Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lady Gaga's Designer PUNKS Michelle (the Beard) Obama with a Classic "TOILET BOWL DRESS" -- and the CIA Press Calls It "GORGEOUS" -- LOL!!! Do They Expect Her to Accompany Barack to the "TEA-ROOMS" (or just the Baths)???

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — Michelle Obama opted for a strapless, unadorned ivory gown by Texas-born designer Brandon Maxwell, for Tuesday’s state dinner for the prime minister of Singapore.
Maxwell is the longtime stylist to singer Lady Gaga and a red carpet favorite.
Then again, maybe Michelle has gone MUSLIM like Hillary Rodham Clinton, no???



Well, I'm out of cigs and I want to finish this before I start jonesin' for nicotine, so will make it as simple as possible -- for NOW, anyway.

Here is an email I sent out an hour or so ago:

Re: Say Girl,
ToTestosteroni, emcmahon
Ccofficeofthechief, benjamin.r.david

Well, I hadn't -- and then the HACKERS made it so that it took TEN MINUTES to OPEN any page that showed it, and then my screen was FROZEN so I couldn't scroll, while short bursts of LOUD AUDIO attached to videos that NEVER came in fully after TEN MINUTES, SCREAMED at me advertising things I have no interest in -- but THIS IS EXACTLY what I've had to put up with the last couple of months.

Just send me the photo next time, OK???

Well, YOU should google "Falwell Goes a-Huntin'" in NC and VA!!! 'Tis a FRENCH name, pronounced "Chasseur de Pénis" there: "Christian" here -- and his Dad (my age), always wore that cheap men's cologne so popular as I was leaving Junior High. You will find he's SMILING in one of his Mug Shots, making him and me the ONLY smiling Cape Fear Coast Smilin' Mug-Shooters -- EVER!!!

I'm copying the Police Chief, Sheriff, and District Attorney so they KNOW where Falwell (and "Dapper Dan"), are holed up -- and I DON'T expect the Law to have more troubles from these boys, again!!!

I'm beginning to stir from my laziness, and should blog soon, if sluggishly and vaguely.

Here's a pic I'll use on blog without real name -- looks like himself, but not enough for people to recognize him from. AND, as you see, HE is whom you've sent those Garden & Gun mags for -- and maybe didn't even KNOW IT!!!

"Falwell" goes a-huntin'!!!

"The Lord" works in MYSTERIOUS WAYS!!!

And I just now noticed that Ed McMahon's email address was moved by hackers to "To:" -- and his name MISSPELLED as well -- which I have corrected. ALSO all THREE of these men's email addresses are NOT REMEMBERED by AOL email system -- even though I've added them many times. Only CROOKS and politically-inconsequential people's email addresses are REMEMBERED by!!!



-----Original Message-----
From: Testosteroni
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Wed, Aug 3, 2016 2:50 pm
Subject: Say Girl,

have you seen the Toilet Bowl Dress that Michelle O. wore to the state dinner Toosday nite ! 

-- This from an eighty-three-year-old (and Dapper Dan thinks Old Testo is SMART to do the Testosterone injects, etc. -- Dan saying he's given a LOT of thought to it, and if forced between loosing a leg and his pinga, his JOY-STICK remains!!!


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