Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Havin' Some Fun with Dear Ol' Jesus, My Kenan Family, and My "Domestic Situation" (as it might be called)!!!

1. Pam Sander's Wilmington Star News's email alert of daily headlines this morning did NOT include any mention of Mike Pence's visit to Wilmington, yesterday. I assume that means it was virtually MINUSCULE in terms of the crowd. But I DISAGREE with her decision to HIDE that her "Christian Devils" are now pathetically losing -- and THINKING/LOVING people are just LAUGHING at both the Trump/Pence candidacy, and the Wilmington Star News.

ABSOLUTELY the event was "newsworthy" -- it just was NOT what the Christians have been praying for.

2. Not a SINGLE Trump/Pence supporter who posted POSITIVE about the Pence thing whom I'd posted link to this blog as reply to their comments (there were about a dozen of them), made a reply to me -- except the two I documented in this posting -- and THEY did not reply again.

ONE of them wanted to know where to "Report Me" -- as if my offending her greedy, hateful values was ILLEGAL and she could jail me or otherwise punish me (the certified Christian approach) -- and the other took a photo of the crowd which made it look TINY.

2. I NEVER heard back from Donald Trump's National Social Media Director, Kenzie Clift, so I ASSUME she knows of my Political Power.

3. I had time to talk with "Dapper Dan" this morning before he went to work, and without the damning details, told him how Tom Jones has been telling me BIG LIES about Dan to get me to kick Dan out and keep Tom. This was ALSO TRUE of Darrell Brutout and Dustin Goldsmith.

In fact, this morning when I spied Tom awake half an hour ago at 9:45 (lights went out for Tom and Dan at 9:10 last night, so after more than 12 hours of sleeping, and Tom slept at least HALF of yesterday away -- on drugs he stole from Dan's Med Bag???), and SICK AS HE IS, he had moved into Dan's bed -- to share the MICROBES, no???

I am OVER SELF-CENTERED, SELFISH PEOPLE who feel NO OBLIGATION to care about anyone else!!!

Tom slept all but ONE of his previous six nights here in the chair and said several times that it is perfectly comfortable to sleep in.

I didn't care if Tom was "awake enough" or not, I asked why he wasn't up for his Probation Officer meeting that he had gotten changed to early this morning, and he NOW claims she called and changed it to late this afternoon. "That's fine," I said, no longer believing he has talked to her AT ALL, "but regardless whatever else happens, tonight is the last night you can stay here," and Tom agreed and said that would be fine.

4. Almost immediately, I got a text from Dapper Dan that whatever happens to Tom, he wants to GIVE HIM MONEY when he leaves!!! SHOCKED, I texted back saying his text made no sense, and he called and I told him his money is HIS business, and I don't need to hear about his giving Tom money.

This PROVED to me, that Dan is NOT CAPABLE of becoming successful to EVER get back on his feet. He gets a little money and is so literally BRAIN DAMAGED he gives it to the VERY PEOPLE who have been trying to harm him.

That said, I'll keep him on until at least the Election -- to see if he "straightens out" after Tom is gone.

5. This morning, I received an email from Joseph Faulk in NYC, in which he only sent a schedule of how Dan should take his meds, noting at which hours Dan should take what. And PREVIOUSLY Joseph had sent Dan an enormous (impractical) pill organizer, with the SAME GOOD INTENTION.

Joseph FORGETS or IGNORES my many times explaining that Dan INSISTS he knows more about his meds than Dr. Allen Van Dyke -- who online appears "beyond sketchy" -- his ONE customer review is "one star" of five, and he's listed ALSO in western North Carolina (unless that is his junior or Dad) , supporting my long proven-for-Heroin theory that the Good Shepherd Center is a DRUG DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, since Dan takes FEW of his prescribed pills -- many of them being fun -- yet accepts them all and they slowly disappear.

Dan takes the anti-anxiety pills to sleep (which while making him loopy, actually PREVENT restful sleep), and does NOT take the sleeping pills at all).

