 minutes, I got it flowing LIKE NEW!!!

"Falwell" had told me twice that Dapper Dan makes a BIG balled up bunch of paper to wipe himself -- like a "Christian White Woman" dabbing two drops of pee from her muff -- and I don't CARE how "brain damaged" he is, if he can't wipe like a MAN, then he can just use a wastebasket to dispose of his soiled paper like EVERYONE IN MEXICO (except Puerto Vallarta, which has a waste processing system that BLESSEDLY handles toilet paper).

And FUNNY that it was "Testosteroni" who suggested this to me on the phone this morning, after I promised him I will photograph those straight-porno DVDs and PILL TREASURE-HOUSE organizers expected to be delivered here tomorrow -- to post on blog so that EVERYONE knows what Old Testo thinks is helpful for guys APPROACHING MIDDLE AGE (not frisky teenagers, like he seems to think they are).

. And I might as well go ahead and admit that I did the MOST EMBARASSING THING OF MY LIFE, yesterday -- NO ONE witnessing, but I'm into "full disclosure', so here goes:

If YOU guessed, "That silly Scott Kenan accidentally drank his own pee," you would be CORRECT!!! Leaving the beach, HUGE bladder pressure -- no "banos o sanitarios" in sight -- or "cover", I dumped the iced tea out of a cup in my car while parked on the street with no one where they could look in and DOWN to see anything "untoward". I got nearly all I HAD TO out, and someone pulled in to park behind me, complicating the situation. I closed up and just re-capped the cup, pulling away and figuring I'd dispose of it when I got home.

But then, I forgot.

Yes, I had a FULL GULP and had sucked another mouthful before realizing this doesn't taste like iced tea!!!, leaned over and SPEWED it all out as I desperately removed the lid from the cup to get most of it. And I eventually cleaned up all the rest -- and I did NOT get sick, but felt rather uneasy about having done it for several hours.

For the record, it had almost NO TASTE and was nowhere near as salty as I would have expected.

BOTTOM LINE: "Human pee is BORING!!!"

3. OK, I'm going to go out of chronological order a bit, but after returning from Jack Stein's office, besides calling Testosteroni, I also called Michael Massicott's phone number (I no longer remember if this is a landline or cell): (404) 680-5717, and had to leave him a LONG message about how I do believe he, Patrick Stansbury, Gerry Flynn-Miller, Joel Miller, etc. of the narco-trafficking Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, Georgia are all HOLED UP IN BUNKERS now (due to my blogging, primarily), just WAITING for the Federal Agents to arrest them -- HA!!!

Here is a photo I got from Mike Massicott's you-tube video of how to prepare yer BUNKER for the upcoming War for Christian White Supremacy, largely aided and abetted by (who delivered MOST of Wilmington's illegal drugs as well, via employee Lee Gosney) -- and Mike's FORMER employer that got Mike to CALL ALL THE SHOTS at Pentagon Publishing, AT&T Matrix of North Atlanta!!!

This is Mike's "Christian Family" -- I knew Mike's wife Caroline (in purple), very well, and she BRAGGED to me many times that she had used "Christian female wiles" to "SAVE HIM" from his homosexual life -- while Mike not only once proposed SEX to me, had also admitted that his FAVE thing is to be in the middle of a "sandwich", meaning that his own danglie was inside another guy while someone else was "up his butt", as they say.

No WONDER Mike became a "BOY SCOUT Leader" -- next BEST after "Catholic Priest", no???

4. I learned of an important CORRECTION I must make to a MAJOR claim I've made REPEATEDLY in the past -- when I bumped into Monica Lewinsky's old friend, Kathleen Kinkade on the street just before I got home today.


Closet Case Wilmington Politicians and Christian Leaders are in GOOD COMPANY with our "Christian President", no???

Well, let's hope none of their LEGAL WIVES are PUNKED into wearing a TOILET BOWL DRESS like Michelle Obama was -- by Lady Gaga's DESIGNER -- LOL!!!


