Thursday, May 4, 2017

MY Error CORRECTED!!! / After Facebook Discussion Last Night with Friends of Grant Henry-"Sister Louisa" (which include Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, etc.), Facebook BANNED ME FOR A MONTH -- LOL!!!

Grant Henry, tall me, and Christal Presley, Jill (Rhodes) Hannity's college roommate and continuing close friend -- and personal friend of my NAZI mother and sister Jane, January 2010 (before Grant opened his "Church" which is a BAR -- HA!!!).

1. OK, so I take full responsibility for my error of thinking Jean Stein was related to Anderson Cooper of CNN. I WAS very distraught, and whom she is related to is NOT as important as her suicide, that even "depressed" old people DO NOT DO -- unless it is an assassination.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that CHRISTIANS (Wilmington Police, D.A. Ben David, Mayor Bill Saffo), did to my friend Evan Fish in Wilmington, September 2011!!!

And they are STILL covering it up with the help of the Wilmington Star News, and others!!! Mayor Saffo REFUSES to release the Police Report to ME -- or anyone else

That will NOT last.

2. Joseph Faulk in NYC informed me of my error this morning, and I really DID immediately THANK HIM (although he was QUITE mixed-up TOO -- HA!!!). Testo claimed that Jean got all her money from her first husband, William vander Heuvel, an attorney, but when I checked on Wikipedia, I IMMEDIATELY remembered that Tennessee Williams had told ME she INHERITED MCA from her father who founded it, and Tenn claimed she was "richer than GOD!!!"

MCA, Inc. (which stands for Music Corporation of America) was an American media company. Initially starting in the music business, the company next became a dominant force in the film business, and later expanded into the television business. MCA published music, booked acts, ran a record company, represented film, television and radio stars, and eventually produced and sold television programs to the three major television networks, but had an especially good relationship with NBC

MCA, Inc., is the legal predecessor of NBC Universal, which since March 2013 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast. MCA's other legal successor is Universal Studios Holding Corp, a holding company owned by Vivendi, who also owns MCA's former music assets through Universal Music Group (which has absorbed PolyGram and EMI) and Universal Music Publishing Group.

And TODAY, Joseph Faulk is CONTINUING his now THREE DAY task of CLEARING A PATH on the floor of his apartment so the PLUMBER can come unstop his bathtub DRAIN. PLEASE REMEMBER that I have been in his apartment and his bathroom and Tub/Shower are TWO STEPS IN from his only door to the hall!!! THREE DAYS, and he gives me the BUM'S RUSH every day because he has to get BACK TO WORK at it.

I hope all my READER'S can also see what a HUGE Financial Penalty I will be able to EXTRACT from his Financial Accounts!!!

He actually found the COURAGE to call his landlord, Bruce A. Kapner, and when I asked him if he'd ALSO mentioned his for over SIX YEARS BROKEN refrigerator -- which his landlord is legally obliged to fix or replace, he said NO!!!

That said, Mr. Kapner has complained of his return to chain-smoking cigarettes and it filling the halls with smoke, so Joseph has again QUIT, it being "easy" since he does NOT INHALE THE SMOKE!!!

Sadly, Joseph claims it is likely going to take about two weeks to get a plumber to arrive, so without being able to take SHOWERS, Joseph is AGAIN back to sponge baths, and long-time Readers will recall that while Joe was still working as an accountant in Corporate America, he was sponge-bathing for a while, and had to share a cab with co-workers who COMPLAINED about the FOUL ODOR emanating from the center of his back -- which he could not reach.

Luckily, he is NO LONGER WORKING, but pedestrians on W. 75th Street in Manhattan are ADVISED to avoid his "odoriferous building", #14:


I can't POST to Facebook, but this LOOKS LIKE I DID -- HA!!!

I just got this OFF Facebook, showing WHAT is PROPER CHRISTIAN VALUES.

