Saturday, October 8, 2016

America's CONFIRMED Top Roman Catholic NAZI, My Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Called Me Today and CONFIRMED She Thinks THROUGH-AND-THROUGH Like Donald TRUMP!!!

Me, Mom (Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan), and Dad's flag, Memorial Day Weekend 2016

FIRST, as EVERYONE in American Media of ALL STRIPES has known since the story broke -- Billy Bush is the SON of George HW Bush's BROTHER, so GW and Jeb Bush's FIRST COUSIN!!!

WHY did it take all this time for me to first see this in the news???

George H.W. Bush was CIA Director expanding the US Government Christian Drug Mafia that Richard Nixon began setting up.

John Ehrlichman (on right), SET UP the Drug Mafia in Wilmington, NC with my parents and later PPD, the pharmaceuticals giant HQ'ed in Wilmington, now, was originally built in a partnership of the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, Saudi Royal Families -- but the last two sold out YEARS ago, to help cover their partnership in planning and causing 9/11.

It is now 5:32 PM Saturday afternoon, and Wilmington has been in the eye of Hurricane Matthew for about a half hour. Although I know there have been tornadoes elsewhere, the storm NEVER got worse than a typical DAILY thunderstorm in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the five-month rainy season.

Americans are such FOOLS compared the Mexicans who take these storms daily and do just fine.


She was cheery, saying things were fine in Raleigh, and she was watching the GAMES. UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, and NC State -- all had home games in the area -- and all those schools are HUGELY supported by the Kenan Family. Mom said that a lot of limbs were down, and my sister Jane had lost power hours ago when a transformer on her street blew -- also that Wilmington had had WORSE wind and rains than they, so she wanted to see how I was.

I told her I am fine and it is less than many rainstorms in Mexico, so I haven't been able to get excited about Matthew, but since she CALLED, I was curious about her current take on POLITICS. Mom has been telling me that Mike Pence is the Catholic Popes' FIRST CHOICE to take OUT American Democracy with CATHOLIC SWASTIKAS, and of course, we had Swastikas on our dinner plates from the time I was in about 4th grade -- until after I graduated college. Since then Mom SCOURED every piece out of her home, telling me a few years ago that not a piece of it remains.

You see, Mom always CLAIMED that it was her mother's GOOD CHINA (so even DOWNSIZING, Mom would have kept a few pieces of her mother's good china!!!), bought about 1922, when her parents married, so PRE-HITLER (and the swastika WAS a good luck charm of many diverse cultures), but when I asked my two aunts -- but by marriage to my mother's brothers, Marcellus "Marty" Bernard Meyer (an FBI Agent who practiced as a lawyer in Michigan City, IN), and Robert J. Meyer, DDS, who practiced in South Bend, IN, BOTH told me that THEY had NEVER seen that china in my grandparents' house.

Ironically, I asked them at Uncle Bob's FUNERAL GATHERING in Brookville, Indiana -- where the Meyers had all grown up. See, Mom had MURDERED her brother Bob (for allowing my cousin Janet Meyer marry the Jew, Kim Opperman -- they divorced, Jan. slummed like a street person for years, then cleaned up, married an Aryan (Bill Larsen), who soon died of cancer -- leaving her the loot!!!), with help of the US Veteran's Hospital in Lower Mississippi (now closed), by DOUBLE-STRENGTH Lithium Carbonate, guaranteed to cause Chemically-Induced Diabetes. Uncle Bob very painfully had all his appendages chopped off over time, before dying.

My report to CNN on Uncle Bob's Murder:

And in his WISDOM, FDR gathered intelligence on German immigrants and their descendants, and as Mom told me, Uncles Bob and Mart were NOT ALLOWED to fight in the European Theater -- because of NAZI SYMPATHIES -- but were sent to Asia, instead!!!


At the age of six (1929 or 30), Mom's "retarded" uncle (and EVEN in the 1960's Grandpa who lived with us in West Chester, PA, had such POOR HYGIENE that he covered his stink with Old Spice -- a smell I CANNOT abide, even today), who was uncircumcised so CHEESY and SMELLY, as they say, FORCED Mom to orally service him -- and Mom NEVER had the courage to tell ANYONE AT ALL, telling ME first, when she learned in 1973 that I am gay.

ADDITIONALLY that year, Grandpa, a lifelong Democrat, WON the race for Clerk of Franklin County, Indiana, but the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross of JESUS on their front yard -- because he was CATHOLIC, and Grandpa CONCEDED the race, because of it.

