Friday, October 21, 2016

Just in from BEYOND THE GRAVE (telepathically): "Scott, Let's Give Hillary Clinton Our BIG SHOT O' LOVE!!! -- It's TIME." (Perhaps some of my Readers have FORGOTTEN my "spiritual connection" to Jackie Kennedy Onassis -- ya THINK???)

But NO ONE forgets JACKIE!!!

My documentation of my meeting on January 11, 1981, of Jackie at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party  to honor Tennessee Williams the day after Mayor Koch gave him a major New York City Award. This was where Jackie WARNED Tom that the Episcopal Church (mainly Sewanee, aka The University of the South -- PRIMARILY supported now by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill), with the Republican Party, CIA, and FBI would MURDER Tennessee -- and then STEAL his estate (now valued at more than a half billion), from Kennedy-loved Harvard University.

This CLEARLY describes how I felt the chill go up the small of Jackie's back -- literally as if her first husband had been SHOT right beside her, AGAIN -- when a pathetic DRUNK Truman Capote PRE-CHANNELED Donald Trump:

And here, one of my tellings of the "Catholic Visions" I had of Jackie Onassis in late 2009 -- about five or six of them, two including President Kennedy behind her, laughing -- and one of those morphing into ALL the then dead Presidents lined up in order going backward, as sepia-toned cardboard cut-outs, ending with the full-figured and in color George Washington, dressed in a toga, CLACKING his wooden dentures, and LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF!!!

Then I had two of John Kennedy, Jr. -- one as "John-John" saluting his father's casket on the caisson as it passed, another (the only one I heard voices from), saying he KNEW he should have checked the plane's engine first, as the Republicans had been trying to kill him.

For SOME reason, most of the images in this posting have been STRIPPED OUT OF IT, but the TEXT all remains:

And I HARDLY need to repost THIS image -- incredibly inspirational to both Danny Sinatra and me, it hanging in a "celebrity jewelry reproduction" shop, in 2011 and 12, located on Front Street in Wilmington, just north of the Murchison Building:

But THIS is likely the MOST intelligent thing Frank Sinatra (a Catholic), ever said:

And it was while I was watching a clip of Hillary Clinton last night on this morning's TV -- after the Al Smith Dinner broke up -- standing with her back to the camera as Bill DeBlasio kindly gave her a friendly back-rub-ette, that as nice as that was of him, he's just a little 6' 5" MUNCHKIN compared to 6' 11" ME, and  I wanted to RUB HILL'S BACK, too!!!

THAT was when Jackie Onassis POPPED RIGHT UP, to give me her message (in my HEAD, only -- NO visions, sound, etc., today)!!!


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