4. Another Reply to Paul C(h)rist -- with MEAT!!! 

ToMercurio Reservations
Ccbenjamin.r.david, carrie.menke,
officeofthechief, marlowe.schaeffer,
bojones, kenan5, jkenan02,
duffyjr3,connor.kenan, Joseph Faulk,

LOL!!! Well then WHY DIDN'T THEY diagnose me as sick??? I've had about EIGHT psychological/psychiatric evaluations since 2010, three that I sought out myself and five requested by the District Attorney while he was trying me on the FALSE charges that I have SINCE forced him to CLEAN FROM MY RECORD, since he NEVER had any evidence of my committing a crime at ALL!!! 

Here is the D.A.'s number, and I'm SURE Ben David would LOVE to hear from you if you have evidence that he could get me committed on TODAY: (910) 772-6610. You have direct-to-usa phones, so you don't need to add Country Code to call him (a "1", only, from Mexico) -- how EASY for you -- YAY!!!

Actually, I'm COPYING Ben now, so he gets this and expects your call.

Now, in FAIRNESS, I must tell you that Ben David (a Democrat), was SO ANGRY with me for exposing his narco-trafficking and boyfriends in 2011 -- he went OUTSIDE his jurisdiction (across the Cape Fear River), to get his identical-twin brother, REPUBLICAN District Attorney Jon David, to send HIS psychologist, Dr. Carrie Menke:

Carrie Menke is a "REAL LOOKER", no???

This, to the Brunswick County Court House and they can direct you: (910) 253-3910. She interviewed me extensively, and HERE is link to her FULL REPORT Her email address as of 2015: (and I include her here.)

he Judge LAUGHED Menke's report RIGHT OUT OF COURT, and dismissed it entirely. She wanted me PERMANENTLY committed to an especially GULAG-LIKE place, Cherry Hospital, and that I be put into RESTRAINTS and shot full of drugs -- until I was FIT FOR COURT!!!

STILL TRUE, after all these years!!! Google them to find out more.

Anyway, I made a HUGE mistake on my blog the last couple of days -- and after arguing with Sean Hannity's Gay Friends (including Grant Henry, "Sister Louisa"), late yesterday, the CIA has AGAIN banned me for a month. Many Liberal Friends of mine get banned many times from Facebook, which ADMITTED helping put Donald Trump into office, but they never get banned for more than a day. I'm banned for A MONTH, and they sent me the reason: because I posted these two images, BOTH of which I've published many times on blog and also on FACEBOOK!!!

SUDDENLY, they have taken OFFENCE -- LOL!!!

Whether YOU or anyone else has seen (or knows people who have SEEN), Obama in gay bathhouses like I do -- or not -- they are BOTH funny images, and if you CAN'T LAUGH, you must be complicit in SOME CRIME that if Obama comes OUT GAY, will COLLAPSE the whole blackmailing thing and his narco-trafficking with ALL RECENT PRESIDENTS and the CIA, etc., will be REVEALED!!!

Yes, I can think of no other reason for ANYONE to get angry with those of us who KNOW THE TRUTH.

Well, whether you bother to call Jon David and/or Carrie Menke or not, I hope to hear back from you with ANY kind of thoughts -- you are FUN!!!


From: Mercurio Reservations <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 5:47 PM
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: Reply to Paul Christ who thinks he's JESUS CHRIST -- LOL!!! HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!!!

You’re so fucking sick, anyone could diagnose you. 

On May 3, 2017, at 9:36 AM, Scott Kenan <> wrote:

Please present (or list), your Licence to Diagnose -- LOL!!! ANOTHER good friend was MURDERED by you Christian CIA Operatives just a few days ago:, but YOU seem TOO HIGH ON CRACK (or somethin'), to KEEP UP WITH YOUR EMAILS from me -- LOL!!!


From: Mercurio Reservations <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 7:21 PM
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: Please welcome the RETURN of Jim Richardson, Hotel Mercurio, and narco-mafia owner Paul Crist to this EMAIL LIST -- I FOUGHT THEM ALL before, and now with US and Mexican Government help -- it's TIME FOR PRISON!!!

No, you have NOT posted this on our Facebook page and you will not. You are blocked. What the fuck are you still doing outside of a mental institution? You need serious help. Like, a straitjacket.

ALSO just grabbed from FACEBOOK -- REALLY!!! -- and I got this one there TOO!!!:

Donald Trump is a "Christian Teetotaller", so I'm not CERTAIN his excuse!!!


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