And while I had not thought to explain to Joseph -- who has been all over ME for Dan's IGNORING his intention for the $430.00 he sent to improve the "Shake suite" -- I had actually PRINTED IT OUT and left Dan a copy that I've made SURE is always since then where Dan MUST see it.

I also wonder why Joseph is so HUNG UP on a chest of drawers for Dan -- while he has NEVER brought up that I might like one of those, myself!!!

And this morning, Joseph REFUSED MY CALL -- he making himself MORE AND MORE IGNORANT of the REALITY around here, by refusing to discuss it in REAL TIME.

6. A very LONG overdue "Hat Tip" to New Hanover County Judge Robin Robinson!!!

Democratic Judge Robin Wicks Robinson

First I must credit Democratic Judge Richard Russell Davis, for BOTH in 2011 and 12, and AGAIN in 2015, ruling -- consistent with the LAW and the CONSTITUTION -- sparing me permanent commitment to Cherry Hospital when D.A. Ben David (the profligate Presbyterian HOMO), got his ALSO Narco-Trafficking brother, D.A. JON David to send "Christian Cunt" Dr. Carrie Menke to our county after the LOCAL mental-health evaluators declared me SANE for Court.

Judge Davis and REPUBLICAN Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo, and I -- although I was in a STATE OF SHOCK at the time -- LAUGHED Carrie Menke's findings RIGHT OUT OF COURT!!!

Dr. Carrie Menke apparently has Donald Trump's HAND up her dress here -- or SUMPTHIN'!!!

I will ALWAYS be indebted to "Big Bad Jennifer Harjo"!!!

And I must ALSO mention Superior Court (which I have never appeared in), Chief Judge Jay Hockenbury, whom I met in the Subway on Front Street in 2011!!! We could not discuss anything related to my then active cases, but he is the FIRST DEVOUT EVANGELICAL I met in my LIFE (and I've met several others like him since then as well), who FULLY appreciates (or seemed to then), the importance of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

Judge Hockenbury!!!

Now, back to Judge Robinson: She and I met up at the subs-making counter of a Harris Teeter by chance about a year ago, and she expressed her wish that I could use "nicer language" and be more "civilized" in this blog.

I should ALSO note that in this blog you will find that Judge Robinson had VERY WARMLY GREETED ME in the public hallway of the courthouse -- she wearing her robe -- and THANKED ME for returning to Wilmington. I was BLOWN AWAY by her courage -- and when I blogged about that, claimed a "couple of judges" had done that (an exaggeration, but I didn't want her singled out for harassment by Christian Drug Mafia).

But what Judge Robinson did not THEN realize is that you CAN'T fight sewer rats WITHOUT ENTERING THEIR ENVIRONMENT AND PLAYING BY THEIR RULES!!!

My HUGE success has proven me right, and I APOLOGIZE that so many DECENT PEOPLE have had to put up with my MOUTH!!!

6. And NOW, two "behind the scenes" recent developments in RELATIONS WITH MY IMMEDIATE (and semi) KENAN FAMILY: 

My nephew Maxwell Andrew Kenan (holding Coke can), has been READING my Facebook messages of MOST of my blog postings for MONTHS, now (although he does NOT respond).

That is FAR BETTER than his older brother, Connor Michael Kenan, aka "The Gay Darth Vader":


The OTHER family matter is that I've been in TWO-WAY Facebook message communication with the great-grandson of my now deceased Dear Aunt Doris (Kenan) Russ:

Aunt Doris

Aunt Doris's four daughters: Gail Johnston is oldest, Janice Ludwig is in front, Judy Whitney (so TYPICALLY) is doing the "Devil's Horns", and Cherrie Pridgen looks so YOUNG, you might not believe she is eight years older than MY 65 years!!!

Gail Johnston's grandson, Daniel Reaves (in a funny photo from his Facebook page):

This photo shows Daniel's FACE better -- and he DOES seem attached to his DOG!!!

Our recent conversation:



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