Walter Frederick Bossert originally of Brookville, IN, also, was Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan for Indiana and 17 other states:

When we lived in Louisville, Kentucky 1957 - 1964, driving to Brookville on the two-lane highways, we ALWAYS saw the billboards at the Franklin County line:


And then the illustration of a Klan's hood. And Grandpa -- his entire life -- always talked about the "shiftless niggers" -- Just like Lyndon Baines Johnson and the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS of his day!!!:

ANYWAY, Mom soon joined up with Henry Ford as a NAZI LEADER in S.E. Indiana, and even WON (as high school SENIOR -- a little EARLY for this), from Henry Ford, "Best Driver in Indiana" -- and then she was SOON ENOUGH at the TOP, replacing Joe and Rose Kennedy as the Catholic Popes' TOP US NAZI, after JFK's generation flipped to supporting LIBERTY.

Ruth Anne Meyer was already six feet tall when she won Henry Ford's Award -- notice how Mom HUNCHES to reduce her height.


I KNEW Mom claims she can't abide Donald Trump -- but WORSHIPS Mike Pence, who grew up Catholic, and despite claims of being "BORN AGAIN EVANGELICAL", married a woman TOTALLY Roman Catholic, so that "Papist-Haters" among Evangelicals and Protestants don't REALIZE he is the Representative of, now, Pope Francis I.

And it was MOM's strategy with Pope John Paul II, whom Mom met with one-on-one AT LEAST two times in Rome, to PACK the Supreme Court with CATHOLICS, elect TONS of Republican Catholics -- including Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and they even got Newt Gingrich to CONVERT to Catholicism -- after burning through TWO previous wives -- LOL!!!

Newt with current wife Calista (apparently a METH ADDICT, if you believe her eyes)!!!

Mom and the Popes got the Republican Party to THROW OUT all Jews from higher offices, Eric Cantor was their final victim on that!!!

But Mom and I did NOT discuss politics AT ALL -- and in a very calm, rational way, AFTER she claimed she LOVES ME, I told her that's the BIGGEST of her LIES!!!

If she LOVED me, she would not have committed so many CRIMES against me -- and tried to have me committed so many times when I talked about he Swastikas and daily beatings, and THEN had the CIA try to MURDER ME -- like she had the Vets' Hospital SUCCESSFULLY MURDER her brother!!!

I told Mom that I am WELL SCHOOLED in Catholic Theology and Rules, and that even GOD can't forgive her -- unless she makes AMENDS to me. Since she, Dad, and my siblings DESTROYED my life (actually more than once, but WHO'S COUNTING???), they must APOLOGIZE for their SPECIFIC CRIMES (each of them individually), then PAY to restore my financial health, overturn the false conviction of LIBEL of me in Chicago, and to buy a house equivalent to the average value of all their houses.

Mom just started saying, "Scott, you KNOW I love you," repeatedly like a CATHOLIC ROSARY RESPONSE -- LOL!!!

So I said that they could PITCH IN NOW to cover the $7,000.00 - $8,000.00 dental work I must have, and that it is NOT FAIR to have "Testosteroni" keep paying these things.

Mom or ANY of my siblings (and probably nephews Connor and Maxwell Kenan could as well, now), EASILY afford eight grand.

But Mom SWEETLY claimed she loves me -- one final time -- said Goodbye, and then hung up the phone.

Connor Michael Kenan is called (sometimes), the GAY DARTH VADER.

Maxwell Andrew Kenan likes to SHARE IT ANYWHERE!!!

And THIS is what happens to GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS, and it is with GUILTY PLEASURE that I will have ALL my siblings CHARGED, TRIED, and CONVICTED of THEIR parts in helping our NAZI mother.

I told Mom this as well -- and SHE HAD NO REACTION -- but JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP, talked over me, changed the subject, and NOT ONCE apologized for anything TODAY, but claimed she had done so in the past and DOES NOT NEED TO apologize to me for ANYTHING.

Her apology a few years ago was, "I'm sorry for the terrible things I did to you in your youth." NO specifics at all, and ONLY about her BEATINGS of us for NO REASON.

Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan IS Donald Trump!!!

And since Father Bob Kus now of Saint Mary's Catholic on the same block where I now live was one of Mom's TOP LIAISONS with the Popes when my parents lived in Wilmington:

Father Bob Kus

Getting Bob Kus into PRISON and St. Mary's physical property SIEZED by the government and sold at auction -- as a MENACE to Wilmington due to Bob and Sister Mary Isaac Koenig cooperating with my old roommate, Philip Rosario, who ADMITS working with them FOR THIRTY YEARS, running many WHORE HOUSES in Wilmington -- as well as MASTER-MINDING much of the Christian Drug Mafia, here.

I'm beginning to feel a TILT from the ORANGENESS of my HAIR!!!



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