Sunday, October 9, 2016

Since Hurricane Matthew Gave the Lower Cape Fear a Tetch of a SCARE -- EVERYONE Seems to Find This Blog by Googling "George Cutter" (Mega Narco-Trafficker who owns Kenan-built Carolina Apartments)!!!


Christians should FOR ONCE read their Bibles: Matthew 7:1-6, to see what is REALLY going on in Wilmington and BEYOND!!!

1. I spoke with Gold Walker late last night to let her know that THIS of her houses is TIGHT AS A DRUM!!! Not a bit of leaking water -- and I BARELY heard the STORM. She was THRILLED but reported that several of her tenants have reported roof leaks -- and her grandchildren (in from Walker World, at River level: See bottom of this posting:, found a BIG roof leak while playing in Gold's attic.

OK, if you haven't visited WALKER WORLD from an earlier link in my blog, take a quick look down the Northeast Cape Fear River, that it's on, and imagine playing your OWN tune . . . 

And LOOK what I found and just now figured out how to post on blog:

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Gold reported that a huge limb fell from the tree on Orange Street next to her house, seriously denting an automobile (that was parked).

2. I engaged lawyer Oliver Carter III, next door to me, in a very pleasant, if brief, conversation when I found him clearing the street gutter in front of his house.

3. Wilmington -- in my triangle tour: Market to College to Dawson (errrrr: WOOSTER), then Fifth and home -- looked like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico does SEVERAL times each rainy season, but the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT (and utilities) -- corrupt as they are -- does a FAR better job of clean-up and restoration of services than does Wilmington, the State of North Carolina, or the USA!!!

But then, Wilmington crews are doing GREAT for an American city!!!

4. I got a call from my "Pennsylvania-Prosecutor-now-Lawyer-Physician-Internet-Expert-on-Privacy-of-Medical-Records" high school girlfriend, Dr. "Christine Busch" and for 36 minutes we MOSTLY discussed my phone call with Mom, yesterday:

And she TOTALLY understands!!! Readers will recall that while Christine was growing up -- in grade school -- her mother often dropped her at a Pennsylvania Mental Hospital for day care -- telling Christine that the MENTAL HOSPITAL was where she will spend MOST OF HER ADULT DAYS!!!

Christine ALWAYS lamented that her parents were GERMAN, 100% -- but has never called them NAZIS. Today I ALSO learned that Christine had had to CARE for her mother through 35 years of decline, giving her sponge baths in bed, potty help, etc. Her mother was unconscious much of the last few years, but immediately awoke before her moment of death, looked Christine directly in the eye, and said with vehemence, "I hate you, I have ALWAYS hated you -- and and I WILL always hate you!!!"


No WONDER Christine and I now GET ALONG so well, no???

* * *

What's up with THAT -- but more importantly --  WHY is the CIA MEDIA protecting the BUSH FAMILY???:

Billy Bush is George W. Bush's and JEB Bush's FIRST COUSIN -- the son of George H.W. Bush's brother, Jonathan Bush. ONLY the Washington Post, McClatchy newspapers report this, but NOT MAJOR TV MEDIA, proving its RELEASE (not original recording), was a BUSH conspiracy to sink TRUMP!!! 

See links in comments below!!!:

A messaget that would no doubt be approved by Donald Trump

This is an ARTICULATE headline -- LOL!!! 

I don't see how it HELPS Trump at ALL!!!

The GOP nominee keeps trying to blame his opponent for her husband's actions --…

Sandra Beckham updated her cover photo.
9 hrs
“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

Gautama Buddha


The Carolina Apartments and Kenan Fountain on Kenan Plaza.

1. Completed by William Rand Kenan, Jr. in 1905 as a Hotel where Royalty and Heads of State stayed -- it was THEN the most technologically advanced building in the entire State of North Carolina!!!

2. In 1985, I dated -- in Carolina Apartments -- Curtis "Robbie" Anderson -- who until right before that had been Thomas S. Kenan III's long-term boyfriend (this simply by chance).

3. The movie Blue Velvet was filmed there while we dated -- "DEEP RIVER APARTMENTS" was the sign over the apartments' name for that:

4. Just over a year ago, owner since the mid-1960s, George Cutter, with his manager Tomi Matheson, Anthony Carmichael (a BAD Crack Dealer and Addict, now fled town), and Jennifer McCracken, lied to a Magistrate and successfully evicted me.

Anthony Carmichael only displayed a couple of GOLD-RIMMED TEETH when he opened his mouth.

5. As an interesting footnote, after evicting me (and then I FORCED Cutter to refund all moneys except for rent actually used), he recommended I call Gold Walker, who might rent to me. Gold had MANAGED Carolina Apartments many years ago -- for FIVE YEARS -- until Cutter FIRED HER for more often siding with TENANTS then with him -- LOL!!!

6. From the Wilmington Star News:


An article CHOCK FULL of interiors of Carolina Apartments -- and FANTASY clothes, available when it was written:

Take a deep breath: The drug-huffing Frank Booth wears A western-style tuxedo jacket, black and white pinstriped shirt, black tuxedo pants and a bolo tie from Cape Fear Formal Wear; Calvin Klein ‘Jacob’ black leather gliders ($98) from Soho Shoes. 

He clutches a blue velvet robe courtesy of Peggy Sue’s Costume Collection.


Scott (aka "Cincinnatus Retorno"):


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