Kathleen's gringo family living in El Salvador really DID create BAIN CAPITAL as a totally criminal enterprise for Mitt Romney and the Mor(m)on Church, but they were so GREEDY that the one in charge REFUSED to disburse the GIANT PROFITS to any of Kathleen's other immediate family, so they PROSECUTED the top of their own family in a country still having the Catholic Church Inspired (and Mexico is in process of getting OUT of this system), Napoleonic System -- where any ACCUSED is GUILTY until proven INNOCENT, so THOSE ones are stuck for life in THIRD-WORLD PRISONS, and the others of her family are now so impoverished that they are all but HOMELESS -- and in impoverished El Salvador!!!

Of dealing with MORMONS.

Educated and semi-educated people know that Tennessee Williams ALSO touched on this topic -- as at that TIME, Louisiana still had their "Napoleonic Code" due to being developed under the Roman Catholic FRENCH.

>>> WELL, I'

Jack's surname in German/Jewish means "Stone" (and he CLEARLY has higher consciousness than THAT) -- but I have no idea his actual bloodline or religion (if any), but at ONE POINT in our actually FUN conversation, Jack asked me if I WORSHIP "Jesus or Christians" -- and laughing (only a tetch-bit of lingering nervousness would prompt such a silly question), I had to LAUGH, saying NO!!! (although I LOVE what Jesus TAUGHT), and I could tell that at least SECRETLY he laughs at the God-Hating, Ignorant Christians, too.

He got my seriousness and my STELLAR high Political and Law Enforcement connections -- and I think MORE THAN GOT MY POINT that Mayor Saffo and City Council CONSCIOUSLY AND DELIBERATELY  broke both LAWS and US and North Carolina Constitutions to PERSECUTE the Not-Christian/Not-Narco-Trafficking me.

And that I have a RIGHT to FAIR COMPENSATION for Saffo and Council's transgressions.

I was very PLEASED -- as will D.A. Ben David be to read this -- to finally express what I have MEANT to express for a few YEARS, which is that it was NOT Ben David who caused me to be charged with ANY of the false charges in 2011 - 12, but that IGNORANT CHRISTIAN JUDGE OR MAGISTRATE, who must APPROVE all filed lawsuits as having CORRECT UNDERSTANDING OF THE LAW, are properly filled out, etc.

Now SHE is who should have SHUT DOWN the false charge of Cyber-Stalking and NOT allowed it to be filed, because as Public Defender Jennifer Harjo and I had to LAUGH ABOUT, LATER, what Mr. Nash CLAIMED I had done -- did NOT have ANYTHING to DO with "Cyber-Stalking"!!!

Ben David's Office was then FORCED to prosecute me to the best of their ability.

I know I have a photo of this judge or magistrate, but will for NOW refrain from publishing it, but she's a WHITE CHRISTIAN BITCH, who tried to keep me from pressing charges against the Padezanin Drug Gang on South 8th Street in 2011 -- as well as my "return-volley" Restraining Order against Jennifer McCracken, just last fall.

She is about 50 or so, with her two front teeth so large she ALMOST looks like a GIANT RODENT -- like a BEAVER, and anyone MY age knows that a BEAVER is a vagina surrounded by an EXTRA THICK PELT OF HAIR (popular back in my day, although hairless is all the fashion, now).

REMEMBER THY BIBLE -- (before taking an experienced woman into Holy Matrimony). GOD and the BIBLE might FORCE YOU to murder her instead:

So it ALL WENT WELL, and Mr. Stein has referred me to Bonita Carr in the New Hanover County Government -- because they handle all the "liability claims" against the City of Wilmington.

I'll wait until at least tomorrow to contact her.

This will be SO MUCH MORE FUN than dealing with the Democrat-controlled City. The COUNTY is Narco-Trafficking/Kenan Family controlled, and FIRST to be taken OUT and IMPRISONED will be narco-trafficking WOODY WHITE

"Would He" White

So PLEASE, Mayor Saffo, while I've been ROUGH on you, I also think NO ONE COULD HAVE JUGGLED ALL THIS BETTER than you, so lighten up and enjoy the ride as I entertain everyone in Wilmington and even BEYOND in this NEXT PHASE of going:




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